Sunday, April 29, 2007


*Update 1-5-07*

Dear everyone :) i will be away for a week.
will miss u all so very mucuh :*
like always doda will be taking over.

i just want to kill wa6aneya for doing this to me! so get this story u will NOT believe what happened to pooor lil ol me :``(

i call 121:

me: did u disconnect my line again with out sending me any warning or msg!!
how many times do i have to tell u ppl JUST send me a msg and ill go pay! i cannot predict the future just tell me and ill pay u dont just disconnect my line like that. -i hate bad surprises!!-
him: ok ... calm down! inshalah we will do this the next time,, im putting a note for u right here.
me: -hhhhhhhhhffftttt- ok tell me how much should i pay now .?
him: 152kd
me: ok, thanks bye.

i getonline watany bank .. transfer money and pay online .. that was around 2pm thursday. same day it got disconnected.
i wait till its 6pm my line is still not active @@ so

i call 121 again

me: yes plz i paid my bill and im wondering why is my line still disconnected?!
him: u didnt pay!
me: YES! i did!! i paid like 4 hours ago ..
him: did u pay the entire amount..
me: i exactly paid 152 kd.
him: well im looking at ur charts and theres nothing here.. im sorry but u didnt pay ,.. maybe the system needs time to load check with us in an hour.

after three hours .. and still no service :@

me: HELLO!! plzzz whats going on! u said an hour and its been three hours could u plzzz reactivate my line ..
him: but u didnt pay i cannot reactivate it!
me: i PAID! its ur system that is slow!! go check some where else i dont know..
him: did u pay via internet ..
me: yes
him: which bank?
me: alwatany
him: ok ask them to send us a fax that the money did transfer to us. on this fax number ok.
me: -hhhhhhhhhffffffffftttttttttttttttt- ok!!!
him: as soon as u they send the fax, call me.

watany bank - tirrin tirrin -

him: hello how may i help u
me: yes plz . i paid today around 2pm transfered money to a phone line and they need u to send them a fax .. to prove that i paid! :s
him: ok ,, look .. stay with me online .. i will use the machine and i will be pressing numbers .. but u stay online dont hang up. when the machine ask for ur number enter it, the pin enter it, the fax number enter it ...
me: comprende.
him: -machine starts .. for arabic press one , for customers press 1, for account services press one, for madre shino press 1 for madre shino press 2 or 3 !!! it took us maybe 5 mins just to reach the number he wanted :S so then he ask me quickly enter the account number!
me: - omg shino hatha - ok i did ...
him: now enter the pin ... now enter the fax number ...
me: - are we gonna finish in this life time!!!-
him: -oooowwwwww- @@
me: what???
him: im sorry i pressed the wrong number .. we will have to repeat all of that .. plz wait again
me: @@ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! mn 9igga!!!! :s :s :S shino hl system al mota5alif al `3abi .... !!!!!!
- so i wait another 15 mins!!! pressing stupid numbers on a very long long stupid list!!!! and the fax is finally sent

NOW .. i contact the frickin 121 to tell them the fax is sent!! so i call them I SENT THE FAX!! but there is no fax!!! BUT I SENT IT!!
yes but we didnt get it :@ :@ :@
him: call us with in an hour it will maybe arrive by then.

i call after an hour and ahalf
me: did u get the fax ..?
him: no sorry nothing yet!! u may call us in an hour it will maybe arrive!!
me: why do i have to call .. u just check with in an hour !!
him: no its better if u call to remind us .. i may forget to check .. u just call.
me: -- u lazy &$^&$%&- so i have to call or u wont check!
him: yes.

i call after an hour:

him: im sorry no, are u sure u paid .. i dont think u paid .. coz in our system its not showing that u paid.
me: are u saying u want me to pay TWICE!
him: well maybe u think the money got trasfered and it didnt..
me: no it did .. i checked the account the money was trasfered immediately.
him: i cant do anything unless i get the fax.
me: what am i supposed to do now!
him: call from time to time check if we get the fax or not .. or u can call al watany bank ask them to send another fax .. maybe they didnt send it!
me: @@ im not gonna call them again!! and the fax got sent i heard it get sent with my own ears!


me: 121 u mother ^$$^$%&&** DID U GET THE FAX!
him: no ,, we did not .. im sorry ... when did u send it
me: last night!
him: ooh last night doesnt count. u have to send another fax for today!!! :s :S

SCREW IT! hell with u, hell with the number, hell with the fax, hell with the company,
and hell with all these premitive systems weve got! the SLOWEST u could ever imagine!! and very annoying..
i was like making phone calls AS IF i work for them !! :S

i was late for over an hour to meet up with my friends, i couldnt get directions to where we were meeting!! i was totally lost and couldnt call them! :( -sorry girls :**-
NARFIZOOOOOOOOOONI !! if i was in the US i woulda sued them fo wrecking my nerves!! u know being nervous causes women to get wrinkles!!! now whos gonna pay for that! :p
ppl sooorry 3l hathraa .. adre thba7tkum i needed it OFFFF my chest :p
oh in case ur wondering i paid .. and the line stayed not working for three days!!
thats .. 72 hours! makes me wonder .. what kind of network theyre working on!

ive always been an advocate for them! and i still think they rule! totally better than MTC but they really need to work on their SUPER slow system.. we pay money we expect a good service. amazing how it doesnt take them a minute late to disconnect ur services but 72 hours to activate them after theyve been paid for!! .. its like they dont care.
bottom line:


Thursday, April 26, 2007

my ghost

Haunting pain,
butchering my gut.
tears burning my skin,
year after year.
i shall never be the same,

i look at it,
and it looks at me.
-it looks down on me-
im its prisoner,
unworthy to be free.
i love it, but not enough.

will it ever let me be,
i kill it -softly, very softly-
it leans, to kiss my soul.
-reeking with poison-
it is part of what i have become.

shame, unbearable shame
-pulling my bones out of my flesh-
that will always find me.
life; do not be like you should be,
so that i remember:
what i have done.

what have i done ...

*ps: thank u my anonymous -italian guy- even thgouh i know ur not for real! u made my day :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

chcoco bar the sequal!

i don't know if its me!!
or the places i go to!!
or is it just chocolate bar? :p
hehehe every time i go something strange must happen! it is freakin scary,
this will be short .. but it wasn't short, trust me ,..

The Story

i and the girls sitting out side in choco bar! ok ... and then comes in this kuwaiti couple ,, very young .. not married, obviously, from the way the guy was hiding his face with his hat and the girl covering hers with her hair .. like two little guilty kids with stolen candy.

anyways .. they sit on the opposite corner where we were facing them ,, first they were cuddling sitting next to each other .. holding hands .. talking and laughing which is cute .. but still felt wrong .. then the girl .. gives us her back and lets her hair down .. all i could see was the guys head moving opposite to hers and his hands going through her hair!!
not a small kiss .. not a quick kiss ... kissing kissing ... like really there! and he kept on pulling her hair and head ..
i and the girls stopped eating LOL and our reaction was BURSTING into laughter!!!
we kept on laughing .. and the more they kissed the more we LAUGHED
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo un usual i have never seen anything like this done in a public place in Kuwait!!
we kept on saying: OMG OMG OMG!! LOL LOL LOL WTH!!
hello! ppl do exist .. GET A ROOM !!!
literally our eyes teared from laughter .. it was crazy .. and they kept on and on and on ...
like we weren't even there ..! @@
then they left but we didn't .. we were just sooo astonished by the event to leave.

Moral of

sooooooooo ppl, this is the new trend now. Go to public places .. and french the hell out of each other! and put ur hands up in the air like u just don't care .. yeah yeah! :p -stupid dance-

Sunday, April 22, 2007

HIGH WAIST jeans are back!!!!

lialy q8 requested we start "7amlat NO HIGH WAIST JEANS article 001"
and it started ;)

*on the left is the modern high waist jeans and guess what :s STILL UGLY! who would want a belly this long, it makes ur legs look shorter :/ the old ones kinda looked better, that is; if u had to choose from two hells :p*
as if we need any more ugly trends!!!cone heads .. and now this! :S
ok I'm starting a pact here .. ppl if we get high waist jeans like in every shop, on every poster, on TV and everywhere ...
please pleaseeeeeeeeeee just don't wear it!
it is the most unflattering thing u could do to ur body!!
u would look like ur gramma .. not years ago but like today!
hehehehe i mean i dont know! im just sad its here now .. so who's ever with me ,, will promise not, NOT,



this is what David wrote on every post! in case some are wondering:
"david santos said...
Thanks for you work and have a good weekend
21/4/07 10:36 PM"
ok moving on! Mysterious Dave ...
something interesting happened to the blog world ,, the Kuwaiti blog world I'm guessing ,,, this DAVID santos guy! left me a comment and i read his blog,i mean at first i liked it ,, got some nice stuff there .. and he sure knows many languages i also was impressed by the 28 thousand clicks he got on his profile, the 488 comments! but then as i was surfing blogs he was LITERALLY everywhere @@ in a freaky way with the weirdest comment ever lol.. so im thinking to my self ,, its a smart way to target and entire country bloggers and then ull get a great feed back from them! but isn't is also pathetic and bit ... sad! soooooo the reason I'm writing this just to make sure ...
did any one here didn't get a comment from our David guy??

Thursday, April 19, 2007

im so -maybe not- happy


i do what I've been taught and told .. i say and believe that if i do, i might then be happy.
i try many different things, in many different ways, i do some stuff, i say others, i meet with people ...i have tried on new colors and clothes.
left the country, yoga, shopping .. chocolate.. shoes ...
i have opened up a lot ...
i wrote, i tore, i even painted ...
at the end ... nothing but disappointment.
i keep thinking what possibly could be missing.
what is it that i didn't do, or say or think of, that would release me from this race!
its more like a task.

every human is on a task, its an obligation to try and please yourself, be happy.
we all want to be happy ... that's why we live this life .. no body wants to live it being miserable and sad. Trying/wanting to be happy makes us wake up every morning, and do what we all do.
it is the main reason for us, being happy and reaching the ultimate happiness which is of course in the after life, if we ever make it to heaven inshalah ;) -fingers crossed-

sometimes i feel like, wanting to be happy makes me unhappy!
which got me thinking I'm sure with all the variety of ppl around .. they all have their own simple little ways of trying to be happy when they're not. I'm really curious to know.. what are the other ways...???


so yeah my point was .. i want to be happy ... what should i do?

*ps: -green makes me happy-

Sunday, April 15, 2007

a hero

weak and fragile.
like a dry petal,
will break, if touched.
like a dead butterfly,
will shatter, if the wind blew its way.

-water drops-
still, patient and alive
cutting their way gently, quietly
through the thick layers of a rock,
reaching its chest, becoming the core.

make people witness
how hard this world is,
how wrong it could be.

adding colors to what is black,
for bravely putting up that smile.
your not just strong ...
your a real hero.

*p.s: pray for her health. and for all of those in need of our prayers, may they all be well very soon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thingeyat No3ik 5

remember me! yeah its been a very long time since Ive had a thingeyat :`(
Thingeyat No3ik 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

*Thingy 1:I've got many new things! one of them is my new DOMAIN
I'm so happy and proud! i cant describe it :`)

thingy 2:tislam eeeedich 5alty om 7ason bason a.k.a dooda :p it was deli :*

and tislam eedik 7ason.. ur becoming a great Sheff!! ;) keep them coming :p

Thingy 3:
this pic goes to Blasha :* just like u requested, this is indeed the shirt or may i say the 250 fils stitched buttons i told you about :s should i go back and punch the guy in the face!

Thingy 4:well when i and bella go to have fun-due .. we take the word "fun" literally :p
we usually order an extra candle :D and cook the marshmallows until they turn brown!!! crispy from the outside and melted on the inside!!!-DROOLS-! dip in choco and enjoy ;)

*Thingy 5:fa6aaayrr al 3ali is officially the best fa6ayer place Ive tried!
their falafil, pizza, zaatar cheese and almost everything is AMAZING!!!
and guess what! they deliver! theyre in ALrawda so im not sure where to?

*Thingy 6:yes this little green thing, is a froggy :p i called him KAROOSH coz when the maid held him up all i could see was his little squishy, white lil tummy!!! SO CUTE! his karsha tshawig.
anyways unfortunately, he died.. but ill always remember his lil tum tum.

*Thingy 7:i know this is old news! but for my birthday i got 3 birthday CAKES! can u imagine that 3!!
:D was really special :*
Thanks you, Thank you and THANK you :*

*Thingy 8:another greeny i have is my lil green nano :D the coolest thing ever! i just love it.
thanks ;) u know who :*

*Thingy 9:
THIRRD greeny thing joined the family, which is Bitlord!! yes ppl yes! I'm becoming more part of the new generation! now i can download my own stuff, i don't have to beg for cds and copies!
the first thing i downloaded was LOST eps. 12-13-14 ;) I'm soooo proud! and i couldn't sleeep!
whats happening is SO not happening i want to kill the writer :@
updates: Heroes is a DRUG!!!! @@

*Thingy 10:-sigh-
some body please explain his face!
i would like to close with someone i miss terribly ... and felt like I've been betraying kinda :p
my lovely hotty sexy .. superman :*** love u
yaaaa5ty 3l qamaazaaat !!
and im having a redbull as im posting this, so send my love to reddy as well ;)

love u all me readers :**

Friday, April 06, 2007

i miss

your smile,
- fresh sprinkled water on my face -
your look,
- wanting to be your princess forever -
your touch,
- every edge I've got, is softer -
your words,
- my heart blushes -
your scent,
- I'm finally home -
your warmth,
- why hugs ever existed -

- crushes my heart to miss -

*ps: salaaaamtich 7bebty "uknow who u are" i love u so much.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

put my buttons

I've been very very very busy with social stuff .. and meeting with people and like doing a 100 things in one day!
being in more than 10 places in just one day!
so now im finally siting on my couch watching my TV, drinking my red bull and typing on my laptop!
hows every ones days? any big news? mashallah mashallah been hearing many good news lately .. inshallah DOOOOOOOOM!
i would like to share a weird story that happened to me ...

the button tailor!

i got some special buttons and wanted to sew them to this new silk shirt i bought .. i know its an easy task and i could do it myself ... but since i had a $^%452456 things to do, i decided to give it to thee tailor, i give him the buttons, and i ask him, can u plz just put the buttons?

hes like: yes jaaain ana sawi hada .. "yes i can do this"
me: when will it be done?
him: bokra soboh "tomorrow morning"
me: ok! how much?
him: robo denar "250 fils"
me: @@ nice! ok. thank u bye ...

- me back the next day -

me: hello ... is it done?
him: no :s
me: u said come in the morning and now its 11am!! and I've got appointments and i cant come here again?????
him: eee ana yinsha "yes, i forgot"
me: -grrrrrrr- when will u finish it???? x/
him: enta yigee sa2a kamsa "come back at 5pm"

- me back -

me is it done????
him: yes .. check it.
me: very nice! thank you :)
- hands him a half kd -
him: hada mayser "this is wrong"
me: no its ok, keep the change.
him: la la hada showaya felos "this money is not enough"
me: @@ u said quarter dinar!!
him: eee ana egol robo dinar 7ag wahid zirar! "i said quarter dinar per button i put"
me: @@ are u like serious!!!
him: yes!
me: seriously! ur not kidding ... u charge quarter dinar per button!!
him: eeeeee @@
me: - o way3eeeeeeee- x@

LOL idiot!!!

*ps: the new showtime updates SUCK! i miss having paramount and tvland :````(
*pps: someone should sue or kill or blow up who ever came up with this lame lame SAD we3 we3!!! MIGHTY
ZINGER ZIFTER adverts!!!!! :s :S as5aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Aprils Crazyness.

so we all know what this is about :p
i have started my day in being fooled by a friend! she woke me up just to laugh at me x/ so then i started my own chain since i couldn't go back to sleep!
i have fooled many today :D ha ha ha ...!
ummmmmmmmmmm i seriously lost track of how many they were!!! but MANY!
out of all of them only three were smart enough to figure it was Aprils fools :p
gives the crown to zalabyaaa :*** u were the smartest of course :p
all the others hard luck ;p u know who u are :p hehehehehehehe wallah i cant stop laughing.
i had many many unexpected reactions and ALOT OF SAB!!! April fools is all about the sab u will get afterwards :p sab = swearing and cursing :p

so i would like to thank all the ppl who made this day possible heheheheheh u fools :p

so now .. who is willing to share what happened to them and what they did to others on this day .. or in any previous Aprils .. im very curious to know .. and i will post the interesting ones here :D

some ppl cried to day! some were yelling! and some were shocked!! @@ what was nice about all what happened to day was: i get to know a part of each one that i didn't know before .. from each reaction .. i learnt something different from each person. which was simply amazing.
now i know many love me more than i ever knew .. now i know some ppl really worry, some would kill me if i ever cut my hair! and ofcourse some were complere As*es :P hardest part was holding my laugh!

so yeah it was interesting .. again tell me some liessssssssssssssss ;)