Sunday, June 22, 2008

You have to try this - MIND BLOWING

its really not like me to just post links.. but this is an exceptional case!!
i and hub stayed up last night untill 3 a.m trying to complete level 108!!


the thrill u get after completing each level is very worth it ;p
i know its lame, its just a game! but its very addictive and challenging.
my only excuse for spending so much time on it is that I consider it to be a very good work out to our brains :p

so enough said .. just click away:

and please update me on your levels!
im very curiuos to know who will master in this ;)
ps. another reason to hate work! is for blocking this link :@

Thursday, June 19, 2008

still here

going back to work .. is harder than i thought..
al7imdellah i made it past week 36 .. about to enter 37 now ..
and im wondering!! hmmmm .. i said "reach" 36 why is the baby still in there ?? that was not the deal! :p

i wish we can choose when to deliver .. like pressing a button and all will be over :( the constant waiting and anticipating is just too much .. im getting weak and impatient.

i now feel like the baby is punishing for not letting him out when he wanted out! heheheheh yeah that would be weird if babies thought this way ;p

the irony is .. my doctor who got me on bed rest so that i wont deliver .. is now asking me to go take long long walks .. and dance! hhehehehe so that id deliver!!

its not easy to do these things when ur carrying i dont know how many kilos in ur belly ..
the thing i miss the most bout my old life is being able to sleep on my belly .. my tum tum .. -sigh-

anyways .. this is a typical vent guys nothing special .. but i must say that im glad the weather is getting better .. i kind of missed our sun.

have a nice weekend all and please keep us both in ur prayers .. Allah knows i need them.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

back to work!

so im at work right now ..
many things happened that i didnt see coming .
im not so thrilled or happy about them ..
i still need to make alot of important decissions ..
but i wont rush into things.

anyways, after bed rest .. i really just miss the sigh of the sky, fresh air and people! lol but what i keep forgetting is that im in kuwait .. so i shouldnt miss these things, when all you get is dust in the air, gloomy sad pale skys, and frowny angry faces in the morning! .. not a good sight at all. i was thinking i might need to get away have some quality time with hub, weekend+resort .. do some pampering before the baby arrives ..

but with this weather! where would u go? it would be meaningless if not stupid. the only destination people should be taking right now is the airports .. and unfortunately that is not an option anymore ..

anyways .. i better get back to work!
hope all is well :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

cutest gift!

this is literally the cutest moses basket i have ever seen :)
Thanks to my lovely sister :*

its funny now .. after i got this .. the baby seems more real to me!
and im really yearning to just tuck him in!!

- sigh -

anyways .. my bed rest is still on .. turns out im a lazy lazy person (couch potato)
i bothered to write a long to do list .. when most of what i did was just watch tv and get online :(
the rest of the time ill be just trying to sleep .. on the phone or have friends come over ..
but alhimdellah i managed to do Quraan reading, which we both needed.

i also have been listening to this clip everyday:

"Asmma Allah - Sami Yusuf"
inshalah it will be like his lullaby when hes out ..

the first time i saw this .. i burst into tears .. it touched me so deeply ..
i kept thinking .. THIS IS .. the real image of Islam ..
this is how people should feel about Islam. a peaceful .. gentle .. beautiful and pure religion.

it is so sad how things are turning out for us.

anyways .. hope all is well ;)