Thursday, September 02, 2010

Muslims are Racist, Islam is not

a friend .. who was Christian converted to Judaism, then after more research converted to Islam. she says Islam was where all her questions got logical answers, it connected the dots and made sense. she was at peace and content with her life.

months later of practicing and blending in with Islamic communities, wanting to fit in with the faith she lovingly joined, she kept questioning the religion because of its people. she said: "why is it many Muslims do not practice their faith" and by practice she did not mean prayers and fasting.. those are the easy practices anyone can do .. she meant the other things.. the morals of Islam. the way we deal with each other. she kept seeing how most Muslims contradict with their own faith, talk the talk but dont walk the walk.

the deeper she got in to the communities the more shocked she was of its hypocrisy. and it had to stop at one point, and that was "racism" unfortunately, she discovered that most Muslim communities are racist, when it comes to where you come from, nationality, family names, and of course skin color (tones) she said it was very un Islamic and to her that was it. she kept trying to fit in .. trying to not let it get to her.. but at the end a community represent its religion and faith. she did not want to be part of that.

sadly, shes not a Muslim any more. she admits that she knows Islam is the right religion but she doesnt want to be associated with how racist its people are. shes still in search and hoping she`ll find a faith that does as it preaches.

i know for sure just as upset and disappointed she was of us, as a community, our beloved prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is 1000 times more disappointed and ashamed of our acts and racism. we are one of the most racist communities i think in most religions. we never like to admit it. were very judgmental, and love to set people in different groups, categories, label everyone according to very little meaningless things. that has nothing to do with islam or its morals and teachings. its purely shameful, and the most painful part is that we have no shame in feeling this way. when someone thinks hes better than someone else just because of who they are and where they come from, to me is ignorant and disgusting. stop this very backward and limited way of thinking and learn from your religion how to become civilized and open minded. Allah yahdee al kil inshallah.

its as simple as this: if Allah doesnt care where we come from, why should i?