Wednesday, March 29, 2006

7asasiya = Kuwaiti



i really wish we had speakers on blogs so that I could shout from the top my lungs :0

we get four seasons in One hour !!!

and the results are:
1- crazy traffic
2- no temper at all ....
3- mood swings ..
4- more fights
5- everyone stays at home .. do nothing but waste another day ...
6- ruin the car polish
7- everything looks old- dusty and rusty ..

last thing is .............


the pain , the nerves, u can feel electricity going through ur nose to your eyes, from your eyes to your brain , with every sneeze, u clench and ur throat gets cut !!

the pain the stress and the muscles that are being torn apart, teary red eyes, tongue bites ! (OUCH) ... how much can YOUR body take ?

worst part , you cant move, you cant speak on the phone or work or type, you cant concentrate on anything, your surrounded with kleenexes ( everywhere) ! because of the constant ache and sneezing :(

you cant drive because with each sneeze you'll automatically step on the breaks ! and tightly close your eyes, in the middle of a highway ..!

simply you cant live normally ..... there's only one thing you can do ,
its callled :
.... yes im afraid that's true ...
no matter what you do or take , in the end .. they take you to Sleep :(
sleeping through the day is your answer.

so there you go . that is a diary of a real Kuwaiti ...

if you don't have 7asasiya = ur not a real Kuwaiti >>> so good for you ;)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ones` Personality :) Is Ones` Age

I love how people just keep growing and growing and growing :)

not in size (some actually do :p ) but what I mean is, how they grow, develop their personalities

u can meet the most amazing people but never expect the simple personality that hides beneath their bodies and eyes :)

I have met a lot of people so far , am still looking forward to those ill meet in the future.
am sure it'll keep getting more and more intriguing .

I talk and walk and see them, I can see right through them, under their skin, in their eyes.
I see that this person has a really great personality, I try to describe it to the minimum words I can think of...
because the less words u use the more accurate it gets :)

the most common word I found in most of my (friends) was the word (FUN)
they are simply having (FUN), they are (FUN) to be with, they are (Funny), and we all like (Fundu) ;) (its ok i only replaced the O with a U )

I really believe that we don't grow or age , we really don't, to me, what we go through is the development of ones personality.

the way you choose to develop is who you are. you either end up being (old) or (young)
and I know for a fact that (fun) people end up ( very young) :)

the number you carry with you along the procedure (what most people consider as ur age)
is just the time it took you to be the person you are for the present time :)
the number is yours, under your control, you carry it with you it doesn't carry you.
you should be proud of it, it shows what you achieved in this time (its only about the time)

I love me right now :) I love my number :) it is so cute im proud of it too ;)

now i only wonder ... how would u describe ur personality (age) in the most possible way you can with only few words (one word if possible)?

thank you and TA TAAH :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What does being SomeBody means ?

I ’M nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there ’s a pair of us—don’t tell!
They ’d banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody! 5
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

you dont have to guess, of course its Emily :)
i just love her.
she knows how to relate to everyone.
this is one of my favorite poems...
hope u like it to ;)
NOW- can u answer the title (question) ?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All Q8Z are like ..... NO3HUM

What Kuwait is going thought is totally crucial!!

the pain I feel every time I have to go out, even at the gas station, to get a bubble gum .. u name it. Kuwaitis are ... out of their heads .

every time I come back from any ... and I mean ANY .. other country, the minute I step into the airport I get sick to my stomach . I just want to cry.
our society is so full of sh********** and it just kills me that im part of it too.

no where else have I seen people act the way we do.

were walking scanners, gossip machines, brand names, not to mentions hypocrites ....
the black list shall go on .

I can summarize the way i see a Kuwaiti (a typical Kuwaiti) individual ...
with one word. (NO3IK)

and im totally NO3I right now . I know ..


this is my first post, don't know what's the aim is , im simply pouring out what i had stored in me
since i came back from (some other country) and i loved it.
loved the simplicity they live in where u can walk with a car wheel hanging over your head
and no body would even notice .
where people walk to their destinations, when people are out because they actually have important things to do .
and when they have some free time, they stop to sip a cup pf coffe or orange juice and read a book.

its that, that simple .

any way guess i should stop right here ...

ummmmmmmmm .. i love Kuwait, theres no place like home :)