Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year ya Gama3a

i do know that this is going to be a very special year :)

the best thing is when someone asks you:
"what do u wish for this year? "
you think very hard about it, and your honest answer would be:
"Nothing! i already have all what i want .. alhimdelllah .. :) "

so for everyone again inshalllah a great year ahead ..
love u :*

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


i got an sms today from someone ... it was a trange number, telling me that her fathr had passed away, and where theyre going to have the "3aza" !!!

i tried to remember whos number it was!!! i searched my phone book thinking i may have saved the same number twice and thats why im not getting the name!
i then called some of my friends asking them if they knew the person who passed away "coz his name was in the sms" but no one knew him! the name was not familiar at all!

i felt so bad for not remembering her, i kept thinking i must know her ..
untill i gave up and decided to call, give my condolences, pretend to know who she was, and hopefuly maybe from our conversation my memory might dig up who that person is .. so i called :s and when she picked up her voice was obviuosly very different! because she was crying!! :s

i told her how sad i was to hear the news, prayed for all of them! she thanked me a lot .. and then i had to hang up!

i still dont know who it is??? :`( but when i called she knew who i was!

im a TERRIBLE person!

Monday, December 24, 2007

we need to Hibernate!

its weird how in winter, u just dont want to wakeup!
but when you think about it, its not weird at all .. its only NATURAL!

most living things hibernate in the winter do not go out or move! they sleep for months waiting for winter to be over! animals that are rough and tough cant even handle the weather.. for example bears.. they hibernate in caves from October till May.
Where we!!! WE!! wakeup at 6am!! leaving our warm warm lovely beds behind.. taking a shower in the COLD! wearing layers and layers of clothes.. driving in our freezing cars .. that takes around 15 mins to heat up

then forcing us to actually not do all fo that BUT EVEN WORK!

my nails are purple x`(

they are asking us to break the courses of nature .. its only natural for our bodies to be less productive and active .. its only natural that we need to rest some more, eat some more and sleep some more.

why dont they get it! were human beings .. not machines!

i know this sounds like a very typical early morning vent.. but i was depressed and couldnt sleep all night because i kept thinking i have to wakeup at 6am when its 6degress outside!

its inssane .. wallah... someone needs to do something about this.


ok now i feel little bit better .. no not realy :(

Monday, December 17, 2007

To all the Hijajj out there ;)

ppppppppppp3laikum b alf alf alf alf alf 3afyaaaa!! ;)

i was supposed to go to Hajj this year .. but two major things in life stopped me from going .. now im hoping next year inshalllah ..

please please Allah let it be next year :(

i so badly want to go! i long to see Mecca and al Kaaba .. ive never been there before, i never saw them in my life ..

thats why i cant wait to go to Hajj. ive heard alot of others experiances, which only made me more eager to go through with it my self.

i think Hajj is when one reaches the sublime in his life, the peak of having an outer body experiance, being closest to your soul and creator.

sub7an allah :)

anyways so everyone 3edkum embarak .. o ed3oooooli inshalllah next year ill be there wearing all white .. and having the experiance of a life time :)

tc love.

*ps: so long to all the 5urfan (sheep) out there :(

Sunday, December 16, 2007

hmmmm ...

im chewing an extra mint gum and thinking of absolutely nothing.
but the gum.

i now realise i miss manythings; one of them is my thoughts.

in other words i miss my blog :(