Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good bye Kuwait, Hello 2009!


i only have one day left ..
ask your selves what would you do .. ? where would you go?
who will you see ? if u knew u only had 24 hours to spend in kuwait ..

were moving to Los Angeles inshallah .. for a very long time ..

i love traveling, but i also could never stay away from Kuwair for more than a month
i usually get home sick three weeks after travel ..
i dont know how will i deal with this .. the parting .. the missing ..
MY DAD! omg! i dont know how will i be able to live normally with out seeing him everyday @@ !!

im starting to get that annoying "stomach pain" the one i usually have before a final exam!
its terrible .. i just had green tea .. because i still have a lot of work and packing to do .. so i need to be focused...

im sure my blog will help me a lot... and be there for me, like it always have :*
i will definitely post more often inshallah ..

anyways, wish me a safe trip please .. cause im also worried about that! almost 20 hours on a plane will surely upset my 3abood and break my back :p poor thing!

.. take care all .. hope everyone is well ..
no3ik .. wishes you all the best!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

f*cking mess

.. depression,
is becoming my loving blanket,
snuggles to press my heart in.
im chocking on pain ..
theres no more space, i swear ..
theres no more space .. not enough air
everything is - too - much.
too wrong.
how many breakdowns will i need
for it to STOP

mom ur killing me.