Friday, June 30, 2006

Inspired by Carls... part 1

i watch football .. to cheer and have fun"yeah"! i'm not a guy im agirl, that is why it makes perfect sense, why a girl should be watching foot ball, when do we get to see ,, the hottest guys , from all over the world, gathered all in one place, doing nothing but running all day chasing after some ball, sweating, breathlessly, falling, and sweating again and shouting and getting all in the mud, then get up again ... kicking and getting all excited or emotional! camera zooming in and out, best bodies, toned and just perfect! i swear it doesn't get any better ;D
i know 7adi qadema ...
but i love batistuta hes my first love :* ultimate hottie.

hot hot ... hot !
keep walking baby, just keep walking ...... ;)
i really dont like the pose, but his tan will do ;p
oooooh a`7eeeeh t3ban :(

any way .. girls .. it keeps getting better and better ;) stay tuned. and guys nobody leaves No3ik`s blog empty handed ;) .. visit Carls.

Monday, June 26, 2006


If i give you a wrapped box, for no certin occasion, or reason. and i tell you you get to keep it
for as long as you wish. someday you will know when to open it, that it would actually open it self to you, when the time is right. there could be a "thing" that you've been wanting for ages, or there could be a "bomb"! now, all i know is no matter how hard you shake the box, try and listen to whats in it, keeping it next to you all day, you can only guess whats there, you never know whats waiting for you.that is exactly how i see life.
in life, we live day by day, some days we receive a box, some we dont. some times we wish we never opened the box, that left us with tears and unbelievable pain.
some boxes fill our eyes, hearts and soul with joy and love. i know i have received my share of boxes. i know i will receive more of them.
am i ready? how can i ever know that? do i want more? of course i do. that's life!

i had some of those bomb boxes, and believe me I'm still not over it. to be fair, had the good ones to. i think its the way life can keep its balance.
my boxes were all different, but it got me years to come up with what I'm about to say.
no matter how ugly or beautiful a box is, all boxes give you a message. that God sent you that box, because God loves you. the only thing all these boxes have in common is "Allah".
i now can see that God loves me, were closer than ever :) and that is all i really want from life.
to talk to and feel and miss and want to be with eventually, is no one else, but God.
i know, there is no one else that could be worthy of your love and passion more than "Allah".
i receive his gifts all of them, all kinds with opened arms, with every box i feel "love and peace".
that's all i really care about, that's all that matters to me.
:) i feel great, i feel lucky, i feel loved, more of all, I'm content and happy, I've got god on my side.
hope someday when u receive a certain box, that would be life changing for you.
you would come and read my post again, and then you'll nod and smile, u wouldn't need to comment.
you'll just know were on the same page :) your not "lost" any more.

"life is just ike a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get"
thnaks papi :** ummwah

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stereotyping is a ... $!#&@!!

on Banned VW Commercial

HA HA .... !
are we supposed to laugh!
how insenssitive and mean .. ??????
what was the director thinking??!
when will this ever be over? are we walking terrorists now!
each Arab and Muslim has a stamp on his forehead that says BOMBER!
i just think this is so unfair :(
what are we supposed to do .. to repair the damage done by people who dont know whats Islam?
its not our falt the world doesnt read or know what Islam is about.
im just pissed right now.... i really want to know, can we do anything about it?

>= [

oh and p.s
STEREOTYPING IS A ...... (u say it, im not gonna say it ;p)

btw im like back (duuh) heheeh
al7imdela feeling gaaaaa-r8 ;)
thanks for kil ili da3oli ,, wili mado3oli ra7 ad3i 3laihum ;p `7`7`7`7.

its not along post this time, ZIZO ur so ..... dead ;p

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Salamty ... :`p


Yeah im feeling terrible,ill to my stomach, i can hardly move my muscles.. im just sick as u can imagine.
Went to the doctor. She said:
Its nazla ma3aweya some kind of a virus.. everyone has it now. Kuwait's weather does this to Kuwaitis every once i a while .. ( then she smiled !) she actually looked happy ! lol for some reason!

I was like : OK, thanks doc..

So now everything is starting to make sense, thats why we don’t pay taxes, we get to melt in the sun, get sick, dust in our lungs and eyes.... and sick and ill again..
The new trend now is no more water ...
So were paying more than we can imagine!

Almuhim ,, alzibda, im really starting to feel sick now, u don’t wanna know details,

Ill be away for a while,
Pray for me please,and ill pray for everone :] esmila 3laikum ..
While ur at it,
Pray for Dr.loast his finals are almost over ..
Wish him all best of luck
Take care all, good luck to everyone else have a nice day
:( bye

Friday, June 16, 2006

gravity ... is reality

im sitting,
now i was sitting,
ummmmm .... i lay back i tighten my grip
legs press against the metal .
i lay further more ...
my head is going gradually all the way down, my hair is touching the grass.
my eyelashes are being tickled by the wind and sun ...
open and close, its called "blinking" ... but i can feel the air brush through them!
its amazing.
my hands tighten up on the chains, i dont want to fall.
i dont want to get up. its ok to lose your balance for a while..
my head is down relaxed, my legs are down .. but im not touching the ground
im floating! im in the air.... moving very slowly
even my breathing, i can feel my lungs.. press against my ribcage ... then slowly ... close again.
my heart punds, playing along with my breath, a blood rush, sturring through my neck to my head.
everything feels delicate, everything seems special now
as i go back and forth, so does my thoughts and memories
one minute im thinking of the past, the other its the future
best time is when im thinking of nothing but the present
im still ,, im light and im floating. i love it.
i dont want to get up.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .....
how sweet is the air. how sweet is the sun at this time of the day .. how sweet is the smell of the grass ... how sweet is the sound of quietness.
the chains are still caryying my weight and body.
feels like an outer body experiance :it is.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ......
god i love this. i love writing about it.
i dont want to get up, i dont want to stop writing..

ok someone is calling my name in the background .... my eyes have to open.
they open .... the sound is no longer in the background .. its here ...
i have to go now . i have to get up.
i take a deeeeeeeeep breath ....
i already feel bad .. i dont want to leave. i want to fly.
i reach for the chains, i pull them, tight .... my hands are stretched now .. pulling
i pull my shoulders first, they dont want to, but they respond.
ummmmmmmmmmmmm ..... my head my neck is laid back soo relaxed
they respond too ...
my hair flys back up .. falls all over my face ,, it is so fresh ..
*i giggle*... i appreciate the moments i had ... it is all real, its beautiful how real things inlife can sound like dreams..
i try and remember them before i set foot on the grass ,, the ground again.
before i have to walk carrying my weight again.

i just love to "swing" :)

thank you Nour :*

p.s i have just realized, i love small letters :**
i dont like using capitals kilish x(

ta taah.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


i'm leaving it for good...
on the table, or in a box ...
i just don't want to see it anymore.

will i miss it.. God no!
will i feel better .. I already am :)

so i have decided to stop wearing "watches"

.. or .. to put it better..
i have decided to stop watching, watches!

why did i waste my years watching a watch.
is it really the case?
do we watch the watch tick-tickity-tock-tocking.....
or does it watch all of us, t....i....c....k....i....n....g!

thin lines that define every minute that passes by.
a watch is watching us, judging us, measuring our days.
telling us we've wasted 5 minutes of doing nothing!
a few minutes more. its suffocating!

tick tock ..

do we need something, or someone,

that's always staring at us the whole time.
checking if were on time or not, if were late or not,

if we're doing something or not?

a watch is a someone to me,

it's alive.
it has a harsh language--a threatening tone.
we learn to check out time every five minutes?


it is our day! we spend it the way we want.
why worry about what time is it?
why limit ourselves with ticking!?
does a day really have 24 hours only?
or is it what we've learned since we were little?

the world is turning into a race track, growing faster and smaller.
a day ends before u know it.
so it doesn't feel like the watch is telling the truth.
our truth...

do we need it?
other than appointments, and meetings and things that are timed.
do we need a watch?
when you're simply walking spending a day doing whatever it is your doing.
do you need to wear a watch on your wrist, and check it every minute?

i thought i did, now i know better.
i stopped wearing it now for over a month!
at first it was difficult didn't feel normal,
but my hand felt light and free :)
i felt nervous .. sometimes... i just needed to know the time.
but then i figured things around me can tell me the time.
things like the sun, like when people start punching their cards, when my friends call me ... etc.

life is much easier now, I'm enjoying it.

i may not be making any sense to some of you, but believe me, it is simply liberating!

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .....
hope my post wasn't a waste of ur time ;p

so all i can say is give it a try, for one day ..... !

take care

ta taah :*

Friday, June 09, 2006

Reminds me of a Manga cartoon!!




ooooooooooooook !! girls ?? read this:
الشاب الكويتي احمد زبيدي من الكويت يحصل على لقب اجمل رجل في العالم، وهو
ابن 25 عاما ويعمل في مجال عرض الازياء.إن اعطاءه لقب اجمل رجل في العالم لم يكن صدفة، فهو اختير على يد هيئة مكونة من 55 خبير تجميل خلال منافسة كانت مع اكثر من 30 شخصاً من العالم، ولكن هيئة التحكيم اقرت بان الزبيدي هو الاجمل في العالم. وقد تسلم مبلغاً قدره مليون دولار بعد التتويج كتدعيم لعمله في مجال عرض الازياء.(نقلا عن موقع بانوراما).تاريخ النشر: الجمعة 9/6/2006

i only have one thing to say : "LOSE THE FREAKIN HEAD SCARF!!!"
so hes a very hot kuwaiti guy with 1 mil$s hehehehehe could it get any better :p
lets just hope hes not gay ;p

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Paris Hilton al-Kuwait !!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "THE HORROR !! THE HORROR!!" !!!!!!!!
guys, crappy phone cam + crappy tv = really crappy pic ;p
but trust me , its better this way lol to reduce catastrophies !!!