Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Worht Posting For

just wanted to talk about JAMIE OLIVER .. hes not just a great chef ..
sorry, let me rephrase .. hes not just a great "hot" chef but an amazing parent! who wants things to change for the better .. he started change in his country UK and now hes taking it to the States because hes hoping from there the rest of the world will try and follow!

we really should try and follow when its in good things!
his TV show is being aired every Friday night @ ABC you can watch full episodes on youtube or download them. its called "Jamie Olivers Food Revolution"

this is a clip for u! im sure youll find it pretty interesting...

i dont want you watching this and thinking "wow its pretty bad in the states" because in kuwait its actually worst. according to American Public Health Association "Kuwait has the Highest Obesity level in the World"!! now that is scary! and the numbers are screaming for some action! sadly no one is doing anything about it. something needs to be done, people need to be aware of how bad things are in kuwait. inshallah change will come to each and every house, and people will start looking after what they and their children are eating :) you are what you eat, so eat good and healthy :) for more information on obesity in kuwait read this article from Alwatan news. im very proud that we have KOA (kuwait obesity Association) great job!

of course we cannot post about health and healthy foods with out linking you to my beautiful friends, Jumana :) dear congrats on your new website look! http://www.welovekuwait.com/
for healthy food recipes specially for kids and much more go to the lovely Noura

ps. make the time to sign jamies petition to support his food revolution.