Friday, September 29, 2006

ive got me

with every step away
a heart beat is born
with every breath away
my lungs are warm
with every tear,
with every wound left not to bleed/shed again
why would i not be gone!
shattered, i look up and its a very long road ahead

this time, i smile.

*this final piece goes to dooda :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do not.

*read: Resuscitate

i do not respond -vulgarity-
i do not move
i do not breathe
my heart had stopped
my legs are still alive
i want you to look closer
i want you to see

yes, it is my back

Monday, September 25, 2006

Think again ...

So been friends for years and years...

and when you think you know someone, a "friend" you THINK
you really know someone, thats when u have to realize, that you dont.

friends can always SHOCK! you .. im not talking about back stabbing..
no no ...
a friend can really shock you, just to let you know .. you never really
get to really know anyone .. NO ONE

maybe maybe .. if you'r really good and fortunate, someday, you'll get to actually know you'r self!
so good luck ;)

ps. sofar not watching any tv ( woohoooo!! ) ;p
pps. job hunting ;)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Here we go again...

all the qabgaat .. 3azayim .. dinners .. then graishat !!
whats with ramadan and FOOD!

why is it the only thing any can think of?

so basically Allah said ill give u a Holy month where you can do three gloriuos things:

1-( watch pathetic harmful full of %^&% tv shows )
2-( sleep sleep and then get more sleep when ur tiered of sleeping )
3-( then eat eat eat all u can, stretch ur stomaches and pamper ur tummies with unhealthy food)

then you can go have a nice walk bl mamsha, read a few pages of the "quraan", just to release some guilt :)

wow!! what a productive amazing very holy month it has become!!!

i truely admire most of us.. im not saying all but most do this ,, MOST .
ok the MAJORITY!
"i do".
thats why i wrote this post, im really hoping it wont be like every year! i really want to change.
it saddens me that every year people seem to forget all about the true meaning of this month. now its parties dressing up with fancy expensive "dara`as" getting "girge3an" again its now fancy and expensive... ramadan is more of a showoff. we do not feel its spirit anymore, i dont think we do.

ps. the top cat! my baby "ba6ala" (as in unemployed) cat .. is me now ;* dont u just love me!
pps. embarak 3laikum al shahar moqadaman all ;)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

we are book covers

it is fascinating meeting people for the first time.
i lost the fear i once had before.
its just like opening a new book, reading its words, feeling the paper
smelling the ink. every book is so different, some u just cant wait to read.

people are exactly like books, u really shouldnt judge them by their covers.

i met .. let me rephrase .. i FINALLY met Tinkerbell, NuNu and Honey!
i learned something! when its great amazing people; msn, blogs not even phones are enough to show how special they are :*

we were supposed to meet for lunch, at 2:30 somewhere (a)
im on my way, very late, since im an arab.. ok let me rephrase again, since its ME!
so im speeding, i park, walk into place (a) .. look around, no girls, only couples! :/

No3ik: Honey where are u guys?
Honey: were sitting inside where are u ?
No3ik: i cant see anyone? im standing inside!!
Honey: go further in, were there!!
No3ik: wait wait, where are u guys exactly?? im in (a)
Honey: @@ what!!! noooooooooooooooo we changed the place, i told u were going to (b)
No3ik: nooooooooo3kum baddda3taw feeni!! ;p

so yeah i pulled another one again, i go to (b) and saw the gals all sitting there holding their menuns, talking, waiting for me ( 7abayby ) :* - sniff -

OMG!! finally ... we said hiii , all kissed then .... the astonishing feeling started to pump in.
how comfortable, with out a strain, good vibes, informal, relaxed we all were!!
i know this is gonna sound bit cleeshay, but "i felt like ive known them for years!"
even their faces were very familiar! ofcourse like girls do, we couldnt stop talking ;)
we also discovered! that tinks and honey share the exact same hight! I and nunu share the exact same hight to!!! how awesome is that!!! ;p
oh yeah and we were all wearing heels ;)

girls, i dont know what else to say.
but thank u :***
and tinks, were soooo gonnnna bust ur ass next time, what u did was unforgivable!!! u embaressed the hell out of us ! :** but we still love u. so yeah now we all know how generous and kind u are ;p b****

NuNu, i loved ur laugh
Honey, esim 3la mosama ;p
tinka, kindest face warmest hug!

ofcourse when we left we noticed the resturant was empty, we totally lost track of time.
we HUGED goodbye :``) mushy ppl ;) good for us!

*ps. papi just realised i couldnt write bout us, coz i didnt want to share any of it, keeping it all to myself :* one more thing, i had a hard time writing this post, james blunt helped a lot :** thank u beautiful.

*pps. people whats wrong with u?? u really should hug more often! stop acting like u dont want to, or need to ;)

Monday, September 18, 2006

i did it ;)

fresh start
new page

many names, but it means one thing,
you have a chance a new one to prove urself. to do what u always wanted to do
some people wait for birthdays, new years, special occasions for them to be their new start days!
a new start is exactly what we have the minute we open our eyes every morning.
why wait for a certain date?
why waste time? just kick it and go do what ever it is u always wanted to do.

the only thing stoping u from doing it, is fear! fear of failure fear of judgment.
fear that u will judge ur self ... the "what ifs" .... endless what ifs that are stopping u from achieving, and moving on.
today i did what i kept postponing for months. to day i kicked fear in the as$ and i wasnt afraid anymore. i didnt wait no longer i didnt set a date for it. i just did it.

the result, simply ...... GREAT!

i still dont know what the out come, i still dont know what will i do later on.
but i do know, that this is truely going to be a fresh start for me. and for that im happy :)
i feel relaxed, i can breathe and think in a way that i miss, didnt know i missed it but now.

i hope this inspires u coz im sure many of u reading, have many things haning on ur backs waiting to be out and actually done. so just do it.
right now... do it ;) u dont know what ur missing.
believe me when i tell u, nothing is worth not giving it a try.

at least ull stop looking like the pic up there ;p ... i know i did ;D

ps. i know i kept saying "doing it", by that i meant something useful to this world. so shut up ;p

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come

this is life
as we sleep, dream and see
as every minute passes by
as we grow and just be
it is life.

are we really alive?
is all of this real?
why do we wakeup to strive?
why do we, in the first place, feel?

they tell us, "this is life"
you have to struggle,
some are naive and some are vain
you have to even, suffer!
when ur in pain, unbearable pain.
all they can tell us is; "this is life"

what is life?
why are we still ? breathing it
bleeding it
wanting it
is alot much simpler and easier
a grave is everyones last bed
down there, it's happier.

*note: this is not a suicide note ;p

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My life

this is how i see my life

and do your own thaang! let me see yours ;)
print ur screen then post it ;) good luck!
u can send it to me via email and ill post it.
all work of art will be posted in my new gallery ;)

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**Scarlo`s** BIRTHDAY!!
u b*tch how could u not tell me!!?
anyways 7bebty kl 3am wnty b allllllf malyon 5air love u to pieces ;*

i dont want to call this a tag coz im against tags,
so ill just say its something fun ... for those who want to have fun
just do it ;p

pps.special thanks to alalo dalool :** my badly drawn woman ;) shes the brillian as usual brains behind this post ;) mashalah mashalah!

ppps. please this is for everyone, i mean even non bloggers, i would love to see your work ;) so feel free to send :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

3rd anniversary


the day i called u and found out, ur never going to answer ur phone again.

mommy happy 3rd heaven anniversary.
love u :*

الفاتحة على روح المرحومة
و على ارواح المؤمنين و المؤمنات

Friday, September 08, 2006

welcome home :)

the triplets are back :)

its been almost two months, since the day they were born!
now finally! theyre ( al7imdellah) out of the hospital ... home where they belong..
with their mommy :*
mabrook and good luck sis.

p.s thank you all for your prayers ;*

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Conversation with Man

the shortest convo in history

Never give out your password or credit card number
in an instant message conversation.

man says:
No3ik says:
man says:
man says:
شاب ولا شابة
No3ik says:
mino ma3ay
man says:
man says:
المع*** (pvt)
man says:
No3ik says:
ana ahmad
man says:
man says:
No3ik says:

loooooooooool it doesnt get any simpler than this! does it :p
magol ela MAAALAAAT !

*note: i didnt touch the chat, i copy pasted it just like it was, except his family name ofcourse. best part, his nick name was actually "man"!! lol the irony!

i still cant stop laughing!!lm*o
scarlo .... hhehehe nothing ;p

Monday, September 04, 2006

5 a.m. jacket

the clock reads '5 a.m.'
and my hands are freezing.
i can't touch the water.
cos it will make them colder and colder
And like ice, they will shatter.

i wear my jacket although it's summer.
i love to feel warm.
i hate to feel cold.
my hands are so cold.
and my nails are turning purple

i love it when people are honest.
and hate it when they like and fake.
i hate them for lying to everyone
except themselves.
it's as if they hate everyone.
except themselves.

so I'm wearing my jacket.
with my cold fingers.
and dry throat.
and the clock's hands pointing to the 5.

a voice in my head laughs.
'how funny it is when things
seem so trustworthy'
i tell the voice to shut up so I can sleep.
good night now; I need to sleep.

*scarlo: loveu:*

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thingeyat No3ik 2


post no secret papi`s tag, blog ppl again
this time dedicated to a blogger ex-friend (A**) ;) hope u likey.

and bujwais (m7amad) thanks for the help ;)
ur great :)

im a glasses girl now yes i wear glasses,
im so lovin it ;) i love u my glasses :** umwah umwah.
thanks to bella for helping me pick them ;*


oooooook ehne the heart break ( 3awar al galb )
i was shopping for a shoe wearing my fav shoes ever :* my babies check
so i took one off, trying some other one. girls come in wga63aw my poor shoe tigi6i3 STARING!!
then rudely asking for how much? ( esti3baaaaaaaaaaaaa6) as if mayadron ana not from this shop!!!
almuhim shoooof 3ainkum !! 6la3t mn al ma7al mn hnee
i swear to god im not fat lol i swear i wasnt jumping or dancing or even walking!!!
i was standing up then CLICK!! madre 6OBOM,,
almuhim ,, al heel broke, enkisar :```( i cried as my brother was trying to walk me back to my car !! thanks bro for being so supportive and understanding :**
a3oooooooooozzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooo billlah mn hl 3yon @@

this is the sequal for the letuce !!
yes victory for nosa she ate it finally lol
7bebty full of joy!! :*********** 7ubi hl kisha wallah ;)
waaaaaaaaaaay hampster mo nosaa !!! shawigny zoqa ;**

OMG!! this is getting worst....
wallah im trying my best :(
anyways specialt thanks to zizo :) for ur no.400 email!! ;)
scarlo mn gadich enty 6al3a m3a spleak ;p

finally!!! :`````````(
girls superman propposed to his girlfriend :((((
- ouch - my heart my heart ..... !!
mabrook alah ehanekum ya rub x``*
- bs wallah 7aram!! jaikaaaaraaa ya nas ! -

me go sneep :)