Sunday, February 25, 2007

the truth

life is dark,
my black nail polish
is dark,
cracked and chipped.

its tough and cold,
u have to crawl and struggle.
things you cant simply burry or fold,
i do nothing, i just shuvle.

hope has died on me.
i still keep holding on to it,
with a light grasp,
a very weak one.
that way i will not get dissapointed,
if it decides to die,

im just a girl.
im not a foolish
i know the truth.

*ps: i know u probably want to kill me by now, but i promise this will be my last depressing post. heehehhe next one will be full of colors :* thanks all.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

when does it stop?

the pain of missing,
and not forgetting.
is a sick, silly, stupid joke.

that crushes ur lungs
every night,
every day.
i no longer remember,
how i used to breathe before.

you left, u left...
me hanging.
barely living,
in a souless body

the answer is.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Yes! it is my birthday and im 25 !!!
and YES im proudly an OLD blogger! lol i still click on sign me in as an OLD blogger everytime! its not like we have a choice anymore -grins- but i just like clicking it! it represent something I guess. so again back to me birthday...
wow!!! i really cant belive it .. im supposed to be grown up ..
i think so .. thats whats supposed to HAPPEN after each birthday.
im still ok, happy writing and reading...
breathing and going out meeting with ppl and doing things ..
simply living this life .. year after year

is a HUGE achievemnt! trsut me. still being sane i mean ;p

so i dedicate this day of mine to all my READERS -i love u guys- .. to all my friends .. and specialy to one special friend of mine ... DOODA ;)
he is not just just a gr8 guy, hes my assistant, my LOVELY assistant who did and organized the birthday
remember the old list .. so guess what .. were gonna continue with the list! so PLZZZZZZZZ for my birthday spread the word .. we want it to get longer and longer.
to all of u bloggers and non bloggers - readers - and all, share ur birthdays with us let this list grow :)

i wish me a happy birthday and thanks :*********** to everyone ive known so far in my life uve all made a differance some how.
finally, heres the list :* happy birthday to all of u there in it ;)
February and June are the winners of the list, well see if that will change ;)
oh and one last request.. Marzouq im hoping to see a date this time ;p
Princess: 2 Jan, 1986
Baskin: 5 January
Chikapappi: 13 Jan, 1980
Dr.lost: 26 January
Cece desouza: 29 Jan, 1987
Dandoon: 3 Feb, 1985
Digma: 4 Feb, 1980
Transparently: 7 Feb 1981
Battlefield: 8 Feb 1989
Spikey: 11 Feb, 1985
Lialy q8: 14 Feb
Kuwaiti: 14 Feb, 1979
No3ik: 16th Feb, 1982
Maze: 29 Feb, 1976
Lilacs: 3 Mar, 1986
Nunu: 4 March
Reem: 5 Mar, 1985
Snookie: 7 March, 1986
Um mit3ib: 10 March
Common sense: 17 March 1986
Atinzad: 22 March 1981
..G..: 3 Apr 1988
Aurora: 11 Apr, 1988
GQ: 24 April, 1976
Truth Seeker: 2 May, 1981
Musaed: 10 May, 1981
Fedo: 12 May 1985
Uzf: 13 May 1986
Fuchsia spunk: 14 May
Amoora: 14 May, 1989
Zizo: 27 May, 1980
7asoon: 4 June
Msb: 4 June, 1973
Carls: 4 June, 1983
Delicately Realistic: 6 June, 1982
Ex-dodo: 6 June, 198?

Dooda: 16 June, 1986
Zombie Commado: 17 JUNE,1982
Ot: 22 June, 1981
Yazeed: 29 June 1983
Fayoora: 30 June, 1987
Zalabya: 6 July, 1983
Papillona: 15 July
July 26th, 1988
Bo9ali7: 1 Aug, 1983
Fuzzy: 7 Aug, 1971
Will: 9 Aug, 1992
Swair: 12 Aug 1984
I live in q8: 13 Aug, 1977
Bella color: 25 Aug, 1983
Scarlo: 10 Sep, 1986
Hopeless poet: 13 Sep, 1978
Dawn fairy: 22 September
Samboosa: 28 September
Minir: 29 September
il soosa: 7 October
Shakshaka: 7 October
Little astronomor: 12 Oct, 1992
Mulan: 15 Oct, 1985
jiji: 19 Oct, 1983
Si7leya: 22 Oct, 1985
Soud: 27 Oct, 1982
Phoenix: 28 October
d.: 8 Nov 1988
Supernitfah: 9 Nov 1985
Day dreamer: 19 Nov, 1979
Tinkerbell: 20 Nov, 1982
Albandry: 28 November
Jacqui: 4 Dec, 1983
Beetle juice: 5 December
Mishmisha: 11 Dec, 1990
Honey: 28 Dec,1984

Sunday, February 11, 2007


*Update: Happy Birthday Lialyq8 :* 7bebty, and happy Valentines again to everyone :**

not only do u make me smile,
but also giggle ...
our flesh have never met,
but somehow weve touched ...
skin has grown enviuos,
of your words.

*ps: happy Valentines Day all :* love u.