Wednesday, March 28, 2007


is the lowest of low,
any can ever go.
gutter, below the gutter
stinks, and revolts
disrespectful, is the smallest
a human being can ever be.
people with wasted brains,
tongues that best be swallowed.
words that better be un-learnt
no aim, but to humiliate...
i just wish that someday,
u will open your eyes,
and actually see.

disrespect is ugly.
just like u.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


* i have watched it FOUR times so far! twice today @@ and i still want more!
digma and bella thank you :* for a gr8 time, digma thnx 3l 3izoma babes .. and my gr8 dad and sisters for another one! i have watched it so far in cinema marina, fanar and muhalab, i advise you to go and see it in al fanar ;) *

this is the only thing i kept thinking and im still thinking it after i have watched 300 TWICE! in two days.
and ill watch it again an again ... coz its simply KALB! that i cannot not want to see it again.
striking!!!! how beautiful every shot is to the eye!
how their faces are just not human like! they look like something very interesting, u just want to look at them some more!
their bodies!! LOL don't get me started on their bodies! abz!! legs arms, necks! shoulders!!
KILSHAY! even their toes LOL
SERIOUSLY this movie is KALB bimi3na al kalima.
oh there is one word to describe them: MEN!!! they're simply MEN.

i see guys with their JAWS down! so what do u expect us to do!
i love the colors of the movie! the music ... the cloth they used! THE REDNESS
how it moves and performs on its own! with every movement they do!

with ever slow motion shot ... the music again! the chills it would give everyone who's watching it! the soundtrack, the directing, the acting, the lighting ... the movie! is a master piece.
my favorite quote is: "my queen ... my wife ... my love"
"we shall dine in hell"
"give them nothing, but take them everything"

- takes a deep breath -

i have a word in mind here but i don't think i can use it ... i don't think, i just know i cant use it ...
anyways .....
shasawi b3mre ... i WANT TO SEE IT again ... so yalah ...
i thoguht maybe if i post this, ill maybe get over it! so we`ll just wait and see :p if this works.

btw i miss u allllllllllllllllllll :*

*ps: check out my friends blog, its a good read ;) Nostalgia, enjoy!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

cuz iam what iam ...

You cut me this deep
and ask me not to bleed.

You hurt every existing cell in me,
and ask me not to feel,

im human, and unfortunately,
we do feel.
so tell me ...
what are you again ?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

so Let go ...

life is a matter of choices.
but do we really know how? or what does that really mean?
most people don't know that they can choose. they dela with misery and depression, because they do have choices, but they don't get to choose.
one of the choices we have, in our every day life, is the choice to let go.


you let go of all whats bothering you in life, of all the pain, the disappointments and heart ache. you let go and you move on. you get to have a new start, feel light again. you would be able to let go of all of that, if you knew that you had a choice, which you do! letting go, even of the things that cause us pain and hurt can be very hard and difficult, cause we humans tend to get attached to our surroundings. here you get to have a nother choice, choosing your own surroundings, that includes people, and objects. your ideas and thoughts are choices that you make. what if we simply get to choose that we want to let go of, all the negativity that's living in/with us. To be immune with our own will. we do have this choice, its right under our noses! fear of the unknown is what stops us from going on. we think that we want to be like everyone else, because it seems much easier when things in life are already decided and sorted out! to be common just like everyone else! were so afraid to find out on our own, how things might turn out. how it would feel like, to live your own life.


some people would let go, in a very negative way. some would want to choose to let go of life it self! want to end it, so they get to choose when and how and where to end it all. to let it all go away. fact is, its not letting it go, its throwing it all away, in the faces of all the ones who care for u. its throwing away all the choices u will ever have in life. throwing away every chance of falling in love, of all the kisses, hugs, future, laughter, family and friends. of what could be your future dreams and achievments, of you making a difference in someones life, helping others. to throw away life it self with all its shades, shapes and colors. is the worst choice anyone could make.


writing this post was a choice of mine, clicking each button on this keyboard is a choice of mine. our life is like this keyboard. you get to choose when to click and what to click. when ever there is a mistake or an error, you can always backspace, delete, refresh or even restart. there is no need to shut down and definitely there is no need to simply copy paste! live your own life, the way you want.

i dedicate this amazing song .. to all of you .. it simply sets me free. enjoy!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Men like him should be shot!

this will be quick ... like taking off a bandage! quick but painful ...
a girl just got married, to this really young, from a good family, good rep guy! theyre out on their maybe third date .. u know MILCHA time.
she notices he almost doesn't include her in their his conversations.. she most of the time was "a listener" ...
bad sign!
so she tries and give in some input, say her opinion from time to time ..
she notices he doesn't like it!
then ... he keeps talking bout he wants this in his life, wants that in hers, and how he wants the kids and the house to be ... blah blah blah.
he had everything planned for already! before he even met her!!!
so she goes:

her: were talking bout kids already..! we just got married?
him: yes .. I want them as soon as possible. They'll be like this, and like that ...! my kids will go to this and do that ....
her: you keep saying my this and my that!! they're OUR kids and its OUR life ?? the kids are OURS .. mine too, you know?
him: -smiling-
her: what??
him: now tell me .. if you go to a vending machine, a Pepsi machine, and you insert a coin, then the Pepsi comes out ... who's Pepsi is it .. the machine's, or the person's?
her: Ha!
him: i think u get it now.

*Note: i have quoted their exact words

I'm very sad to see that, such mentalities EXIST!!!
the two of course split after this incident. smart girl, I salute her! knew when to kick this mans a*s out ... i mean this is JUST TOO MUCH!
hes educated!! young .. and has a vending machine of a mother himself!! why would he think like this??? so women are vending machines ... and men because they have coins!!! they own us!! they own what we have, what we produce and give!!!


girls ... never be afraid to stop a man, if he was being a jerk, u say so! MEN are not better than us, they do not deserve respect or anything better, just because they're simply MALE! .. this idea! they try to put and feed it to generations, of both males and females. its wrong, so WRONG. if we do not do this .. it will spread, we need to remind our selves but most importantly *THEM! that we deserve equal good things in life. including respect!
*"them" not all men,,, but the JERKS out there.

u not only leave, u shut him up, then u DUMP! ;)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New post please "QUIDAM"

ok since, were still on the happy posts ... days ...
let me try and remmeber some of the happy exciting things that happened to me last month i was so depressed to talk about them ...
when i went to Dubai, third day, the day ive been waiting for ... the QUIDAM day :D
was one of the most exciting beautiful shows ive ever been to.
honestly ppl, u should see atleast one of the cirque du soleil shows in ur life, at least one!
im planning on seeing all their shows inshallah ... very beautiful and professional. how artistic it is !! and the performers are just amazing ... so .. i was with dad my brothers my sis and also the cutest ever DOODA :) so we all sat and doooda was sitting between two blondies ;p lucky fella ...
so the show starts and in the break, i and doda start talking bout the show, and i tell him, how i
cant wait to see OLGA my love ... i was reading bout her life before going to dubai and i completely fell in love with her. shes a russian performer, who wanted to become a performer since the age of 5, and made it on her own, she became one of the most well known performers in the world!! SHE IS THAT GOOD!

so ... i tell him that i really wanna meet her and maybe take a picture. so we ask the security and all doors were closed!! they all tell us NO CAN DO! no accesee to the performers.
:( the break is over and i finally see her perform live!!!
i almost cried. and then, the show was over and i looked like a sad lil girl who someone wouldnt buy her daisies or candy :p in my case red bull .. anyways
so im walking out ..
doda says: ZANONOB!! i cant belive ur giving up!! ur not gonna try and see OLGA!!
so i look at him and im like!! HAA !! X``( ur right .. i should give it one more try :(
so i see this, i think was british guy, holding his walky talky ... and i use my puppy innocent face:HELLO :)
man: yes .. :)
me: please, i just wanted to ask is there any way.. that i could see OLGA?
man: you know her?
me: - i got thinking, i read about her life, and i know her name, so technically, yes i do- so i go ahead guilt free and say -YES- :D
man: does she know ur here?
me: -!!!!- haaa .. maybe !! - again technicaly maybe she saw me and she knows im here ;p -
man: ok look, im not supposed to do this, and this is just between us, the performers are exiting from the back door allll the way back, u have to run, theyre already getting on the bus.
me: !!!!! THANK YOU ... !!! bbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -supposed to be the sound of running-!! :s
i could hear mission impossible music playing in the back of my head! doda and i start running!! ofcourse i was wearing very HIGH heels!!!! so i ask him to run ... we just ran allll the way round the HUGE TENT !! ON THE GRASS!!
i see the bus, and theyre inside! the bus is MOVING!!
im like,,, : 7SOOOOOOON RUN RUN!!
in the back of my head was :RUN FOOOOOOOOREST RUUUUUUUUN!!
anyways ...
so we reach the bus
breathless!!! and the entire performers!! I MEAN ALL OF THE QUIDAM performers are there!
wearing jeans and tshirt, no makeup or costumes!! they looked so normal! just like people! :p
anyways i loook in to the bus, and im like:
ME: im sooo sooo sorry, but where is OLGA?
them: they were all like SMILING, looking in the back of the bus... OLGA -teasing her- like u have a fan kind of tease!!
and there she is, walking with her coyness!! so shy ... even blushing!! SOO CUTE!
she comes and she says yes sure!! im like hiiiiiii :D
me: u were great today!
she: thank you.
me: can i please take a picture?
she: yes ofcourse!
hands doda the cam with a stare!!! - if u screw this up ill kill you @@ -
so i stand next to her and then with all the kindness in the world she kinda side hugged me, u know when u hold someone from the side and pull them closer!!! YEH SHE DID THAT!!!
and the picture was taken... :*************************** i love her wallah !!!
Happy ending! :D
thnx to dooda ;)

anyways that was one of the really really happy recent days ive had ... i simply enjoyed every bit bit bit of it!

anywas abaaaaih shfeeni kila agol anyways!!! so eee .. mo anyways ....
if u guys havent noticed!! im soooooooooooo on red bull!!!
eeeeeeeee o b3d soooooooooorrry 6awalt 3laikum ...

and i would like to welcome my new mexican readers :** i love u guys ...
o bs ...
laa mo bs ... for more pics i I I i took from the show ;) click QUIDAM

bye :***

Thursday, March 01, 2007

a Happy Post

;) Mazin ... Mazin - the Maze man,
one great person i swear! uve got the biggest heart.
very sweet and considerate mature and a wonderful friend.
so Mazino ... coz ur special ur birthday comes every leap year! 29th of FEB ;)
thats cool man wallah ... so today we will wish u a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)
wishing u best of luck and the best times

click the above ;p

a very exciting thing is happenning, the 7 wonders of the world are being exchanged.
and this is for real and official. you people can vote for what can be the new 7 wonders. out of 21 new ones, you vote for 7. i still didnt vote coz theyre all great! you vote now, and they will announce the new 7 wonders: 7-7-07
good luck ;) and tell me what ur going to vote for? :p

finally i would like to say,
im happy.
for many many reasons.
ive got my family and theyre all well,
my friends and theyre all well,
ive got my love, my life, my passion
ive got my blog ... ive got my readers.
ive got many things just to make me happy.
and theyre all well :) so im happy.

thank u alll *BIG HUG*