Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a night at the husaineya ...

*UPDATE 4-2-06*


this is the familys husaineya, so its only women and girls, thats why some tasks are more like great achievments. and im proudl of us all :) u did great girls ;*

*First the ONION:
the Onion is the no.1 wanted thing in every husaineya. cause they use it in everything!!!
we had to cut and peal sacks of onions then cook them!! i dont know if thats considered cooking? but in my terms it is. u have to put it in the "gidir" and cook it untill it turns reddish "caramel color" .. u think thats simple right!! but its not! the great amount of it, makes it very hard to simply stir, turn and move, i developed muscle last night! NOT TO MENTION THE SMELL! hehehehehhe and u have to constantly move it so that onions in the bottom wont burn! -phew- task was done succesfully al7imdellah :)
*SECOND new discoveries:
i learned allllll about spices!!! things i never knew existed... theyre names and smells and theyre importance. like umm!! i forgot its name,,, but its small and green..makes nice smell.
and there was "hail" "mismar" "loomi aswad" "darseen" "9imag" "zafaraan" :S i cant belive i know all of this!
theres also "dihin 3adani" which i loved!! hehehhe but very very fattning.
*Four: puck puck puck ... pucaaaaaack!!!!
the pooor chicken!! i lost count really!! heheheheh i was just looking at them coz to me thats the professional zone .. i just looked few yards away ;p with admiration. and it tasted great!
*Seven the after cooking math:
i skiped five and six which was "rice" and "meat" but it was just like the chicken part
"the professional zone"
so yes this we do AFTER were done ... wash the dishes, most of the times considered the easy task!! not this time! lol coz some of the "dishes" were larger than my self lol
*Eight sprakle:
just be happy and praise ur self. and right on time! btw fairy is the best! ;) it smelled like strawberies :)
*Nine: the LISTS and NAMES:
.. of all the houses and people and families we will send the food to! very very messed up! and hard to organise. next time were going with computers!! postits didnt work well:(

then after everything is done, bair in mind non of us had any sleep! coz through the night ur working then praying then reading some dua'a then chit chatting with the girls :p then working again.
its always great to see the girls.. u know every year we see eachother and its special.
very spiritual time, very different from our everyday life. a time that i just need and miss.
everything must be sent to where it supposed to be before lunch time. so drivers go crazy to.
we go attend the graya it finishes around 11:30 am. the sandness and pain of it grows with time which i think is a miracle!
i then come back home beat! "5yoooooooo6", shower, go to bed! and surrender to sleep.

ابد والله لن ننسا حسينا

*ps: im leaving to dubai for a week, will miss u all. again my great one of a kind assistant dooda will be publishing all ur comments :* and no im not taking jazeera airways this time :(

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i cant sleep, but i can/do think

*UP DATE 26-1-07*
happy birthday to my lovely 7ubi al abadi DALOOOL :**
and also to my good friend not so lovely dr.lost ;p
u guys ROCK! go crazy!
omg! i cant sleep coz i had a reddy (the new name for red bull)
so i cant sleep and i was thinking i feel like writing, actually thats not thinking! i felt like i feel like writing.
so yes then i realized alllllll, no! not all, just my recent previuos posts were all LISTS!
i dont know whats wrong with me? i keep writing with lists!! its like my brain cant function with out numbering my ideas! im not saying my brain functions at all times, but when it does why does it have to be with numbers?!
so i freaked out and decided to write this, because i want to post with out listing, -omg- i was just about to list why i hate lists .. !!! @@ this is getting seriuos..!
but ok i hate them coz theyre boring, and theyre very organized and i dont like that.
and i dont like using the same pattern when it comes to anything! because im very random.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -deep breath-

i want to watch ugly betty, and hereos. but my dvd source which became my enemy now, someone i really dislike! is gone or is no longer my source. so where can i get them? any places or ideas. in other words, from where do u get urs?

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - deep breath-

i miss writing poems, but i dont feel like it, i miss it but dont want to write yet. madre laish
im still taking pictures. i love taking pictures.

lately ive been sleeping with my lenses on!! ppl never ever do that it feels awful :S
more like something glued on ur eyes! and they go red and dry and they hurt!

-deep breath-

ooooooooooh i watched match point!! hell of a movie! i liked it A LOT! ill watch it again ;)
i want to talk about it but i dont want to spoil it. so just watch it. ( it it it it ...)
when i watch something i dont eat during, i get extremly hungry afterwards, so i have an after the movie snack!

guys! are u actually reading this!!?? like seriuosly!
ok then... abaaaih im sorry wallah!!!
i have no idea what im saying here.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .......
i hate ants!

ok nitey :* or morning!! madre! :s

*ps: i`ll be away till after 3ashora2 inshalah, yeeh mo7aram, i just miss it!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I traveled with JAZEERA airways!

ok so let me put it this way:
i had breakfast in alkhobar -Saudi- then lunch in Bahrain then i had desert somewhere in the air i dont know where exactly, then finally dinner in our lovely Kuwait!!

so u tell me how awesome is THAT! hehehe all in one day ;)

my trip was very short but very very eventful i literaly didnt sleep. i was on the road or in the air most of the time, seeing ppl, catching up with family and partying ofcourse. IT WAS GR8.

two days but felt more like a week. many things happened but i wont be able to talk about.
theres one thing i really want to share with u ppl because i love u, its called: JAZEERA AIRWAYS.

*its like a dream come true. let me explain why:
1- u getonline, their site, very very friendly, cool N easy to use, u book tickets and choose ur seats, just like booking tickets for a movie!!! its that easy and simple.
2- if ur khaleeji and ur going to either (bahrain-oman-uae-qatar) u wont even need a passport just ur civil id!! yes i was shocked to, i didnt know that! the only country that requires a passport is saudi obviuosly for security reasons and i dont blame them.
3- the trip from kuwait to bahrain took only 45 mins!!! thats like a ride from alsurra to fahaheel.
4- its an express service and when they say express! they really mean it. there are no late flights or anything theyre always on time! when they say 7:45 they mean 7:45 . no bullshiting.
5- theyre professional and quick their staff is very friendly most are hotties ;)
6- the airplane it self is good. it wasnt cheap or fancy its exactly what u will need a very ok chair to sit on for 45 mins - its comfy-. the inside of the plane small but well organized, long ile in the center three chairs on each side. very simple and right.
7- the passengers most of them were kuwaities, europeans, americans, and some other nationalities. what im saying u find all sorta ppl and it was nice all of us being together met many interesting ppl.
8- oh and must thank the captain for his swift landing!! mashalah mashalah mashalah -knock on wood-
9- what i really love also is before take off they played do3a2 al safar. i just loved that how beautiful and comforting it was. even the two americans infront of me said that its very comforting to simply listen to.
10- u have to buy food if u felt like eating anything! i dont think many like airplane food, but if u got really hungry theres a menu where u can order anything. theyve got muffins sandwiches hot and cold drinks-warning: they didnt have redbull!-. i myself had a muffin on my way back just because i wanted to try it and it was good ;) food prices from 500 fils to 2 kd! lol like cafeteria food.
11- the bathroom, i didnt go there coz i dont on airplanes. but its just 45 mins so u can hold it :p if u cant, just try it one day and tell me how it was :p
12- after landing u go in the airport as soon as ur there u find ur lugagge! i mean theyre that quick!! no wasting time waiting. very very good and fast service.
13- i had to change my return flight, from my morning flight to the night one at 7pm. so i simply called and said i would like to return at 7pm not 8am. they did it over the phone and said all ill need to do was pay a delay 5kd fee. and thats it. i pay at the counter where i hand my lugagge. its that simple!
14- also there are no tickets, u just go in and they check ur name, if its registered there, theyll give u a boarding card with ur seat number.
15- ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL OF THIS! allllllllllllllll of the above. is only for
26 KD!!!
imagine! i just loved it. it makes lots of sense! i didnt feel like i traveled realy. more li ke visited and came back coz all was very simple and easy. 26 kd is like the price of a really nice shoe on sale!! hehehehe yeh wallah its true. so u get to save ticket money and buy more shoes!! YUM YUM!! ;) -jumps-

anyways ppl just wanted to let u in on my new discovery hehehe im sure many of u heard of them like i did, but never thought about trying them myself. for short trips. theyre the way to go. the jazeera aiways ROCK!
i might even consider using them for longer trips. because theyre mashallahl expanding. and now i can see why ;)

o 7imdela 3ala salamty :D
o salamtkum :) have a good day ppl :*


Monday, January 15, 2007

Who is Dalol ?

*UPDATE: im leaving to bahrain and saudi for the weekend,
will miss u all very much :(
will be back with a new post :* have a nice weekend pepolz.

so your leaving today.
and i wont see you till June!
and there will be no dalol again.
*My miss list:
1- ill miss the way you act most of your stories when u tell them.
2- ill miss discussing all ur intelegant topics and theories.
3- ill miss how feminist you are that even i sometimes get shocked!
4- ill miss u picking me up and dropping me off.
5- ill miss us being in one car taking long rides with out feeling awkward for not saying a word!
6- ill miss the sparkle i see in ur eyes. ur eyes do sparkle mashalah.
7- ill miss your genuine laugh.
8- ill miss how when u get surprised! u look soo cute! which makes it all worth it.
9- ill miss us doing the crazy things we do with the girls, even if we do them again, we all just know it wont be the same with out u.
10- ill miss how i know i always get the truth from u, nothing but honest truth. i can always trust u and ur judgment.
11-ill miss u doning my hair.
12- ill miss hanging out in ur room most of the time, having chai 7aleeb bl za3faran YUM!
13- ill miss dancing in ur room while ur doing ur makeup before we go out.
14- ill miss the mess in your room, the makeup on the bed, the hair straightner and the 24/7 on 3 computers on ur desk!!
15- ill miss tunning to 87.9 fm!! ur the only one who asks me to listen to this channel!! crazy! lol but i love it.
17- ill miss trying on ur clothes :p and allllllll ur flat shoes!
18- ill miss ur i-pod ue very very COMPLICATED ipod.
19- ill miss getting calls from u, and ur image would appear on my screen with two chopsticks sticking outta ur mouth :p!!! i love that pic!
20- ill miss ur sexy nail polish ;)
21- ill miss ur mood swings!! when u suddenly go mean or scary for no reason!
22- ill miss u promising to watch a movie together but never have the time to do so :p "im talking bout children of men"
23- ill miss ur lovely lovely new hair cut!
24- ill miss having red bull together, and ill miss how u get hyper evenbefore drinking it.
26- ill miss how we can talk about everything and anything! and turn it into an interesting topic.
27- ill miss u always reminding me to take my sunglasses, car keys and phone!
28- ill miss ur new mac spray new foundation!! looks gr8 on u.
29- ill miss your insane random smsss .. "asharle bl mandeeeeeeeeel oooooooh gal ana masheeeeeeeeee fostany ko7li 6awel yahooooooooooooo ..." "ya `3azaaaaaal al maha 6obi ta3ali ya `3azal al mahaaaaaaa 6obi ta3ali" hehhehehehe i love those!
25- finally! i will really really miss ur hugs x```( and how u just know exactly what to say and when to say and how to say it! u know how to encourage me! how to tell me when im being a bitch and how to make things easier on me! how caring u are with all of us :*

ur one of a KIND! person, ur an amazing girl. smart funny and just amazing.

i love u sooooooooooooooo much DALOL and u have no idea how much im proud of u, ur persuing ur dream! its thousands of miles away but ur running for it all the way
its gonna be rough long and hard! but ur DALOL.
me zalabya bo6a6a rayom curlz noosh and ur family... i speak for all of us wallah u just make us proud, and we will be waiting for u. :****

inshalah to9leeen bl salama 7bebty take good care a7ibich :*

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Non Stop ...

No3iks Non Stops:
1- non stop driving.
2- non stop phone calls
3- non stop seeing ppl.
4- non stop smss.
5- non stop eating.
6- non stop DALOOOOOOL
7- non stop 3azayim.
8- non stop weddings (specialy now coz before mo7aram o safar).
9- non stop sleeping.
10- non stop hugging.
11- non stop tv.( weeds2, greys anatomy3, lost3) (little miss sunshine 8/10, talladega nights 9/10, Borat 10/10, material girls -6/10)
12- non stop family and friends.
13- non stop 7ajjis, and 7ajjiyas back.
14- non stop tishirih.
15- non stop lists.

one thing stoped today and it was my job hunt, today i handed out my last CV i promised it would be my last. now itll be non stop waiting :p

special thanks to all of those, who commented on my previuos post. im so sorry for the delay! but now i commented back ;) just thought let u know.

anyways ppl u have a nice day :* bye.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

hi ... more like really HIGH!

first of all sorry 3l previuos depression
like i said, was more of a mistake :p

anyways u will not believe what i will write
or u will not belive what im about to say actually happened in kuwait.

me and my lovely girls decided to go out to choco bar, surprize birthday party to one of my dear friends :*

so all 8 of us, sitting at a huge table most of us on a sofa, cozy fun and all.
then when it was around 7pm a very tall guy in jeans, messy hair, comes in and stands
infront of the table, staring at us....
ok the weird thing about this guy was:
1- his messy look, very messy like a fancy homeless guy.
2- his eyes were going to pop outta his face!!! huge eyes staring in one direction they werent moving.
3- he wasnt blinking at all!! didnt blink not even once.
4- his pupils dilating!!!!

he looked at my friend, the birthday girl and says : "al salam 3alaikum"
so we all say: "wa 3alaikum al salam" thinking hes maybe her brother or a friend who came to say happy birthday!! but we were thinking -what a freak!-

then hes still standing there doing nothing...... suddenly his hand reaches out and he actually grabs my friends hair @@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she was sitting and he holds her hair playing with it!!! she moves her head away from him,
but he grabs it again, barely standing up straight!!! she then calmly asks him not to touch her!!!
we were soooooooooooo shocked and freaked out but couldnt move!! we were just staring at him!!!
he then gets out a lighter from his pocket, hes very high! he couldnt light it from the first time, then when he did, he reaches out with the lighter again!! wanting to burn my friends hair @@ @@ @@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! we start to scream asking him to GO AWAY!!!
then it didnt stop :
he decides to join us, he pushes my friend away and sits down!!!! on the sofa
we all squeezed our selves away from him we coudlnt move!!! he was blocking our exit. he then sits and blabs saying meaningless stuff ... and he smelled like burned things!! like coal his hands were covered with black dust !! and OBVIUOSLY HE WAS STONED!!!!

i wanted to simply run coz he was freaking all of us out! then the waitress came and were like: plzzzzzzz let him leave we dont know this guy!!!
she said:
u want me to bring him a chair? !!!!!!!!!!!!! - the stupid B*&;$$- !!!!!!
NOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO we dont know him plzzzzzz bring someone! get him out!!!

then he looks at the girl sitting next to him and he grabs her!!!! he touches her arms like amonkey would want to explore or touch things!! amazing how can a human lose his mind and brain
he was acting like a monkey !!! :s ive never seen anything like this before.

so then, the manager comes and half of the staff are standing there trying to convince him to leave!!
he then grabs the cakes from the fondue, hands full! he stares at his hands... then looks around and drop the cakes in one of the hot chocolate mugs and start stiring them !!! INSANE!
he then puts his face there wanting to sip !!!!

the manager very calmly asks him to leave!! but he starts pushing ppl, he didnt want to leave..he was out of control, he thought he came with US!! he was pointing at us, saying he came with us!!!

he had no brains at all!!! he was high, in a very very freaky scary way
and for the fact a high person an adult, who looked respectful wondering around on the streets walking into public places like this just to embaress himself!!! is just SAD!

he than got up coz the manager talked to him like ud talk to a baby, that hed surve him food out side, and on his way out he walks into the wall!! he couldnt stand or walk straight, he coudlnt do anything!
i dont think he even knew his own body parts...!!!!

so .... all i can say.. it was shocking! hell of a day!
they took his lighter away from him ... and then he left ...

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm i was very scared at first, but then all i could think of! why would anyone want to be THIS! u have ur health and ur brain and theyre well, why would u turn ur self into a walking tall monkey.. that ppl fear or make fun of! its a total waste.
he had no friends no family, and then i felt lucky. i knew i had the world.
i just hope hes ok.

and sorry 6awalt 3laikum ... we ofcourse couldnt stop laughing ... and talking about it.
it was just exciting in a stupid way :p

so ppl ... becareful next time when u go to choco bar :p and dont do drugs.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


i wrote "my" then stopped.
"my" what exactly?
i just realized, nothing in life is really mine/ours.
it sucks.

sorry it wasnt in my intentions, for my first 2007 post, to be this depressing.
but it just happened. because its just is.