Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy 007 ;)

now james bond is thrilled i bet!
not the new blond ugly one but i mean the real bond.
ok shako new year and im talking about bond!!

btw im still ill, ive been stuck home for days
coz the weather keeps getting worst and everyone is telling me:STAY HOME!
but i still have those who hate me but think i dont know it and are like:
"wee miss u come out ... come out ... ull be just fine .... ( evil smile )"

so since i know better, i stayed in.

what am i doing for new years!! aaaahhhh ... N O T H I N G !
yeh i know .. very exciting.

ill probably just sleep throught it.
or make one special phone call ;)
or dance! but i dont feel like moving.

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo any suggestions? me mates?

*2006 top good things:
1- me greeny bloggi.
2- me having the guts and leaving me job.
3- me hair cut.
4- me new cam.
5- me meeting lots of amazing ppl :**
6- me superman.
7- me trip.
8- me sista havin triplets.
9- me friends comin back to kuwait.
10- me redbull and green olives, discovery.

soooooooo whats urs? doesnt have to be ten .. anything 3adi!

yallah ppl dont want to long on u.
love u all see u next year :*

*ps: *update: thanks to my bro chai 7aleeb, i forgot to say:
merry xmass - eid mubarak - happy new year . lol walah i totaly forgot.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

little boxes

"on the hill side"
but have we no hills !
kuwait is depressing.
i know its my country and i love it, but its depressing.
al7imdela 3l ni3ma , but its depressing.
for one reason, the theory i came up with im sure been told before.
but actually living it was more of an experiance i had.
so ... why going to anyother country is always considered a break and a good thing? for one simple reason: OUT DOORS.
u get to have big space, ur eyes see endless horizon, u can feel space around u and its just simply opened. u can see the sky and everything is fresh.
where in kuwait, our beloved country. which i believe the reason for what im about to say is: theres nothing perfect.

we literaly do live in boxes 24/7
i landed, walked in the airport a a very big box.
then i say hi, get in the car, a small box.
drive all the way home looking at these huge to big to small and mediuim boxes all the way.
im home, i walk in and im in a different kind of box, a big one. but still its a box.
then i walk into my room, the box is shrinking.
then i getonline, my laptop is a very small box.
sign on msn, chat in the smallest box. and spend hours in it.
other spend time on TV the most popular box in the world.
endless boxes in kuwait and u find them everywhere in every corner.

we live in all sorta boxes but not all notice that.
i belive many are maybe even depressed because of that and not know it.
humans and all living things are meant to be free. we need space, we need nature..
and if any of u comes out and say that "desert" -al bar- is nature i will kill u X@
coz to me going to the -bar- is considered a punishment.

were always in something, a ceiling is always above our heads.

yes it is depressing.
and i love weeds.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

this is not worth reading, if ur busy

almost everyone i know is either been ill or is ill is going to be ill soon ....
esmila 3laikum o 3alaina gameee3an :*
anyways im so pissed at our weather! its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
its too cold that i can feel my bones cracking sometimes, like u know when u smash two cubes of ice .. it feels the same.
im so cold i dont want to move, my nails are purple most of the time and i just hate it..
since i have the weakest immune system in the family and since i dont like to eat much or take any shots or meds.
im the first to catch any illnes and the last to recover from it.
ok i dont know why this long introduction !
maybe its because i cant speak .. so im like bringing out my heat (a6ali3 7arity) in this post.
one more thing, when im bored i tend to do this, u know translate each word literaly not the meaning but the word...
ok so im ill and bored and pissed and cant speak.
anyways i cant believe i didnt start yet with the story ...!!

soooo ..
i was supposed to go out with the girls, bella was one of them,
so i call to tell her i dont think ill be able to come coz i cant really speak and i need to stay away from this mean weather.
so i call and shes like:
bella: zanooob shfeech!! shfee 9oootich chithe?
me: im sick!
bella: sweeety then dont come .. u should rest :*
me: i know, im so sorry i so wanted to see u girls.
bella: ok look i have a magical recp! boil some water, then put in it salt and squeez a lemon in. then wait for it to cool shwaya then gargle (`3ar`3ara) u know when u have water in ur mouth and u go - `3rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-.
me: ok again, what are the ingrediants?
bella: hot water - salt - lemon.
me: ok thanks dear :*

so i ask the maid to boil some water and bring a mug. i got the lemon and sliced it into half and the salt .. the water was boiling very hot!! so since i consider this cooking i was taking it very seriuosly didnt want to mess it up, so i kept on putting salt lots and lots of salt and stirring it, then was the lemon turn, so i squeezed half a lemon there ... and kept on stirring waiting for it to cool shwaya .... and then as i was stirring i was so happy that i got it all right.
i didnt mess it up this time. so i held the mug, and down it goes....
i took the first sip, and GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was it nasty!! i looked like the ppl we see on tv u know when they get to drink for the first time, they take a shot then go : AAAAAAAAAAA7777 its so strong! i went exactly like that!
then, i took another and another and another..... i kept thinking!!! how did bella handle this?
how could she drink this!!!!?????? its too strong?? i wanted to throw up more than once but kept on forcing it coz i wanted to get well very bad coz i have a party tomorrow and i really wanna go and have fun.
and then after all the torture ive been through i look in the mug and theres the last shot!
and i was like finally, bottoms up!
right there, exactly in that moment, my brain my dear brain that loves me alot.
decided to remember that bella sadi : GARGLE!!!!! `3AR`3ARAAAA not DRINK!!!!
- i officialy had every right to cry -
coz not only a sore throguht and a blocked nose and infected ears but now also my tummy really hurts!!!! i drank the entire thing, and it tasted worst than sea water. - aaaaaaaaaaaah 3la 7a`6y al minayil b siteeen alf neeela -

@@ ok, i know. my brain hates me coz it keeps doing this to me. u know enjoys putting me in pain and forgetting all the things i need to rememeber.

so yes that is my sad little story.

o ili mare`6 out there, i feel u ... wili not, take shots and be careful , wili is better now o 6aaab alf 7mdela 3l salama :*

im so za3lana 3la our weather :(
ok when i speak it feels i have a needle in my throat the more i speak the deeper it goes x/ nasty feeling.

finally would like to thank all my loyal readers who actually put up with this rediculosly long long post!! wallah how do u do it guys!! ;) (ur z best)


dr.lost u are not allowed to comment on this post, and if u do i will not publish it lol and u know why u meany @$%#%^ !!! so again, do not comment! i mean it.

*ps: the worst part bought being ill is not being able to hug ppl :``(
*pps: i bought some boots from this really cool kuwaiti site, free home delivery and got some nice things very very good prices so give it a try ;)
*ppps: i love u daloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :*

one last thing, i googled "glass of water" images for this post! and iwas shocked of the insane number of pictures ppl take for a glass of water!! i mean who would want to take a pic of a glass of water!! i still dont get it??? hehehe crazy ppl ...

and im sooo hyper i rreally need to stop typing ,, yalah bye.

7ason dooda thanks for editing this one for me.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

"i have touched you"

shaking like a twig
-painful comfort-
you wrote with your skin...
all the words you ever learned,
on my flesh

but one.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Trip


first things first.
i would like to apologize to all my girls ,,, wallah wallah wallah i love u.
every italian i saw u were there with me in my mind ..and heart, dedicated every moment of hot beauty and manly men and tanned skin, black hair, big brown eyes tallness ... GAAA GAAAA men were so everywhere that everytime i saw one i couldnt bear look at. u know the feeling when someone is sooo hot u wouldnt dare look at, let alone take a picture of!
that was me ... i just couldnt i tried so hard! :```(
but again u were there always there my girls :**************************

-deep breath-

so now i was in a lovely hotel, just near the central station which is like the heart of milano.
id wakeup at 7am have breakfast, then leave at 8am. i would take long long walks endless walks .. come back at 8pm.
go shopping eat in pezzerias, coffee shops, resturants, book stores, shopping again, station visit some other places, walk to the park just stay there take pictures ...
i talked occasionaly with people, it breaks my heart how friendly they are
one of the interesting things that happened:

i was in a book store, then i heard a voice, an italian speaking in his beautiful italian language, so i look up and hes as beautiful as his italian. so shyly i smile and say: no capisco, i dont speak talian.
so he smiles back: ur not italian??
me: no im not.
him: u speak english?
me: yes i do ...
so it started as a very friendly conversation asking me what im doing here in italy, and where im from .. he was such a gentle man.. and then he asked me a question that no one ever asked me before, i mean a stranger:
him: would u like to have some coffee?
me: !!!! ???
me: what?
him: coffee, can i buy us some coffee so we can talk?
me: -looking away- ummmm ... i dont know ... - i was completely lost didnt know what to say this line i only heard in movies and tv never did i expect to hear it in real life. Unfortunately as interesting as it seemed to be, i had to say no for many reasons-
im sorry but i cant.
him: its just coffee!
me: i know, id be glad to , but i really have to go, im busy and have many things that i need to do.
him: -smiling knowing that i just made that up- sure ofcourse, i really hope i will see u again then.
me: sure, u take care and nice meeting u.


hes mc.dreamy for sure. such a dreamy guy.
i love it when its winter and cold, guys have to wear dark clothes specialy the dark turtle necks they wear!!! -aaaaahhhh- i just love them!!! with a dark grey scarf wraped round their necks falling on their shoulders. just a perfect image of a dressed guy. ok i dont mean that i have images of undressed ones, im just saying this would be a perfect dressed one... ok just forget i said that, anyways

im supposed to be asleep by now coz im gonna go see my 7UBI DALOOOOOOL :*******
7ubi walllah nawarat lkwait ... bellla is back and now dalol is back to !! so now all i can say is im a happy girl in kuwait whos gonna be extremely busy with her friends :************
klaaaaab a7ibkum yashagol :***

more posts and adventures coming ur way ppl . sorry 3l long post.
and noooooooooooooooooow u can take a tour in my flickr :D my entire trip is there.
i really hope u like them, theyre kinda not organized, but theyll do.

*update: i have organized them by date taken in a set.

taaa taaaa :*

Monday, December 18, 2006


It feeeeels so good to be home, home as in my real home and my greeny little bloggy home.
i have misssed u alll so very much!
many many many maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany things happened ! ;)
im not going to tell all ofcourse, but i must say i wanted u there when they took place ;p.
my trip was pure fun, i really needed the time off and away.
self discovery i guess, and i explored many other things.

i have found out that there is one thing that tops the pleasure of shopping and taking walks with hot italians included, and it is taking pictures.
i couldnt stop taking pictures where ever i went, it just felt so different! ur eyes see something, and u feel instantly; u want to keep what ur eyes are seeing right now, from the exact same angle, freeze the moment and keep it forever.

it is sublime, im in love with my new camera which was a gift from my dear lovely dad :**** gave it to me just before leaving. -i love u dad-

the first thing i did when i came back, was hug everyone, i literally wanted to hug everyone even strangers! i missed everyone so much.
when i got home, my dad asked me to watch a video he recorded when i was away, because it reminded him of me ;) isnt HE the best!!
anyways.... heres the video and ppl...ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!
PLZZZZZZZZZZZ when u watch it, dont only watch, but also understand -think-
this is exactly what ive been talking about all this time. but now instead of words and letters, its being done.
:* hugs to everyone to alll of u who left me comments, they brought me to tears wish u could see how much i love u all -walllllah i do :***-
special thanks to my wonderful assistant dooda ;) -applause- u did a GREAT job. thank u thank u thank u grazie mn kil galbi wallah :)

ummmmmmmwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaah -HUGE GROUP HUG-

ill be back with more and more inshalah. take good care :*
and buonanotte ;)

Free Hugs ReUppies

exactly what ive been talking about
everytime i watch this video!! i get goosbumps and cry!!
every time.

*ps: ill be posting all pics as soon as i load them inshallah ;)
*pps: im still job hunting! can u believe that?!! :p
*ppps: special hug to my special lovely most beautiful and nicest friend Digmo :**

Sunday, December 03, 2006


im on my way to the airport.
will miss u alll sooooooooooooooo very much :***
when ever u pass by my blog, say what ever it is on ur mind ;)
my lovely assistant dooda will be publishing all comments
ill be back inshalah in 10-14 days.
con amore, no3ik.

ps: to all my girls, im bringing u back some hot italians ;) hehehe love u all.
:**** bye

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i dont feel like writing apost.
i dont even know what to write about!
i so far wrote three posts: how life is all about give and take, the weather and karma...
then i deleted them all. because i dont feel like writing and im kind of forcing my self to write.
my last post was very depressing, and for that i would like to apologize.
no one was able to figure it out, but it was about cheating.
the third person.. the un known is a "she" that i wish no harm, i just wish "she" would disapear.
but now i feel much better -alhimdilllah-
i was able to wakeup this morning and take a walk on marina beach, where the weather was exquisite! -mashalllah mashallah-
i also interacted with ppl. i was smilling all day actually ;)
i have realized, nothing in this world is worth a moment of u not being able to smile.
seeing total strangers, smiling for me, and i smiling back helped a lot, so now when i do it, its for anyone out there who needed it as much as i did in the past few days.
so, im smiling right now.
and i wish ur doing the same :*
love u all.

*ps: to my best friend "f" 7 bebty i want you to know, we`re here for u, i know its hard, but well make it easier inshallah. a7ibich :*
*pps: thanks for ur comments and support! they mean the world :*

enjoy ur weekend! ;)

Monday, November 27, 2006

chest pain

how can a total stranger, cause so much pain?
someone that doesn't even know you exist,
comes in between!
a thing, a third person, that becomes as alive as you are.
you cannot confront or give your back to.
with its haunting intensity, everywhere.
I hug the pain, I hug my pain.
maybe with time, pain will fall in love with me.
and gentler, it may want to be.

im so tired

*ps: my fav cereal is honey nut Cheerios ...whats urs?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

softest smile

when i lay there
when your being all of that!
i stop and think;
of you, your voice,
and ideas.
your an inspiration.
warm and gentle-

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thingeyat No3ik 4

Thingy 1:
the beauty and warmth of her work.
she was such patient person, all hand made quilts and stitched pictures .
tislam eedich mom :*
they look amazing in frames now! just like u wanted them.

Thingy 2:
right infront of al9abri baqala -my fav baaqala- on ur way out of salmiya
scary i know!!! kinda freaky to see.
the thought that its just a toy! in other countries this could be a real baby.

Thingy 3:
my new recp, head phones, msn, instyle mag with my beautiful scarlett johanson, red bull + green olives YUM YUM!

Thingy 4:
truth or dare! and so we dared my cousin to go and knock on the door of the very famous haunted house!!!
and she did , lol shes the one behind the grey box :p hehehehehe i did that for safety reasons.
not to mention the house is haunted FOR REAL!!
Thingy 5:
7ooori taking a huge chunk of choc!!
thanks youpi :**

Thingy 6:
a horrific attempt to cook, is french toasT considered cooking?
anyways i was trying to do my own breakfast, i was like, ok ill do it myself.
and i also tried to do the toast that V in V for vendetta did for natali portman :p
i was so hungry i actually took a bite! only the edge of it!! :S u dont wanna know what happened next.
Thingy 7:
aaawwww!! seeing them broke my heart! but even barbies have changed
theyre not as good as the old ones :`( i miss mine.

Thingy 8:
one word: FUN!

Thingy 9:

save the best for last like always my hunky bunky
this ons is dedicated to my lovely sis :** i love u. and i know ull love me even more now ;)
aaaawwwwwww! :)

thats all ppl, hope u all have a nice weekend

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


you have left
but i have stayed,
and so did the sun.
it is never dark.
never again will i drink,
whats not mine.
wine, of light and power-
i am with my own.
as difficult or hopeless,
dont come around.
leave! "i may bite"...
and so u left,
and i have stayed.

it is my ground.

*ps: happy birthday tinka :*** love u girl ;)
*pps: i watched "
Kate and Leopold" with my sis :`( i want all of that! a beautiful movie!
MEN: plz plz plz! watch it and learn!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

broken glass

bleeding and shattering-
all I am is a breakdown.
and you call this a relationship!

"let go of my hair"...

*ps: ppl from now i tell u, this is fictional it has nothing to do with me so dont worry :p
*pps: i loved all the pics u sent me! its amazing i had a great time really! for those of u who didnt send their pics yet .. the gallery is always open ;)

Monday, November 13, 2006

show me YOU

this is awesome ;) ok so here it goes :
create ur own YOU. ur own southpark version! i had fun
IT MUST LOOK LIKE YOU !! ok .. the whole point is to try and make it look like ur self.
there are small details that you can use. try and be creative with that. again i will be posting all works of art in our gallery:
where all bloggers, even non bloggers, can see eachothers work.
one more thing, do ur work of art and "press on the button print screen in ur keyboard", then open a paint program and select paste, finally save and send it to me:
i will be waiting for u ;)
special thanks to Fedo its his tag ;)

Again, what im doing here is not a tag, its merely fun and sharing is caring :)
and for those of you who know me.. do u think i did a good job ? ;p

Saturday, November 11, 2006


she packed her things immediately after she heard the news ..
she left her responsibilities, her family, her room and her house she just left.
and came to me.

she said: "i wont leave u when ur in this shape"
i laughed: "what shape? my mother just died! so what? im fine.. just go"
but she wouldn't .. she kept there by my side, made sure i slept and ate.
she stayed for three months!

we've been friends since 1988.
we did everything together.
she was that friend who u could stay with,
and do absolutely nothing and not even say a word.
just be there.

we then started growing,
we grew, we shaped ourselves.
as our personalities were stabling...
we were different, we are different.
she is my best friend, she is my BEST friend.
we were so different that even strangers could notice it.

im ok with difference, difference doesn't mean anything to me.
it doesn't threatens me, or bothers me.
one thing does...
she never said it, but i left with out even knowing
or plan on leaving.
i saw it in her eyes, "judgment"

she didn't like what she was seeing.
she didn't like what she was hearing,
i could feel her disappointment, i could sense her wishes.
she wished, i would change.

that is when i realized, different means apart.
we didn't just grow, we didn't just mature.
we grew apart. we landed on different grounds.
i haven't spoken to her, not in ramadan, eid or her birthday
we just stopped! as if we didn't exist.

all of this runs through my head every single night.
our memories are my new pillow.
sleepless. with guilt, anger and regret.
best friends that dont exist. but are best friends whether they like it or not.
you was, are and will always be my best friend on earth.
ur not just my best friend, ur a TRUE friend, and i love u.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

standing on my toes

yes, i can stand
i can reach
i can leap,
there for i exist.

i whisper to the wind,
the wind whispers back!
we know each others secrets.
the wind once told me,
when it blows, it can feel my core.
there for i live.

i expect to live some more.
i hurt, i need to cry even more.
i want, i crave to imagine much more.
i smile, i want to feel eternity.
there for i not only exist,
but i conquer.

"im ambitious"

Monday, November 06, 2006

Huge dissapointment..!!

ok first off, for u guys who think im attacking kuwait.. im not ..

this is out of personal experiance .. and i simply need to let it out.. hope it reaches somewhere.
hope i can do anything about it .. but this time, its really not in my hand. wishing it reaches someone who can do anything about it.

8am i wakeup and call my friend:
"wakeup, yalah in an hour inshalah we need to go out"

both planned on job hunting in several places, all private companies.
i will name some of the places we went to:
- burg ahmad - burg al awadhhi -alraya ... etc

we hit every button, we tried every floor, we knocked on doors .. it took us 6 hours.
we were stressed and tired but we were also determined. now to the ugly part:

both of us smiling at the secretary, i will not mention any nationalities, but shes a non-kuwaiti.
us: hello, where can we find the human resources please.
she: - ignoring us working on her computer-
me: excuse me, wheres the human resources??!
she: - sick look on her face - your kuwaitis?
me: Yes.
she: we dont have any job opennings - looks away -
me: what! ur a new company, and u dont have any job openings? wheres ur supervisor?
she: hes not here ..
me: - leaves her office looking for him, and yes he was right there in his office - he greats us, and takes our CVs and says that we shall get a call from him soon -

we both went in, walked to the human resources.
me: do u have any job openings?
HR: yes we do, do u have your CV?
me: - hands her my cv -
my friend: - hands her her cv -
HR: - pushes my friends cv wih her hand and says - SORRY, only mit7agbat (women who wear a head scarf)

we both appllied in a well known company and as we were leaving to the elevator, a kuwaiti guy asks us to wait for him.
man: hello
me and my friend: hala
man: haa, i see u've been visiting our company?
my friend: yes.
man: what were u doing?
my friend: were applying for jobs.
man: are u colleg graduates?
me: - is he having the interview in the elivator-!!!
my friend: yes.
man: whats your majors?
- we both tell him our majors-
man: and u want a job in this company?
my friend: yes!
man: -strange look on his face- and ur both kuwaitis..!?
us: Yes!
he then frowned, got out of the elevator!! just like that! no good luck no good bye.. as if he was disgusted.

i shall not continue, i will stop till here, i just wanted to point out, how difficult it is specialy for kuwaitis to find a job, in their own country! how hard most companies are making it on us.
i would like to comment on each case, but ill leave that to you.

ALZIBDA: we were rejected in most cases coz we were:
- kuwaitis
- non mut,hajba
- female
- we dont have "wastta"

and I KNOW there are good kuwaiti companies around, so if there is TELL ME where can i find them ;)

ps: congratulations, on SADDAM'S excution by hanging!! woohoooooo b*ch is going down FINALLY!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

This is for every Q8i and Q8iya

*the staring:
why do kuwaitis stare! why do we go (5izni wa5izik) look in public places?
why do girls sometimes give you the (i hate u) look! for no reason!!
ok if a girl was checking me out, id be flattered.. but the (i hate u) look! that i dont get.
why is it when we smile (simply an innocent bright beautiful smile) we get the (whats wrong with u) look??
why is it when someone is sitting sipping coffee in the corner of a coffee shop all alone, reading something or not? why do people give that person (oh u poor thing) look?
why do people judge other people all the time, they have that (im judging you right now) look?
why is it when a cute couple are in love, holding hands, or just being in love, people give them the (your pathetic) look?
the most famous look, specially amongst girls is the (i just smelled something bad) look!
i swear! even if you were beautiful, pretty, it makes u look ugly.
this is cheesy but its true: the most beautiful thing anyone could wear is a - Smile :D -

the big question is? where all of this going?
i think many kuwaitis are ( stiff ) they try an act walk and look in a way that is in no way natural. it would be for everyone`s sake to simply act natural. do not try and fit in a certain cast. just be your self, smile when you feel like it, say hi and hello, good morning to strangers if you pass by! its normal, its human, everyone does it. just act more alive. make living in this heat easier.

i know i have said this before, instead of shaking hands... just hug :) i love hugs ... actually i need a hug right now :( -sniff sniff-

a big (****) YOU! to Kuwait University...
this goes to my best friend dalol i love u girl :*
"u will come back and you will get things done, change this perverted absurd thinking we have!! this is INSANE! Pornotholgy!! so thats what ive been studying all this time!

I have started this post with a "why" but, i dont want the answer... i know we have issues in this country, for many reasons..i just want it to end in someway .. someday inshalah it will.

*inspired by todays starbucks + my late call with digma :** love u

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i Miss moi

i havent laughed really hard in a while,
i havent been with real people for a few days now.
i miss that u know .

the reason im posting is that i have realized ive been very very, lets say "gloomy" lately.
i miss the lightness laughter fun i used to have around here.

oh well, come and goes i guess.
so no, im not going to vent, nag or bitch today.
i just wanted to .... oh ok, so theres no other word for it!
- ummmmmmmmmmm - ...
nope no other word.

so i heard that it rained and i didnt know!! i missed out on the first rain.
i actually learned that it did, from papillonas blog. how sad is that!!

ummmmmmmmmm ... i need a change, i need a new look.
my blog certainly does. im planning on getting anew template,,, so what do u all think?
its not gonna lose its greenness. Since I love green ;)
and what about my display pic, u think it should go to? Or should I keep it?

i seriuosly have no idea what date or day were in, i sometimes dont even know if im still in the same day or not? my days are all just smudged into each other:

woke up 1:00 am stayed up until 1:30 pm
woke up 7:55 pm went back to sleep 8:15 pm
woke up 1:30 am, slept 7:00 am
woke up 9:48 am and im still up..
really hoping ill stay up..
my target is 12:00 am .. so im wishing ill make it today inshalah.

Oh and did I tell u I stopped with the job hunt. Im thinking, going to the gym is much nicer than actually having a job! ;)

lovesssssssss hugsssss and kisses :*

p.s: i need a hair cut to.
pps: i miss dalol !! sooooooo much, i miss all my friends.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


look up or down,
theres no pathway
im not standing.
i cannot reach...
with the senses of my mind.
gravity had failed me

*ps: this poem is me this time.
*pps: listening to: tonight and the rest of my life - Nina Gordon. thnx scarlo :*

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Somebody wake me up!

i struggled ,,
i fought very hard ..
i stayed up for three days, on red bull, hyper on the last day.
and it finally happened ..
my sleeping hours were back to normal ... u know wakeup in the morning, sleep at night and actually see and meet with real people.
now, im back to square one ...
it lasted for one day only ... :````(
i really want my life back..i miss the sun.

*ps: i had a beautiful 3eed hectic one! but it was nice.
*pps: watched "devil wears prada" slept in the first 20 mins-the out fits! (OUCH), "snakes on a plane" was closing my eyes half the time!!! sick violent movie!
*ppps: love and miss each and everyone ;*

Saturday, October 21, 2006

we have no wings

i have done a lot of wrong, so far
i know there's more to come.
what's bad? and what's good?
life is not black and white
its not shades of grey either.
its colorful,
there's no wrong or right,
there's only different,
we sin.
it doesn't just happen and its not a thing
pleasurable, indeed
"taste of life"
that is when i know
certainly, it was wrong.
call all deviation an experience!
-bleh-! weak people, senseless people
call it that.
were sane, we think, we know, and we do
"aware", is the word.
just for the sake of doing it.
its viciously human; just pure human,
that's not an excuse...

im no angel

*ps: since i have nothing going on in my life lately, tell me what do u think of my new NEOcounter ;) aint it cool i love the cute flaggies!! :*
*pps: 3eedkum embarak ;) moqadaman

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thingeyat No3ik 3

Pekabooo.. Nosa showing off her new moves!
lates is, look at everything upside down!! ;p 3la 5alat,haaa wallah
Nosa`s new bunny face ;p
button nose!!!! -BITE-
finally!! yes! my first Dunkin Bite in KUwait
Mocha heavan ;) - 3am 3am-
i swear! theyre human, have some mercy x`(
it was 45 that day!!
i loved the sence of humor!
Special dedication to the OOOLLLOOO !! :p hehehehe
ziz from now on im calling u bu-al7ogga ;p
a5eeeeeeh i missed u man!!! hes super with out powers! ;)
amot 3la badlat al 3eed wallah wa7alat ili kash5een
i saw this on the saudi boarders! pissed the hell outa me
for better or worst, for richer or poorer from day till night you and i, together forever and ever and ever, "tv is a mans best friend" :``(
-was watching weeds-

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

cuff me

pin me against the wall,
punch me once or twice
slice my flesh
cut my veins
bite off my ears
let me bleed, its your ink,
carve what you want on my skin
needles in my eyes
staple my lips
press a heated iron against my face
crack my ribcage
pull my heart out of my chest
then with all the grace...
break it
just break it,

you fool, i wont feel athing.

*!!!sh*t , where the hell did this come from??!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hi, my name is no3ik and im an addict...

as i keep biting my lips
and as i ask u to quit biting yours
i think to myself...
why some acts, some stupid simple acts in life are so addictive!!

case2: my sister looks like a cannibal when she's studying, biting, eating her own flesh sometimes reach to the point where her fingers bleed what is scary is that she wouldn’t even notice!!

case3: my other friend, with out knowing shed pull out strands of her hair, what's scary is, shed go on and on, if no one stopped her ..

ummmmmmm .. guess what im referring to is bad habits .. i don't think I have known anyone who doesn't have one. but for some people, its more than just a habit, they cant function or think with out doing it, which i think, is addiction.

i want to quit biting my lips consider this a
No3iks bad habits rehab ;) lets all try to confess, then quit ..
HOW?... u tell me :)

Nexxxxxxxxxxt .....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

close ur eyes, then read me

i wake up,
or did i just fall back to sleep
the crisp
crushed cloth
my skins odor in the morning
hold my face in your hands,
let me see your eyes
let nothing in "life" just pass by
not a single thing.
i sense, i hear and talk to her
life is a "she",
and she's beautiful
don't wake me up,
i don't want to miss her again.
i only can see her
with my eyes closed
:its a shame i cant touch you.

*ps: again, birthdays post is still on ppl.. click

Sunday, October 08, 2006

No, not to your face

God bless Dandoon :*, guess its my turn now:

these are things i wish i could say to some people i know, but i cant, or dont want to. the first letters are their initials.

r: u hurt a lot of ppl but u dont know it.

rs: hes wasting ur time dump his sorry ass, its been more than 6 years already!!

a&t: i dont like it, u becoming mothers, i really dont like.

n: u really need to grow up.

s: i like u and all, but i think ur very selfish.

na: u treat ppl like shit when ever u want to! well sometimes even shit cant stand u.

a: i love u , i really do.

d: u should get married.

dr.y: im so glad im not gonna see ur ugly face, hear ur irritating voice, ever again.

am: what u did was very childish! and immature

w: i respect ur honesty a lot. i want more of it. ur eyes are beautiful.

AUK:plz plz plz call me!!!!! x[

sm: i know u are family, but sometimes i can feel hatred blazing from ur eyes. u do look down on ppl that will never change, i just know it wont.

sb: u need to be real, u need to stand up a little and live ur own life, quit letting HIM make all ur

m: ur over sensitive, u need to be little bit tougher

sa: FUCK u big time, what u did to me in high school, ill never get over! o mom7aliltich btw. ur the only person i hate, ur the only person i will ever hate.

f: u dont know everything yet, i really want you to know everything!

bs: i havent talked to u in months, uve been my forever friend, but i see that our friendship is fading now, i dont call coz i dont have the guts to say this, but were so different now i dont think were friends anymore.

ah: i .. ummmmmmmmmm ... like u. but wait, i said that already ;p

mb: i had a dream of u the other day, u were wearing pink striped boxer shorts lol! u loooked gr8 in them.

nd:ur more than just a friend, ur a sister to me now, i hope u understand how much this means to me.

7b: if i ever have a son, i want him to be exactly like u.

Dave: i want to elope with u and never come back.

dr.p: u are truly the bestest best friend i will ever have, the thought of losing u scares the shit out of me.

ps. daamn! i know a lot of ppl!
pps. boutgh badlat al 3eed ;p
ppps. the birthdays post is still on, so plz bloggers do not stop, i will have a seporate link to it soon inshalah.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When is Your Birthday (Collection)

I want to collect all bloggers birthdays ... i think its a nice idea ;)
so .. here goes:

No3ik: 16th Feb, 1982
Dawn fairy: 22 September
GQ: 24 April, 1976
Day dreamer: 19 Nov, 1979
Snookie: 7 March, 1986
Spikey: 11 Feb, 1985
Common sense: 17 March 1986
Beetle juice: 5 December
*Papillona: 15 July
Honey: 28 Dec,1984
Marzouq: Everyday ;p
Baskin: 5 January
Dandoon: 3 Feb, 1985
Will: 9 Aug, 1992
Ex-dodo: 6 June, 198?
Carls: 4 June, 1983
Battlefield: 8 Feb 1989
Lialy q8: 14 Feb (Valentinesday)
Dooda: 16 June, 1986
Fuzzy: 7 Aug, 1971
Reem: 5 Mar, 1985
Jacqui: 4 Dec, 1983
Truth Seeker: 2 May, 1981
Yazeed: 29 June 1983
Mishmisha: 11 Dec, 1990
Fedo: 12 May 1985
Msb: 4 June, 1973
Zizo: 27 May, 1980
Delicately Realistic: 6 June, 1982
Princess: 2 Jan, 1986
Transparently: 7 Feb 1981
Soud: 27 Oct, 1982
Tinkerbell: 20 Nov, 1982
Si7leya: 22 Oct, 1985
Little astronomor: 12 Oct, 1992
Fuchsia spunk: 14 May
Minir: 29 September
Scarlo: 10 Sep, 1986
Hopeless poet: 13 Sep, 1978
Albandry: 28 November
Bo9ali7: 1 Aug, 1983
Um mit3ib: 10 March
Fayoora: 30 June, 1987
Phoenix: 28 October
Zalabya: 6 July, 1983
Lilacs: 3 Mar, 1986
Nunu: 4 March
il soosa: 7 October
jiji: 19 Oct, 1983
Digma: 4 Feb, 1980
Chikapappi: 13 Jan, 1980
Bella color: 25 Aug, 1983
Ot: 22 June, 1981
Mulan: 15 Oct, 1985
Amoora: 14 May, 1989
Cece desouza: 29 Jan, 1987
I live in q8: 13 Aug, 1977
Aurora: 11 Apr, 1988
Kuwaiti: 14 Feb, 1979 (Valentinesday)
Musaed: 10 May, 1981
Dr.lost: 26 January
Shakshaka: 7 October
7asoon: 4 June
Maze: 29 Feb, 1976
Samboosa: 28 September
..G..: 3 Apr 1988

to all of you, al3umr killa inshallah :)

i will post all birth dates here, where everyone can see ;D

ps. year of birth is optional, but why not?
pps. alyom e56obony wana bl soog lol it was fun! ;p
ppps. Greys Anatomy Season 3 !!