Monday, May 23, 2011

an honest man

cement floors, cracked, cold, dead-very cold
i cant sit up; im afraid my skin will peal
everything hurts.
my bones wont heal.

im stuck in the dark, in the cold,
im beyond broken,
i loath the air.
the stench of ache and despair.

"9 years of what i ask?"
"9 years of what i ask?"
"9 years of who f*&$*@% cares?!"

i get up;
my knees dig through the solid ground
my heavy breath burns the crust of frozen air.
my skin suffers with thirsty viscous blood.
and my soul is weak,

i stand up on my own, my very weak own.
i look up, my neck hurts.
every f^&%$^ joint hurts
i see nothing. but "me"
im all i need to "see"

my heart beats, one beat at a time.
the sound of it is very beautiful.
cant "she" see?


oh i forgot: "who f&*(&%$@ cares?!"

-im right here-