Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Orange

a dimmed view for everyone,
not to see ..
i brush my eyelashes ..
i close my eyes ..
i stop breathing ..
now ...
we can all see ..

its a message,
not a storm.
*ps: please everyone drive safely .. hope all is well.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

To all the non pregg ladies ;)

so for you NON PREG GALS .. a list of what your NOT missing ;p

Lets start with the baby kicks, the oddest places u could imagine!! sometimes it feels like PINS .. and some times more like electricity going through you!! its not comfortable .. and could get scary!

the ITCHYNESS!! ur entire body starts to itch .. and there is nothing u can do about it .. no bodyscrubs .. showers .. moistorizers .. natural oils, i have tried everything .. the itch is always there .. and its not the kind you can just ignore.

SLEEPING ON MY LEFT SIDE EVERY NITE! is another way you can torture someone ... yes! i have to sleep on the left side ONLY! all nite .. and not move or roll over .. since sleeping on the back or right side .. would slow the blood flow to the baby .. :s

bleeding gums while brushing ur teeth!! :S the horror of a pink toothbrush everymorning :(

the clothes u just ADORE! dont fit anymore ..maternity clothes are simple ugly! not to mention NO MORE HIGH HEELS!!! x```( im soooo soooo bored with flats!
Humiliation, prepare ur self to "throwup" at almost anytime! any place! with out a warning. :/

you miss feeling simply comfortable! you deal with difficulty in breathing! heart burns .. and back aches! all at once.

your no longer described as (hot .. sexy ..attractive.. etc) ur either beautiful, pretty, radiant, cute or glowing! thats it! ok theyre all sweet .. but i think its boring :p

being very emotional! when u cry over almost anything .. everyday! basically you (pms x 10 for 9 months!)

people always stare at you .. and somehow since u have a huge belly now .. its considered ok! not to mention the ones who approach and ask to touch ur belly!!

The penguin walk! not being able to jump, run up the stairs, walk long distances with out losing ur breath! not being able to keep up with the ppl your with. the gym!God i miss that :( and dont tell me that i can do the preggos exercise!! theyre not an option .. theyre just there to humiliate us even more!

not benig able to munch on SUSHI .. JAP food .. add to that .. coffee , tea , chocolate salt and suger! a long list of ( no no`s)

when you get ill .. flu or what ever .. there are no meds you can take, nothing so far is 100% safe .. it will take u twice as long to recover .. in other words .. you WILL suffer.

being deprived .. of massages! ok i know theyve got these special preg messages .. but wheres the fun when you cant lay on ur tummy!! i mean thats the whole point of a massage .. going somewhere to lay on ur tummy!! but no, in this case, they massage your back while ur sitting!!!

LOL this one is actually funny, could be cute :p getting a popped belly button! ;p saying hello to the out side world.

in some cases (my case) .. not allowed to drive ur car :(

forcing food up your throat, having to eat food you hate.. 'eatign for two!!' i hate it when they say that x@

every womans nightmare .. (STRETCH MARKS) i still havent got those .. they say some ppl just dont get them! so keep praying with me :)

and finally .. the constant constant constant .. worrying! i have never in my life worried this much! for every checkup .. every i dont know what ..
you worry .. bout the babies health .. and yours .. not to mention .. ur DUE DATE! the constant waiting .. count downs .. and the nitemares you have.

oh yes .. its one rough road to take .. right now it seems endless ..

hope everyone is well ;)

Monday, April 07, 2008

late at nite un welcomed guest

I didnt get any sleep last nite ... thanks to the very talendted very smart blood sucking mosqueto friend of mine!

the entire day while i was having lunch, then watching tv, then got online .. then hub got home, for almost an entire day .. she made sure she kept me in good cmopany .. specialy when it came to my legs ..

i had bites all over the place!!! THAT B****! she wouldnt take a break!
finaly was time to go to bed .. and that is when the real drama started!

u know the feeling when ur heavy body is finaly lyed down on the most comfortable bed, cold sheets and ur favorite pillow! yeah that .. i was just starting to get comfortable .. when suddenly imagine the worst skreechiest noise u ever heard yeah that!! would come in .. so loud and out of no where almost going all the way inside ur ears!


it was my lil friend .. wishing me a good nite sleeep!!! :s
hub wakes up !!! "whats wrong????"
i was almost gonna start crying coz i couldnt handle it any more ..
the mosqueto was following me .. i cant sleep like this!!

at 1:00 am .. we open the lights and wait for her royalty to show upp but .. no ... shes way smarter than that .. she only shows her ugly face .. when the lights are off ..
i go to sleep again .. as i was drawsing ...


@@ !!!!!!!!!!!

that scenario went on the entire nite! we were only able to sleep after we decided to keep the lights switched on!!!!
which is not considered sleeping at all ... we were under her mercy ...

finally around 5:40 am .. hub goes up and switches the lights off .. coz no one really could sleep .. hoping she gave up and left ...
5 minutes .. it took her five minutes!!! and it was

all over again @@ !!! and its always MEEE!!! WHY MEEE!!!
i got out of bed .. panting .. yelling ... "WHERE ARRE U!!!!"
lol just like the scene in "i know what u did last summer " ..
and everytime i wakeup there would be a new bite .. some where else ..

enough is enough ... 6:00 am .. were both up looking terrible .. sitting on the bed .. waiting for a sign .. anything .. i wasnt leaving this house untill she was DEAD!

exactly at around .. 6:15 am .. we finally killed our little unwelcomed un invited guest :D the heart breaking part is that when my hub (my hero!)finaly got a quick glimps of her .. squished her with a tissue box on the wall!! MY BLOOD WAS ALL OVER THAT WALL!!! :S it was horrifying ..

it feeeels so strange knowing that someone/thing is actualy taking ur blood! with out ur permission! how RUDE IS THAT!

so now im at work .. sleep deprived .. feeling itchy in so many places .. plus i might need some blood :p

i honestly believe .. mosquetos are like the creatures that come from the gate of hell .. im sure they even descend from like dracula or something! how can she dissapear so quickly! she was there and then shes not!! they look so ugly and evil .. and they suck living things blood .. after drugging them ... how creepy is that!

anyways i think my vent is about over .. sorry for the lengthy post ..

have a good day all :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008


when a guy stretches his arm ... pulls up his sleeve ..
and says: "release me from my misery"

and no it was not a joke, he totally meant it, he did that only after i asked him: "can i help you?" not to mention .. i ve only known him for two days!

i think im dealing with a real suicidal here ... he sometimes scares me ..
i dont know what to do! :(
*ps: i miss my domain :(