Saturday, January 07, 2012


i learned one thing for sure .. to never take anything or anyone for granted; no matter how much u love or trust them .. no matter how close u are .. "never" is a sure never in this case to take anything for granted.

i cant help but smile when ever i remember us .. how we knew exactly what we wanted .. how we made fun of each others interests and could talk about the silliest of things! it was great, fun and just nice to have that kind of friendship where you feel comfortable and safe. i always used to say and pray "i wish for my son to growup and be exactly like u" and i meant each word back then, i truly did .. thats how special u were.

and thats how hurt and disappointed im today. that i, with out even knowing it.. just lost all of that.

but thats life right? keeps slapping us in the face and asking us to grow up, toughen up, move on or stand up after a fall.. call it what ever u want to.. at the end its something heavy, painful that no one can ever be prepared for

life is also very smart, full of surprises and likes to keep things interesting by its unexpected order, the fact that the son i wished ud be like is 3.5 years old now .. and is getting help with his speech delay from the one and only.. your dear beautiful sister D. isnt life just amazing!! i couldnt have asked for a friendlier face, a kinder heart, and an awesomer friend for my son! who is just as in love with her as im :) alf al7imdellah ya rab.. im truly blessed and thankful for everything u brought my way, when ever im put in pain.. u send me such care and love.

this post was a big thank you wrapped in a sad memory (unfortunate but still dear disappointment) thats how we grow.. thats how we learn and thats how we make sure we never forget. All the luck and happiness inshallah to u.


LadyB said...

That's sad and confusing..

Delicately Realistic said...


No3iK said...

lady b .. i couldnt agree more. thanks for passing ;*

dr.. dont be :*