Sunday, October 11, 2009

a strange story worth telling (or thats what ive been told) :p

since Halloween is on the way - u might be up for kind of a scary story :p

when we moved in our lovely complex.. we loved everything about it but one thing, we had to endure waking up early in soo many mornings and rush out of our apartments coz of (false fire alarms!) they would happen maybe once or twice a month! when ever ppl evacuate and wait for the green light to go back in, what would happen is we would all get to meet some new ppl and socialize in our pajamas :p (cute!)

one day while were in the lobby socializing and waiting .. i met an old old lady. in her maybe mid 60s, she kept talking on how she had to leave new york and move up here coz she lost ALL her fortune to the very famous ponzi scheme!! i felt so sorry for her .. she also mentioned that after she lost her money her family (two daughters) havent been so close to her anymore!! i know its terrible .. they kind of lost respect for her .. thats what she thinks anyways. and her husband is deceased, so she was living all alone poor thing :( she really broke my heart and i have decided to drop by her place from time to time just to check on her. she lived right down the hall, she would be sooooo happy everytime i did, she also adores abdullah .. all we would talk about is (how she lost all her money) again and again!
my reply would be the typical Muslim reply (its ok! its just money, most important thing is that you have got your health, and your family, rest will get better with time u have to be patient and always thank God no matter how bad things get, its just a test)
she kept reminding me shes Jewish .. and i kept reminding her we all have a God. and the system works just the same! :p

soooooooo this was just an introduction to what happened!! LOL bear with me please :)

on Valentines day, i prepared some cute red goody bags for aboods gymboree classmates, and i have decided to save one for her, placed it on her door mat, since she was out. later on the day, as i was working and abood is just following me around the place; the door bell rang .. i looked through the magic eye and there she was!! :S
i gasped!! held my breath and for a second was thinking if i should just ignore her and pretend to be out, but 3boods playing around and she definitely heard him .. i slightly opened the door and there she was:

(her blond whitish thin hair was all messed up mostly upwards and the rest was all over her face, her face was swollen, the entire right side was bruised, she had a BLACK eye! she couldn't even open her eye. she was only wearing a pajama top (black satin with buttons) .. that was unbuttoned!! she only buttoned the middle one.. but right under that button popped her entire (big) belly!! completely out there! and the scary part .. NO BOTTOMS! .. no nothing .. the pajama top reached exactly to her (****) thank God! she had no shoes on or even socks!! she was BARE FOOT!!!! and it was FREEEEEEZING COLD!! that day. her legs were BLUE!! and the scarier part .. she was holding the box of chocolates i left her, in one hand and in the other she was stuffing her mouth with chocolates!! munching with her mouth open .. all chocolate inside and out!!! she said with a horrifyingly scary crazy tone (THANK YOU FOR THE CHOCOLATES!)
i swear i felt like i was in a horror movie at that moment! i could hear thunder and rain in the back of my head lol i couldnt believe that what i was seeing was real x/

i just wanted to run!!! she looked soooooooooooo creepy .. i had no idea what to do .. i just said "your welcome" and then pushed the door .. she reached out and pushed it back!!! :S "can i come in!!" she said .... completely horrified i replied "yes."

so as i mentioned earlier, we have just moved in at the time .. and our living room; our new very nice living room just arrived two days ago! she marched right in and sat on the large sofa!!!!! with no underwear on!!!!! all i could think of was (EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW) and (omg omg omg!!!)
she sat there like everything was fine and normal .. kept talking about the ponzi scheme again and how she lost all her money and how she misses newyork!! all i could think of at that moment was two things:
(get off the sofa) and (i hope hub doesnt come home and see this (since hes a clean freak!)
oh and since shes with no underwear too!! :/

as i was still in complete horror and as she was still sitting there yapping .. guess what happened .. the door opened! and yes, it was hub!
he came in and his eyes almost popped, his face flushed red and immediately looked away!! i could see the anger he was in .. he said hi and went to his office! after he left ..she kept asking when is he coming back coz she wanted to chat with him! (seriously) :S
i kept telling her he wont coz hes busy .. she kept on waiting for him.. 10 mins later she decided to finally leave us alone.

after she did .. i swear to God the sofa SMELLED!!! IT REEKED! i have no idea what it was but it was disgusting!!!! hub asked me to get rid of the living room on the same day! he did not want to even look at it .. it was sold on craiglist 10 minutes after i posted it!! LOL I sold a brand new living room set for 400$ LOL cheap!!! no one even asked why?! :p the buyers kept pouring in! but to have a clear conscious i washed it very well and sanitized it with antibacterial sprays and everything you could imagine. it was good as new .. we were just stuck with the image! :p
needless to say that was also the end of our friendship :( been avoiding her ever since.

anyways .. thats one story for u .. lol theres a lot in store!
u gotta love LA! best ppl ever :p
take cares :*

Sunday, October 04, 2009


is pretty very sad.

silence is never a good thing;
silence is hate,
silence is loneliness,
silence is cold,
silence is still,
silence is unpredictable,
silence is heartless,
silence is dark,

actually, silence is death.
so, speak!