Sunday, June 27, 2010

the war of smart phones

i phoners, blackberries, droids...
this is going to be a very on the surface general review "more like an opinion"

im gonna start by saying its not going to be fair since im a blackberry user.
and no it wasnt a "phase-habba" i got mine in 2008 after it was highly recommended by the at&t guy .. i was going to buy an iphone and then he opened a drawer full of USED iphones and said "these are all returns and they switched to blackberry" i was shocked.. and said ill listen to his advice. and im SO glad i did .. not only was it cheaper but ever since 2008 and now its 2010 my phone is good as new! this never ever happened to me before i usually buy new phones with in months or a year max! never this long .. so its definitely heavy duty and is doing great :)

another thing i would admit since im a macbook person .. apple is "perfection" when it comes to computers .. ipods, ipads, or what every they may come up with later on in life, they do it like no one can.. theyre very good when it comes to computers in general but phones .. not so much!
the touch screen is a complete torture when it comes to "txting" when i dial-type i like to do it freely with no tension or concentration, that i might "touch" the wrong space on the screen.. because touch screens are highly sensitive .. they do not go well with phones (where you have to deal with very limited space) .. im used to dialing with out even looking at the dial pad, or screen.. that is impossible with a touch screen .. on another note.. how would blind people use an iphone.. simple "they cant" the other day i was thinking about that and it made me realize how not user friendly it is.

.. apple computers, blackberry phones. thats how i see it work perfectly

now droid is coming to the equation and is winning on soo many levels! when it comes to phones. they have both buttons and touch .. great screen and cam! vast memory, great antenna that doesnt limit u to holding ur phone "right handed only" which is the latest joke im not going to go through that even .. if i ever need to switch to anything it will definitely be droid..
not just because they have a great phones, but also of their amazing customer service. theyre not snobs! which is starting to really get on every ones nerves. the users and specially the medias.

let me know what u think.
oh and if ur gonna argue; u cant live with out the apps .. id suggest ipod.. can do all what u want to do but making the calls .. which i believe is how it sohuldve been from the start.

im going to leave you with this hilariuos video! lol havent laughed this loud in a long time

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i need to post

im having one of those endless days ..
i think ive been to 10 different places today, in and out of different cars ..
its been hectic and tiring .. all i can think of right now is my bed. but thats not an option. so i figured whats the next most relaxing thing to (my bed .. me sleeping .. me doing nothing..)
the answer was (to write on my blog) .. thats how much i love this thing :)

so whats up with everyones life? other than dealing with unbearable summer heat, FIFA 2010, planning summer trips, tanning i guess .. and preparing for Ramadan :)
im always pleased to see all the facebook groups and emails about kuwaiti girls/women promoting their work for Ramadan like desinging quftans and home catering (deserts and so) mashallah. that always cheers me up to see that people are doing something theyre passionate about! kudos to them wallah and all the luck!

i just started making our own ice summer smoothies! and im in love! its a lot of fun! u get creative with each drink you make and its super easy plus healthy ;) would highly recommend it. this is a great website if you feel like you need fun recipes.
btw since summer TV is soo bad and most good shows are not on anymore .. i might recommend a few new interesting shows that i think you might find entertaining :)
if your into reality shows: "Say Yes to the Dress" "Bridezillas" "Work of Art" "The Real L Word" "Last Comic Standing" and finally "i didnt know i was pregnant" is just hilarious!!
im also watching "the Gates" "Nurse Jackie"

Ill keep you updated if i ever find other good tv shows :)
take care all .. and have a nice weekend.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrating Fathers Day

David Beckham with his son Romeo. voted one of the best fathers of the year

so many of you may say .. fathers day celebrated? why?
some people wont even celebrate mothers day because its (haram) or (bidaa). well personally the way i see it, nothing came in the Quraan that says do not celebrate (harmless) occasions in life if they werent from islam .. nothing says that. on the contrary Islam always encouraged us to express love, give gifts and to celebrate happy occasions in life(as long as) its in a proper way and manner that doesnt include anything haram. thats how i find these occasions, nothing but (human) they have nothing to do with any religion, or harm any traditions what so ever .. they are purely "a harmless reminder" .. to make someone you truly love feel appreciated and loved on a certain day of the year.

many would argue: we show them love every single day not just this day..
I would repeat: being reminded to love someone and show appreciation to them in one day in the year, doesnt mean u cant love them every day!! its just a simple reminder to those who get busy in life.. and who doesnt? so having an internationally marked day on a calender that reminds you to pick up the phone or go out buy a card-gift flowers to your mother, dad or wife is completely harmless.. if not important. specially when our life styles keep getting more and more hectic and busy.

Fathers .. in every house hold .. this day is not only to remind ur kids to love you, but also remind you why you love them too .. if your busy with work make the time to sit with your kids even if it was just for 15 minutes .. share a book, a hug, or just small talk, experience that bonding of (child and father) many kids im sure miss and will love to have more often :)

ps. im writing this as my husband is spending a special (fathers day) event with Abdullah at day care. things like this really does warm the heart up.
pps. girls .. u can thank me later for the pic :p

Happy Fathers Day to all our great dads

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I miss bloggers that "write"

I miss the old blogging days .. the none commercial ones. when bloggers gave their posts thought and wrote real life issues, theirs or others. they wrote their hearts out .. they poured creativity .. engaged, made us cry and laugh. we all knew each other very well.. became more like a family. doesnt mean we had to know eachothers identities, but knew who we really were. everything has changed .. sub7an Allah everything always does. i would like to send a hello, to some of my old fellow writers/friends .. the blogsphere is really not the same with out u guys. i wouldnt be the person im if it werent for all of you :)

Zizo Time - Dr.Lost - Battlefield - Do0da - Papillona - Scarlo - Fedo - GQ - 7asoon - Yazeez
and more of you that my memory fail to remember at the moment...

love u guysss .. soooo much, hope your all doing well in life :)

i do enjoy present day blogging, and each time comes with a different style i guess.. i maybe too old for this and need to get used to it. but i swear i sometimes cant help the need to just "READ" what other bloggers have to say.. so i can interact with someone .. im finding it difficult to "find" that. i end up feeling bloated because of all the food review posts! restaurants, coffee shops, private food businesses .. a lot of (food foood foooood!) lol and then comes the other reviews.. either of tv shows, movies .. new places in kuwait or new phones, new machines, new businesses... so its simply not the same .. not personal but more materialistic.

no offense to anyone .. we do need you guys .. and your doing a great job at it mashallah. all im trying to say is, just as much as we need you, we also need the old ways too .. we need post writers. if you guys are out there give me a shout out .. ill be more than happy to read :)

hope everyone is well inshallah :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

been crowned

crowned by the very beautiful and lovely shosho, its been more than 2 years since my last tag! so this is cute :p

Question 1: Six secrets no one would come to know about me on our first meeting.

1- i say (aaawwwwwwwww) when im happy about something and say (yoo yoo yoo yooooo) in a very fast tone when im shocked or upset!!

2- im very social, love meeting new people but like to keep my close circle of friends limited.

3- it bothers me when people look at anything other than my eyes/face when talking to me.

4- i can never gain weight .. which brings me to how much i hate it when people keep asking me "omg did u lose some weight?!!"

5- i have a very bad ..(repeat) BAD memory .. always tend to forget names, appointments, events, and some very precious memories :( the only good thing about this is, it makes it easier for me to forgive and forget.

6- one of my best qualities (or at least thats what i believe) is my "calmness" blkwaity "barda".. i have full control of my temper, feelings, what i say and reactions. never lose my cool no matter what the situation is (except for the time my mom passed away) but other than that im very collected and calm. it annoys some people .. but i know it always works out for every ones best.

i pass the crown to our brand new and very interesting blogger a la Mocha :)

have a nice weekend all :*

Thursday, June 10, 2010


do you floss?

today was Abdullahs second check up at the dentist .. so in each checkup his doctor checks his teeth, gums, his skills in brushing teeth, if hes ready for tooth paste yet or not (because some kids swallow it) and thats dangerous. Al7imdellah Abdullah been doing fine in all of that until his doctor asked me today : "does he floss?" !!
at first i thought he was kidding .. but his face didnt give me any "joke" vibe .. so i answered with a stunned face "floss!? hes not even two yet..? can he floss??"
he replied "as long as his teeth are all out his teeth should be flossed.. and its better to get him develop flossing habit from an early age, if he cant floss for now you have to floss for him"

i wanted to be honest and just say honestly that neither i or his father floss.. we brush and use mouth wash but thats it.. i couldnt.. part of me was afraid of being judged :/ lol sort of the case specially when the doctor is kind of hot ! :p

so anyways .. he insisted i start teaching him to floss .. he said people who do not floss.. are just like people who do not brush their teeth because all the food remains there to rot for days!!! its the cause of teeth decay, roots infections, bad breath! some gum infections and sensitivity! :/ i was grossed out of the thought .. but remembered that i was never advised by any of my dentists in kuwait to floss?! inshallah teaching him wont be difficult i was happy to find special flossing kit for toddlers in his goody bag! so now im actually excited to see how it will work out.

thanks to Abdullah now were all going to start flossing :D
back to my question.. do you guys floss?? lol

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

l e t t e r s

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take."-- Cardinal Mermillod

some quotes smolder you with truth and sense.. some very simple quotes
make you choack on your own tears.. the power of words.. each letter that forms them, that creates a thought in your head, a thought
has the power to skim through your memories, grasping a few in particular. leaving you with emotions you sometimes think are gone. tangles you with your own soul, where you either end up struggling wanting to leave, or the opposite, wanting to live in that thought for as long as possible.

i find it fascinating.. the power of it all, how it somehow controls us, then again it makes perfect sense. when something with that much power exists.. its only normal that it is the first thing Allah asked us to do in his book.. "read" the power of those words .. the power of a human being thinking of something and being committed. it brings us to passion, it leads us to having a goal in life, it is where everything starts and it is simply what drives us. "sub7an Allah"

i just wanted to share this thought..
hoping everyone is well today :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Insane Day!

i wake up @ 7 am, for abdullah to eat his raisins oatmeal while he watch his daily Sesame Street as i prepare his lunch box for daycare. around 8 everything is ready, out fit for daycare another out fit for his photoshoot we had scheduled @ 3:15 thats the latest appointment we could get .. we only had 15 minutes to be there because we pick him up from daycare @ 3 !! so talk about "7adda 7adda"

*Note: driving in LA is scary!! i did it 3 times and then swore not to try again :/

we drop off the little one, hub drops me back home, before he goes to college i remind him "please be back by 2:30 we need to pickup abdullah earlier today so we can make it on time for the photoshoot."

2:30 i txt him "babes please try to leave now" .. with no reply .. i call .. no reply :/ i start to immediately worry like i always do. 2:45 he calls "im still in college will be leaving now" !!!
me "no comment" !

3:00 he calls "im stuck on the high way traffic is insane and my car is almost out of Gas i need to make a quick stop @ the Gas station.. call daycare tell them were gonna be bit late" !!!
me "no comment!!"

i call GAP coz thats where were having the photo shoot.. "please is there any chance we can reschedule? maybe 3:50" they agreed they could squeeze me in as long as i come before 4pm :D yay for us!

3:10 i call day care .. they have a pickup policy we can only be 10 minutes late.. any minute after that they charge 10$ per minute and if that happens three times, they notify social services! so not soo good!!! good thing i called .. they said theyll give us another 10 minutes with no extra charge! because its our first time to be late .. again .. yay for us!

3:20 Hub calls "go to my office check if the car insurance is in the black file?!!
im like why?!!!
" im with a police officer they stopped me for speeding" !!!! OMG!!!!! i cant believe this :s
police officer: "where is your Cali drivers license??"
Hub "only got international one"
"Where is your countries drivers license"
"Back home!!!"
ok so this means towing the car away!! plus giving u a something million dollar ticket!!!!

they stopped him a block away from daycare .. hub got soooo frustrated he asked
"ok tow the car .. i just want to walk and get my son from daycare plzzzz!!! i dont want him there all alone" the cop obviously was a father or this would have never worked, specially in the US! theyre very very strict when it comes to traffic laws..
"im only going to give you a ticket and will not tow your car so you can pick up your son"
YAAAY for us again!!!

3:45 Abdullah is successfully and finally picked up!!
hub calls "walk to IHOP and wait there ill pick u up, closer to the Grove .. (where GAP is)
i wait there for 10 more minutes and it was 3:55 by then!!!! i get in to the car and i dont say a word.. im sooooo stressed, upset and simply tired, i can only imagine how stressed poor hub is !! drops me off and goes to find a parking space while i literally carried Abdullah like he was a purse and ran up to the second floor. it was 4:10 !! @@
the photographer was still there shooting her last appointment, the cutest Japanese baby!!! i speak with her assistant she looks at me and smiles .. "dont worry we can still fit you in, 15 mins should be fine"

SUPER YAY!!!!! we did it !!!! XD

had the best time .. the shoot was super successful most adorable all black and white classic cute head shots!
i had a final request .. i was in desperate need of Pink berry .. man! i never enjoyed it like i did that day.. it cooled off all the stress .. managed to put a huge smile on my face .. was a great way to end it all :)

now i just have to wait for 2 weeks! when inshallah pictures will be out :D