Sunday, February 15, 2009

been long :)

our view

it feels like forever! since i last blogged ..

i really cannot begin to explain how busy life is here in LA ..
its wonderful .. i love how busy im .. i love that im spending almost each minute with things that matter .. to me and the ppl i love.

*quick updates:
we got a new car ..
we moved into a really nice apartment .. great view ;)
we enrolled little boodi into this great semi nursery/school to develop baby skills ..
called Gymboree .. i really wish they would open a branch in kuwait. i really loved the place. had a great time there ..

what else .. i got me the best hair cut ever! in love with my hair .. u know when u get a new hair cut for almost a week and u just keep playing with it .. yeah im still in that phase.
oh and i almost forgot!! i became a BLACKBERRY person! i never was into big complicated phones .. but this is different! i mean everyone and everything i need is in it ;) so in love with it..
and may i add .. its HOT pink ;)

i heard that the weather in kuwait is really bad! i remmeber the last time it got this bad i was at work .. suddenly everything was orange! very scary! now my friends are telling me its not orange .. more like red! :s i really think when the weather gets this bad .. govermnet should issue an official day/days off.

were sill working on the apartment .. not completely settled in .. we still need to buy lots of furniture, lot of painting to do .. ill make sure we have fun in the process of it all ;)
i havent been going out much .. yet! but so far my fav two places are The Grove and Target :*

the grove

also im enjoying the TV here! my show list is:
- Desperate housewives
- Gossip Girl
- Heroes
- Greys anatomy
- The office
- Scrubs

the new shows im watching are:
- US of Tara
- Secret Diaries
- Big love

i know its a huge list .. but with DVR .. i can manage all of them ;)

happy valentines ;)
hope everyone is well ..
i really miss each and everyone of u :)