Thursday, August 26, 2010

lots of stuff ..

been long since my last post.. missed you guys .. o mbarak 3laikm ma tabaqa mn al shahar inshallah
its been super busy after the road trip which was extended btw! my sister made a surprise visit with her TRIPLETS! the house all the sudden was full of kids and life .. perfect timing for Ramadan! was the best thing ever .. Abdullah loved living with other kids, poor thing sometimes i feel like hes very lonely :(

anyways .. after i lost my precious blackberry i call at&t to report it stolen :( and guess what instead of a "bohoo so what" they say were so sorry to hear that .. would you like to upgrade to another one? im like "up what" upgrade to another blackberry or phone any phone u want? we have a list that you can choose from .. i was gonna go with another bold.. but then the very kind lady suggests .. why dont you wait for a while untill we launch the Torch! i was like YES!!!!! ill wait ..

and voila two days a go, a knock on the door and guess who it is .. my BABY TORCH! and IM IN LOVE!!!! in love with the torch and in love with at&t !! upgrading meant only paying 199$ for the TORCH!!! can u believe that .. like wow! its the best phone i have ever owned or even ever held! im not exaggerating!! its a really really good phone! having both big touch screen and a keyboard for typing is all u need really! 5 mg pixel camera with many setting options! a huge crystal clear screen! light weight .. its just perfect! i highly recommend it ;)

anyways guys please take good care o tqabal Allah 9yamkom :*

ps. im watching "Zwarat 5ameees" and loving it!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Road Trip to San Fran!

inshallah we will be road tripping for about a week ..
its not easy specially when your 28 weeks preggers .. but im not gonna pass on this experience just to regret it later on .. so im toughen up ;)

anyways so far so good!
Abdullah Bday party was a success! everyone had a great time! al7imdellah .. i might share a few pics in the next post.. for now ill wish you all well inshallah, will update you soon on how the trip is going.

take cares :*