Tuesday, June 26, 2007

happy days

mashallah June and July are packed with weddings ... everyone is either dancing .. dressing up or getting hitched! which is depressingly happy ..

coz when u get alot of happiness all at the same time .. seems bit weird ..
but i really did enjoy all of them .. the look on the mothers faces makes it all worth it!
specially when they cry :`)

speaking of emotions .. I've been through the most emotional week in my life, i think .. i needed to see a doctor because its been so emotional .. i cant eat.

one of the things I've seen was .. a heart being pulled out of someones chest .. with out having to touch it or surgically remove it. i have seen him take off his ring .. after 33 yrs of wearing it, after it became part of him, he took it off. u some how wish for that person to be happy inshalah .. some how.

i have also looked into the eyes of someone who's in "pain" .. and they stared back. when u really look into someones eyes u feel they're naked .. u just see whats inside, their head and heart .. when u touch their hands u know its all real. ur hand becomes their safe warm nest .. makes u forget all whats bad in the world, you experience feelings and emotions that are one of gods miracles.

I'm so thankful for the pain i get, the tears that wet my cheeks and burns my eyes, love that warms my heart and joy that brings butterfly's to my tummy.. all so simple but its life's great way of reminding me I'm live .. I'm so living this life .. living it to the core.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

a 100 No3iks

*i took this pic in india, so this is an indian redbull :p

1- im very social sometimes i think its a problem how social iam.
2- i have the worst memory on earth.
3- my friends keep giving me or caryying my stuff (keys-walet-glasses-shoppingbags-bag) because i always leave and forget them.
4- im not a food person i dont have a favorite dish.
5- i used to hate jap food, i still do ... maki is different ;)
6- i love eating cereal at anytime of the day.
7- my favorite color is green, and i love green olives :q.
8- i hate sneding smss .. i rather make the call instead.
9- im very honest. when i cant be honest i just shutup.
10- wiritng to me is like breathing. i write even when i know i wont publish i just need to write.

11- im 25 and so happy cant wait to be 26! ;)
12- i quit my job :) only coz i didnt quit on being ambitious
13- i love traveling.
14- i want to learn italian.
15- i want to learn the guitar.
16- i love italain guys.
17- im very slow when i type in arabic.
18- when it comes to love .. i fall and i keep on falling .. to me love shouldnt have a bottom.
19- i dont like kids.
20- i love writing but not so good with reading.

21- i love photography more than reading! i want to become a professional photographer one day.
22- i hate arab advs! theyre very racist and sexist.
23- im a feminist.
24- im petite.
25- when i travel many think im "italain" ;) always makes my day!
26- i want to go to the gym but i always find an excuse not to.
27- i used to want to gain some weight but not anymore.
28- i have a degree in english literature.
29- i want to do my masters in photography. or advs.
30- i want my future son to be just like 7ason bason, doda :)

31- i want my future daughter to be just like me :)
32- i dont know why but i feel sorry for paris hilton!
33- i love LOVE LOVE superman! "mr.roth"
34- i love wirting poetry.
35- india so far is the most alive place i have ever seen.
36- italy is the country i wish i was born in.
37- 300 was the sexiest movie ive ever seen.
38- i have lost my mother when i was 21.
39- im still not over my mom, i dont think ill ever be.
40- my favorite thing to do when travel is take long long random walks.

41- i love shoes. just like most girls do.
42- i think fat ppl should go on a diet.
43- i think smokers should quit.
44- i dont like the fact im writing "i" in each point!
45- i love giving/receving hugs!
46- i love painting too .. i have a general interest in art.
47- my favorite chickflick is "never been kissed"
48- my first chick flick was "untamed heart" cried my eyes out for a week.
49- i love "cold play" and "snow patrol"
50- i watch: sex and the city - greys anatomy - prison break - lost - heroes and jericho - scrubs

51- i cant swim, i saw jaws when i was very young! im still afraid of the water.
52- i used to be disgusted by roaches, not after i have watched "joes apartment" now i just feel sorry for them. theyre just soo ugly!
53- i started blogging out of .. not bordom .. but wanted to piss someone off :p
54- i love nail polish.
55- im 158cm 49kls.
56- i dont find facebook addictive.
57- i have a problem with our traditins, most of them dont make sense at all!! just trying to make life even more harder and miserable for everyone *specialy women.
58- i dont like using capital letters.
59- best time for making calls is when im driving.
60- going to "dans le noir?" was a life changing experiance.

61- meeting up with total strangers and making them friends is a habit of mine.
62- i tend to trust ppl quickly! bad .. very bad.
63- im an aquariuos and i love the number 6.
64- i like to keep my shoes in their boxes. oh and im a size 37 ;p
65- i dont know how to cook! im bad at cooking by nature.
66- i have friends 5 years younger than i and friends 20 years older than i. age to me is just a number. i literaly believe in that.
67- i dont like to rush things.
68- i have a very cold temper, but when im angry .. im scary! i rarely get angry.
69- i used to have a huge crush on eminem, did an entire presentation bout him :p
70- im a huge fan of vampires .. did an entire presentation bout them too! theyre so hot!

71- i dont care if its 2007 or 2700 i dont like gay ppl im not ok with them, its eew!
72- i love it when ppl smile :)
73- when i wakeup in the morning , im usually happy and in a good mood.
74- i love dancing.
75- i dont like "roasting" ppl. its a common thing in kuwait. its not for me. (roasting = `6a`3a6)
76- i dont like it when ppl call other ppl "om flan" or "obo flan"! keep ur first names!
77- i find it very very bad! that some marrried couples dont like holding hands in public! or showing emotions! when ur in love .. ur in love. no place or ppl should matter. as long as ur not taking it too far :p
78- my skin color has been called "caffeoleou" i just love how it sounds ;)
79- my favorite book is million little pieces!
80- im addicted to www.thesuperficial.com im in love with the writers sense of humor he CRACKS! me up!

81- im "addicted" to red bull.
82- my worst habbit is biting my lips.
83- im very picky when it comes to food or drinks.
84- i love having my drinks with no ice, if not then crushed ice, and always add mint!
85- i drink a big cup of black tea everyday!
86- that is why i think im anemic.
87- every two weeks i have to catch a cold or get a soar throat. illnes is becoming a life style of mine.
88- im allergic to our weather ( dust - sun - heat - ac ) i have many allergies im familiar with most alergy pills ( fludrex - zyrtec - claritine - sinus ) non of them work by now!
89- my favotire cologne ( unforgivable ) makes my heart melt! *guys go get it! trust me ;)
90- 29th-june-05 was the happiest day of my life :)

*i cant belive i have 10 points left to write! that was fast!*

91- i hate the number (111) or anynumber with too many (1s) i hate it when the time is 11:11. gives me a very bad feeling.
92- its a dream of mine to one day publish a book :)
93- ppl tell me i look like "jennifer love hewitt - amanda peet and eva green".
94- i dont like change.
95- i like pizza.
96- best fa6ayir is fa6ayir al 3ali :p
97- im very bad at teaching! i hate teaching.
98- i like ppl who look at the eyes when u talk.
99- i would never hang up the phone on anyone no matter what!
100- im a huge fan of wa6aneya and blogger :) i hate word press and mtc ;p

*after reading do i need to mention that im also a bad speller ;p

*ps: mi7sino doda!! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY :) 16-6-07 maaan just wanna say .. u are really the best ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

red sand

sprinkled golden stars
beaded on the dark velvet curtains of night.
rays of silk descends as light, of day
gives life to what is already alive.
water and soil, stone and leaf ...
more alive than some people are.
a smile and a blank face,
nothing to hide,
faces are very real,
their eyes are their souls.
you are the heart of this earth.

*to india

Friday, June 08, 2007

im back

i know i said a week .. and its been a month!
my trip to India was a life changing experience.
but things have happened .. many things .. life is just testing me i guess.
testing how much i can take and how much i can carry.
and in return im testing it as well .. testing how much further it can go.
i have missed blogging i have missed you .. i miss writing.
i think im back .. i wish to be back. hoping everyone is well i know now is finals times.
so good luck with that .. and congrats to those who are done with exams. congrats to those who graduated ;)

love u :*