Sunday, March 01, 2009

kind of complicated ...

when one says .. they will not change ..
they wont let growing up change who they are from the inside ..
i know people who made such a promise to them selves ..
they actually believe its very important for them not to change, because they have reached a level of comfort with who they've become .. changing to them would mean losing their real identity.

someone told me; ppl who promise not to change are in denial .. cause change will happen whether they like it or not .. they will have to break. they shouldn't make such a promise because its not for them to keep. they must .. HAVE to change one day .. and when that day comes .. theyll still be in denial and just wont admit it. they will convince them selves that the new found them was there all the time, when its not the case.

i personally believe when some one doesn't want to change, they can try their best to be who they are .. do/ say what is normally said and done no matter who they're with and no matter what life brings to their plate.
i believe its a subconscious decision, that each of us make. depending on how comfortable you are with ur inner "self". it also about how how content you are on where your at. i think when your always clear about things in your life, when your honest with your self .. you can set a goal (beginning and end), that is when a clear line will appear .. and that line is you, its the core of who you are. at the end our lives revolve around what we want in life, and what we achieve. and that is who we become.

i know this may not make any sense ..
in my head its making perfect sense right now .. and im writing it as it is ..

bottom line .. ive been through "sh*t" and i dont believe i have changed..
yes i have developed in so many things, i survived and got back up, i have matured .. i have learned and gained so much.. but that doesnt mean that my core have changed. its light did get brighter, reached some other areas that weren't as visible before .. but im still just me.
i still see me on that line .. and im not going any where ..

when people i know .. give up on their original lines and shift .. it seems unfair,
because "life" is no excuse for such loss.