Wednesday, September 30, 2009


this month .. has so many occasions that are of importance to my life ..
my mothers passing away .. my anniversary .. and some more ..

i dont know what to make of it .. each september i become numb and some what confused.
i dont know what to do .. its a month where all ration stops to exist in my head.
i just wait for it to pass .. hoping that October brings back some normalcy to my daily life.
some quite thoughts .. and finally a decent amount of sleep.

im back in LA btw ..
this time things went smoother than before .. i missed it soo much
my other home .. and my new lovely friends..
was deffinately a unique experience for me to spend ramadan here, i loved it!
al7imdelllah .. life is still good isnt it :)

everyone stay safe please..
love ur loved ones :*