Tuesday, January 22, 2008


how did Jan treat you so far .. ?

ive been loving it .. al7imdellah .. i think you can tell how a year is going to turn out from Jan ..

other than mo7aram .. its been all great news and happy days :)
i cant believe its been a year already since i posted this! mashalllah ... days really just slip with out us noticing.

anyways like before .. i was chewing a gum and decided to post something ;p

my miss you list:
will miss you reem :*
will miss you dalol :*
will miss you my other reem :*
i already miss so many of my friends and cousins ..
ive been so busy :s

and i ofcourse still miss my blog :*****
tc have a koot day.

*ps: i hope my readers know that i was being sarcastic in my previuos post .. i wrote it and i was very upset after watching the news .. so please dont worry im not a terrorist and im not going to bomb anything ;p

Monday, January 07, 2008

strap me to a bomb

on a school day,
so that after the morning...
there will be a beautiful pink fountain for the kids to play,
later, they can have fun gathering the remaining parts;
of their neighbors, parents ...
or even their own.

Strap me to a bomb,
so i can declare to the world
my way of thinking ...
beliefs and views -
trust me, they will only want to join.

Strap me to a bomb,
where the more people are there, the merrier
i will be a hero for killing;
the evil who disagree with me.
have no worries, its a fair game
the good ones who die,
will later want to thank me.

Strap me to a bomb,
so that after the blood bath
the image will be clearer,
for the world to see
that i was right
and everyone else,
is simply wrong.

*ps: this poem is inspired by the death of Benazir Bhutto.
may allah rest her soul and all the innocent souls that have died in war/suicidal bombings.
i have always wondered ... how possibly hard it is to just want peace in this world!