Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kuwait (7bebty)

im baaaaaack! ;)
ive been in Kuwai for more than a month .. and its just unbelievable how much has changed in just 7 months!
im still trying to get used to some of the changes .. some changes were physical and some were emotional. Some people are not the same, some places dont feel the same.

i dont know how to describe it .. its just strange .. makes me wonder how will i feel after coming back in two years!

i missed this place so much .. i dont mind the bad weather, i dont mind the drama ive been getting .. im just happy im here .. home.

will be leaving again late Aug .. so im trying to enjoy it as much as i can before its too late.
strange thing is .. i also miss my other new home in LA!
dont know how will i deal with leaving it permanently after were done. its going to be very sad .. i get attached so very quickly.

before i go wish me luck .. im vaccinating 3bood today (his one yeard vaccine!) yes hes one now :)
and also i have joined Pilates and more! they are simply the best gym i have ever tried in kuwait.

hope evryone is well ..
love u guys ..