Thursday, May 29, 2008

last night

my pillow hugging my head,
muted tears kiss it back,
i curled in bed ..

-gasp- hold my breath,
vibrating body shakes every thread,
don't wake him up!
your ok! ..

everything is going to be ok ..
all in the dark,
what i cant see .. can never
harm me.

i whisper through the thin crust of air,
- i love you -
finally, wet lashes fall,
and good night.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bed Rest

yesterday i went to the hospital .. cause i felt something was wrong with the baby ...
they kept me under observation for around an hour .. the doctor told me that the baby is preparing himself for labor!! ALREADY!!
im still in the beginning of my 8th month and i dont want the baby to be a premi!
when i asked the doc why this happened .. she simply replied:
"baby is bored :p"

she said i shouldn't worry .. and requested i stay on bed rest for two weeks ..
shes hoping the baby will wait for at least three weeks .. only then, he wont be a "premi" as in wont be needing an incubator inshallah.

so this is my first day in bed rest .. i can say one word (boring)
i know some might consider it a good break, time for some peace .. to reflect and relax.. but not when you still have a million things that need to be done! (hhhmmmmffff)
plus im sure my boss wont be thrilled either!

for now im supposed to lay down ALL the time .. i will try to do some reading.
i must say, that is when having a blog comes in handy ;)
i need to find some other things that i can do that wont require me leaving bed .. any ideas? :)

and one more thing .. please pray that the baby will wait for three weeks at least.
pleaseeee ..

Thanks all, hope everyone is well.

Monday, May 19, 2008

ra7 adoos, walzig, watarik .. wad3am!

first of all, sorry the title is in not only in arabic but its in "kuwaiti" .. since i couldnt find any other words to describe kuwaitis attitude/ behavior in dirving!

what are they thinking .. when someone is speeding like hell .. gets in between the cars with out signaling what so ever! then keeps on speeding .. as if hes driving an ambulance and is on a mission to save the world! keeps on speeding with no regards to the car right infront of him .. untill he touches the cars rear bumper!! THIS IS CAR BULLYING! "u move .. or ill crash into you"!!! its not ur FRICKIN ROAD! u did not put the road speed limit .. and again IT IS NOT UR ROAD!!!

irony is, they say WOMEN ARE BAD DRIVERS!! i say guys are INSANE MAD DRIVERS .. Complete A**es!!!!

i sometimes wish they would crash into a cemented wall or something .. maybe then theyll learn their lesson .. obviously theyve got nothing of importance to lose .. with that reckless and crazy driving! sad part is, the other careful, normal and safe drivers with got priorities in life .. who actually HAVE A LIFE! lose everything for simply being there .. at the wrong time, and place!

im not attacking all men drivers .. but i must say that MOST kuwaiti men drivers .. have the same behavior in dirving, i really dont know why! is it like in their blood .. or does it just grow on to them .. most of my kuwaiti male friends .. who got their drivers license from out side kuwait .. drive according to the law .. most of them .. get irritated by this issue .. so this maybe another indicator that it is our laws .. or the ppl incharge of them? the cops for example! some cops have no respect for the law .. and again not ALL but some .. they encourage other guys to break them .. they are supposed to be our role models in driving! not to mention .. when the one breaking the law is a friend of a friend! he knows hes untouchable .. in other words .. 'he owns the place' along with the ppl in it!
and do not even get me started on those who RACE! :s omg!! could you get any more classier than this?

In general, these guys with their big fancy loaded trucks .. all i see in them is a brainless driver.. who has no self respect .. trying to make up for some huge self esteem issue he has .. by driving like this .. if u were a real man .. if u were respected, educated and raised well .. u would never act this way. i mean where else would you see someone driving with one knee almost out of the window!? what kind of driving is that?!
most deaths are caused by young male drivers! it is no joke .. this is getting out of control .. because the numbers of deaths each year are only increasing!
again .. when men say women are clumbsy/bad drivers .. i really dont mind .. because atleast were no killers! do u know how many guys have been put under the ground for this? .. not to mention .. how many families were put under because of a guy trying to look smart while driving!

one of the reasons i hate going out in kuwait .. is its drivers! all i can sayis ..HAVE SOME RESPECT.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

in the ladies changing room

so i finally did something about .. "my stressed life" ..
i registered in a yoga class!! -yaaaaay-
which was amazing btw ..

the story is not bout the yoga class. . its my yoga 'clothes' .. all my gym/yoga clothes dont fit anymore .. (the belly area) that is why i decided to shop .. (GO Sport ) avenues .. in search for maternity yoga clothes .. as i was there .. around 4pm all alone, by the female sports wear section .. suddenly two guys approach 'giggling' .. i notice that they were .. 'not' normal 'guys' .. they were holding 'hands' to be more specific ' fingers' .. i look away and pretend theyre not there .. they try on some pieces .. from the females section of course .. mostly were very floral .. or too PINK .. things i wont even buy! and kept asking eachother "do u think i look good in this??" hehehe ok then "what about this one?"
:s eeewww!
i felt so uncomfortable .. but i ignored them.. then they started cracking up mean jokes .. on how big some ppl are! .. and how some ppl cant even walk let alone do sports!! - a*ses! - AS IF! :@
i kept on ignoring them .. i mean im carrying a baby inside of me

i finally find a few decent pieces .. march to the LADIES CHANGING ROOM .. hence the 'ladies' part ..
there are no doors .. if u have ever been there .. its only an open room with leather curtains that u hook .. u can see the head and the feet of the person changing inside .. i was there .. trying some pieces on .. When suddenly i hear their voices again! coming inside .. :S the NERVE!!!
i immediately start wearing my clothes preparing to leave .. that is when they got in one room 'same room' right next to mine and started trying on clothes TOGETHER!! plus .. doing other 'things' .. from the sound of it! not so pretty innocent things :/
i dont want to judge because i didnt see anything i was leaving in a hurry ..but it sure was disgusting :s

i left and didnt even try the things i bought .. which lead to a second exchange visit th next day!!

i mean i have nothing against those ppl .. simply dont rub it in ppls faces! do what ever u want to do at home. who cares what ur doing .. but dont just pretend like u own the place just because ur queer! -hfffftttt-

i must say i was dissappointed with GO SPORTs staff, since there was almost no one! to watch over, assist or prevent this! .. there should be NO GUYS allowed in the ladies changing rooms .. no matter how ugly they look!

anywyas .. i really cant wait for my next yoga session .. was soooooooooooooo worth it ..
and to the ppl who dont do yoga .. what are u waiting for??!! its like the best thing ever!

take care :*

Monday, May 05, 2008

heart beats - Organic Kuwait

you'r home and shelter,

is my entire body..

you'r warmth and food,

comes from my blood..

im always with you,

as you'r always with me..

to my little new beating heart,

i will miss being this close to you..

but i also, cant wait for us to meet!

one beating heart in a human body .. is considered a miracle,
now i have two :)
*ps. Organic Kuwait .. a dear frined, a great woman and above all .. a super mommy .. this goes to you :*
this is a reply to this post .. incase u missed it!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

i really need some time off!

this weekend .. i have absolutely no plans ..
i dont know if i want to even wakeup .. i want to spend it all in bed .. and maybe some couch .. tv .. and hub :p and also drop in some fondue .. yeaaah .. that would be really nice woudlnt it!

but no ... there are those WEEKLY obligations that drag us from what ever were doing .. to go and do things we dont really enjoy .. eat food we dont like .. say things we dont mean .. and be in places .. we hate.

hehehehehe .. oh my god .. ive been looking at all my prev posts .. theyre all venty/winey/naggy!! am i really that bad! im so going to take some yoga classes .. i really need some peace.
wishing everyone a pleasant weekend :)