Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The "It" Thing in Beverly Hills/Kuwait!

usually we hear that theres an "It" bag, shoe, designer or dress .. a must have of the season! all the A-listers have it for a reason!! and it sells out almost immediately! in most cases if the designer wasnt simply a friend they were trying to help promote, that "It" would be the best thing out there.

I have noticed that "it" also apply to causes/ways of living, "living green" is the "it" thing right now.. that includes green products, hybrid cars, organic food, recycling, animal friendly farms and products.. trying to help build a safer healthier planet. which is really just perfect! exactly what we need. i also couldnt help but notice another trend that is catching on pretty fast and well!! there couldnt be anything better, it is more important than the green movement it self


the growing number of amazing, powerful, successful beautiful hot breastfeeding mamas! the biggest celebrity names we know: Angelina jolie, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Salma hayek, Catherine Zeta jones to Gwen Stefani.. and the list goes on and on! they all proudly breastfeed their kids! and say its the best thing you could do to your child and your self :) in my opinion, when your breastfeeding your choosing to commit to your child, a commitment to deliver what is being gifted to your child from God.. your the messenger of that amazing nutritious custom made pure milk to your precious bundle of joy! you deliver it while holding him with both arms, skin to skin contact, love and bond :) they say nothing is perfect.. but breastfeeding is simply is.

"WHO and UNICEF recommends you exclusively breastfeed at least up to 6 months, and continue for 1 year or 2 years."

its been proven to prevent heart disease/attacks, also been proven to help prevent breast cancer, prevents post partum depression and helps shed the extra weight! now thats just the cherry on the top for u ;) as in for your little angel, its proven that breastfed babys have stronger immune system and better health in general. it helps create a greater bond between you two, the baby never feels as safe and content as when hes being breastfed. the milk comes out to him in the perfect temperature, easy to digest which minimizes gas pains, no heating or sanitizing required! no artificial additives/cows milk powder being mixed into boiling water, the milk is just his! been created just for him, and who better to create that milk than the same body that created him! your body knows exactly what your baby needs, which is just a miracle! the bond between your body and the baby does not end just because he left it. there is still a connection and need :) definitely beats picking up a generic can off super markets shelftops!

im so thankful for the new trend! and im full of hope that it will catch on in Kuwait, which is already happening!! thanks to our lovely and amazing Noura and Jumana! if your interested in a healthier living and breastfeeding that is where you want to start. were soo lucky for having them in our society.. they are inspiring and im very proud that we can be part of their movement, a dream for this country and its future with inshallah healthier generations to come :) we have just as beautiful, amazing smart mommies.. and precious kids that in no doubt deserve nothing less than the best!

i couldnt find a better way to close this post than with:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hellow Neighbors!

ever since we moved into our apartment complex (jan 2009) .. weve never had any neighbor visits from no one other than the crazy old lady! and that was it.
we live on the fourth floor, every now and then as abdullah is playing around the place dancing or what ever it is hes doing we get a sudden semi mini earth quake! LOL the apartment below would start banging the hell out of their ceiling! the floors would shake and poor little abdullah would get the best of it coz they usually bang the area hes standing at.. hed freeze in his place and looks at me with fear in his eyes .. i go give him a hug and tell him dont worry its ok, dont be afraid.

we got used to this routine untill one day abdullah was dancing along sesami street and all the sudden hell broke lose! the banging was VERY aggressive! and would not stop even after abdullah stopped dancing! they would not stop the banging they were pretty angry! i was upset! and told hub were going to file a complaint tomorrow @ the reception office because this is ridiculous and is against the law! hes not even 2 years old!! how can we control how he plays!? and he has every right to play and grow with out being terrorized every time he did.. we both agreed we`ll go the next day to file a complaint. minutes later.. furious strong banging was on our door! we both knew who it was .. i smiled .. and was like: they finally gave in? lol

as hub was making his way to open the door i told him "wait" .. and asked him to hold Abdullah :) LOL and open the door with him. as he opened the door the guy knocking was like: OMG! its this little kid!!! they both laughed .. and he was like u have no idea how loud it is down there .. we kept wondering what u guys were doing!!!! hub answered were so sorry but we try and keep him quite but @ his age theres nothing we can do. his girlfriend answered .. no.. its really loud down there u cannot imagine how loud it gets! hub answered .. he only weighs 20 pounds! so it must be the floors LOL. so for now no complains are being filed, but if this happens one more time, it will be it!

and that ppl was our second encounter with our lovely neighbors! how welcoming :)
as for now . Abdullah will continue his Elmo dance hopefully with no interruptions :p

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


*. whined, whin·ing, whines
To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.

could u please get a grip before u lose it on me!!!!
i hate it when ppl yap and whine all the time! i know it seems like this is what im doing right now, but because i dont want to yap and whine with someone (and make their life miserable) im doing it on my poor little blog, coz i need to let some off my chest!!!
omg.. ppl its not the end of the world when something is not what u want or planned for?!
move on.. dont make everything into a huge deal and most of all dont OVER react!

sometimes i just wish i could mute my ears .. or pause my life .. better even to just fast forward some bits of it.. no i didnt watch the movie click .. but when i once said that everyone was like ur talking about click! so basically the movie stole my idea hehehe coz i never watched it!

so ... whiners! i hate them .. want them out of my life and head .. i want some off time, some relax time .. oh and one more thing i do need very much .. appreciation. lately ive been feeling down .. for a million reasons .. i need something to get me back up on my feet.
u know i think being taken for granted is never a good thing!.. always be careful with that. there, thats my tip for the day :)

anyways i just exhaled real deep and i think thats ur cue for: ur vent is done :)
this post was a success!!
thank u bloggy al7abeeb :* love u!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

i still come back

"bloggy lik w7sha"

its been almost 4 years now since i started these pages, each year had its own personality and events :)
i dont want to say or even think that im growing out of it "blogging" cause im a firm believer it is my home, but i must admit that growing up in general with more responsibilities cant help but take you away even from the things you care for most.

my beautiful Abdullah will be turning two soon inshallah! i still cannot wrap my head around that ive known him for two years! it feels like eternity but at the same time went by soo incredibly fast! wow 2 years!

hes in daycare now.. the only Abdullah in his class amongst three different Max`s Angelas and Evas :) all soo adorable. the thing i cherish most about L.A and will surely miss is how multiracial it is! u see people from soooo many different backgrounds, religions, ethniticies and skin tones.. with time they all blend intogether that u cant see or notice it anymore. its simply beautiful. i love the respect they have for eachother, honesty in respect and equality. its one of the things i will miss most after we move back to Kuwait inshallah.

anyways i hope everyone is well.
my old blog fellow writers and readers love u and miss u! always :)