Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Im back from Dubaya ;)

beach view

This was one of my most original visits to Dubai!
(im from now on calling it, the city that doesnt know how to sleep!)

i will start by saying i had a GREAT time but there were two major spoilers:

1. My back/feet:

i wasnt able to enjoy my shoes like i usually do .. from day one .. i immediately walked in to the first shoe store i got to and purchased me a pair of flats! i kept thinking "is this a sign im getting old! am i now broken?!" it was so depressing :( but then again its been only 3 months since my small body gave birth .. maybe it still needs time to heal .. i decided to still give me a chance ;p

2. Constructions:constructions

every visit i make sure we stay in a different hotel in Dubai, one of their finest hotels/resorts!
its very important to me the place we stay in has (walking areas) .. not just buildings .. it must have open space .. not just the city! its very important that im able to walk aroudn with my baby cam and take snaps of what i see... this time it was a different story!
yes the resort was one of the most luxuriuos .. yes the view was breath taking! BUT the construction of more than i can count ruined it all!!! they were like attacking the place from each and every corner. i kept thinking this country has a problem .. they dont know when or where to stop! they are literally suffocating the place!! u can no longer see the sky! mashallah because of the sky scrapers! no more land .. all projects and workers .. and if that wasnt enough .. they want to take over the sea as well and burry it!
i wasnt able to sleep well because of the noise .. they worked ROUND THE CLOCK! non stop!!
i felt so sad .. and sorry for this place because i know for a fact .. everything has a limit to it .. obviuosly they are pushing it!
I mean i was in Dubai few months ago .. an entire harbor was gone! i almost cried .. coz i rememeber taking shots of it and it was beyond beautiful! now its simply gone! *top pic

I really wish this doesnt back fire one day .. i dont know much about enviroemntal rules .. but i do know that in life, nature needs to be in balance.

other than that .. the star of this trip was no one but my little Aboodi :*** i dont think he knew he was in Dubai :p but the look on his face when ever he saw colors, lights, different shapes around him .. was more than enough .. his contact with phoriners and their kids; who would come and want to play with him .. again, was more than enough .. i know that he learnd something, and i know he enjoyed it :) best part was after we got home!! he wouldnt stop giggling and playing. He really missed being here (home) .. it simply was breath taking.

over and out! needless to say .. i missed u all soo very much ;*

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Horrible pain!

nothing can annoy me more than having to worry about something that i have no knowledge in.

vaccines!! when i go give abood his vaccinations .. it kills me that i have read in so many places /articles .. that some if not ALL are not necessary for babies .. a lot of ppl are shunning them for now and only giving them two years after birth .. to prevent some of what is believed to be harmful side affects (one of them is Autism!) and to give the baby's body a chance to build a stronger immune system.

what is worst than not having enough knowledge in something, is when you seek professional help .. and they simply give you one of the most generic answers! just to shut you up and send you home.
even the nurse who was giving the vaccine did not tell me what type of vaccine this was and for what purpose it was given! i have already did my home work and read it beforehand .. i just wanted reconfirmation from HER the person in charge of it.. she didnt reply .. she just said: its his scheduled vaccination, bring him again after a month!
im like (6igeeeny b3d!! :@)

i know i may sound over protective or even paranoid .. but that is not the case ..
im just wondering why isnt there enough information for the parents? why isnt the staff professional or the least nice!
she kept injecting the needles in his tiny thigh like he was an orange for practice! he was gooing and playing with his hands .. when suddenly his eyes flooded with tears! he was screaming from the top of his lungs .. his face immediately flushed bright red .. he just kept staring right into my eyes .. as if i have betrayed him!! i couldn't help but cry .. tried to make it easier by stroking his tiny head and his furry hair .. i promised him it was over, when it was not .. there were two more shots to go!! three shots all at once! isnt that too much
even we adults cant handle such pain.

After he took the three shots he was so tired .. there was no more energy left in him to cry .. tears kept rolling as he laid his head im my lap to finally surrender and sleep .. my crushed heart and worried thoughts kept on going. i hugged him real tight .. and apologized .. there was nothing else i could do .. the nurse let me go with no instructions at all .. other than a paper (prescription).
later on i learned that i was supposed to put cold/ice bags on his thighs .. and also make sure he doesn't get a fever .. which he did .. poor little thing.
it was a very terrible experience. i was not prepared for this at all.

good news is .. im leaving this week for a short break to Dubai :) and im taking Abood with me .. im sure its going to be great .. try and make it up to him ;p

Hope everyone is well .. (miss u)