Monday, July 31, 2006



awal shay i must dedicate this day to my dear dear sister RAYOOM :* alwa7eeeda ili kanat 7asa bmu3anaty ... after all the waiting and begging that ive been through!! she finally repllied my prayers and took me to have both ( donuts) and (superman) !!!! combined together!!
youll need more details on this so ...

u must crave DONUTS for atleast 5 days ... crave and crave and crave untill you lose it ...

you go and look at them ... right infront of you smell them ...touch them ... buy them ... but dont bite yet!my delly welly ( Mocha ) donuts.

you go buy tickets to superman .. for the second time!!
amazingly the second time was even BETTER than the first :*


- not to mention occasional hiting on thighs and face lol in other words (la6im) -
we came up with: HAMSTER LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL which is our secret word ,, it means something everytime it was there wed go
totally cracked me up !!!!

UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ................................. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM............
YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .....................
etc etc etc ......... !
people .... i know 7adna yanaina ... but bare in mind we were ALMOST alone bl cinema al7imdellah bunch of kids here and there, plus its dark so!! who cares lol ;p
so thats why 7adna `7athaina ra7atnaaaa -SIGH-

all of this was going on as i was taking pics from the screen .... yes i know !!

bs wallah coz i have googled already and they dont have stills of my fav shots from movie .. so i had to do something about it ;)
i was having fun peo
ple dont judge me!!!

AND FINAL STEP:. me watching SUPERMAN and BITING; eating and tasting my preciuos preciuos DONUT ;D !!!!!!

No3ik`s SECRET RECP!!!!

girls im telling u ..... it EQUALS = HEAVEN !!!!!
i was seeing little birdies and all, bells and wings ... !!!
it was all there.

shit!! but then it was all over. sooooo the day had to come to an end :```(
im all satisfied, im happy got all i wanted ;)

and got something for ZIZO to ;p heheheheheheheheheh

night night all ;)
hope all ur days as super as mine ;)
ok now where can i get my t-shirt again ??? anyone ?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Hang Up.

we hang up.
i think.
u stop thinking.
but we both hang up.

u watch more tv.
whats on the news.
eating junk.
in ur underwear.

i think.
my stomach hurt.
i think.
i feel queasy.
i want to cry.

i look at the screen.
switched off.
i see my reflection.
i burst.

i drag my self to the kitchen.
i drink water.
i drink some more.
i stop drinking.

ur done with ur coke.
u open another, u burp some more.
ur hairy feet on the coffee table.
u curse whats on tv.

im alone.
i cry.
i feel pain.
i fall asleep.
i smile.
my reflection is always there.

u sleep on the couch.
u dream.
u take a shower then leave.
full of your self.

i sleep with my dear tears on my pillow.
i hug my self.
i listen to my breathing.
i look into the darkness and ur not there.
i close my eyes.
its as dark as if they were open.

u call me again.
i dont answer.
u sms me.
i dont read.
i love my sheets.
u just want to have more fun.
and i love my sheets.

ive got news for you.
its no fun!
so goodbye.
this time.
I hang up.
my sheets love me.
im tangled in.
I stop thinking

*sorry :
can anyone tell me where can i get a Superman
t-shirt? ;p

Friday, July 28, 2006

I want a PIECE of him !!!

people.... i mean girls .... ;p

please ... listen :
im very ill im probably catching flue or something, my throat is sore i cant even swallow!
im sneezing every two minutes, my eyes hurt, i have a headache, my ears hurt! could be an infection, got chills all over my body im bit feverish.. ive been craving a donut for maybe three days now, but no one got me anyhting yet ;`) (naqza)

almuhim, all of that said.... im still sneezing still ill and still want a donut,but im feeling like a rocket!!!! in a very very good way ;)

Note: before u do what im about to ask you to do, this is girls only, no guys allowed ( banat believe me its for your own good)

SUPERMAN RETURNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch - alllll the way ...!

all i can say best two hours and a half spent since i dont know when !
was totally worth it!! hes the best doctor in town ;p best doctor ive ever been to ;p
all i know is i REALLY want me a suppie, i want to be rescued i want to stand on his feet and fly.
i want all of that...

BOTTOM LINE, i want superman :```(
although i have my own superman ;) the anonymous (my hero) who changed my tires, hes even better than superman ... coz technically superman never changed Luis`s tires lol so yes ....
dude who did my tires .... ur my superman :* thank you where ever u are. will u bring me donuts please .... ?? ;p ok im not making sense .. i better sleep ........

im gonna go sleep now lol i dont know how, but ill try and sleep.
tomorrow ill probably go see me a real doctor ;)

guys! i really wanna know how does it feel ? after watching the movie how does it feel leaving ??
God!!! must feel terrible lol guys dont go with ur girls. not a good idea ;p

night night all :*

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


"Even the best fall down sometime"

when someone tells you, theyre : "scary and damaged"
what does that mean...?
are they telling you be prepared for a wild ride, freaky one,( expect anything)
are they telling you please dont try and find out any more.
or are they asking u to take their hand and just help them mend.please dont let go?

well iam .... scary and damaged ... iknow scary and damaged people.
we, act like any one else, were usually the happy always laughing ones.
scary and damaged people can always spot eachother, even in public places, even if they didnt know eachother.
are we pretending, lying and hiding??
no were not , we learn to act this way, with time, you cant do anything about it but act.
coz if people saw how we really feel, they might get hurt to. we act this way because we love them people, we care not to hurt them.

yes, iam scary and damaged .
i hide it all the time, with a huge smile on my face.
because i love u :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

post 7ilo mithly ;p

i dont know what to write?
zizo asked me to write anew post "7anna" ;p
my head is full of stuff!!! i dont know where to start ...?!
ummmmmmmmmmm ....

malait all blogs are about the war!!! tv, newspapers, people !! im so sorry......
bs 9ig!! its depressing .. and im sick of it. im si ck of war.

almuhim other than that .. shlonkum ?

wallah mn 9igi ... shlonkum ?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sandiegoo .... HERE SHE COMES! :(

UR LEAVING !!! THATS IT !!! X````(

dalol 7bebat albi !!!! 7ashashat yoooofi ,,, 9adeqat darbi .. qalbiiii wafo2adi :*
ur leaving me! ur leaving us ur friends ........ no more Allaalllooo !! no more redbulls .. no more sleep overs no more spin the bottle ;p

7bebty, ur the best best friend anyone could ever find! im sooooooooooooo lucky :*
that is why its killing me.
wallah i dont know how many times i have cried so far just thinkinh ur going! this SATURDAY :S

almuhim ,, bs knt bagolich , i know its real , ive seen u pack! ive seen u get rid of stuff u dont need! so its all happening ,,

ur going as our Alllaalllo ,, bs inshalah in afew years coming back as Dr.Dalal :* mashalah mashalah
were all so proud of you, wish u all the best
willl missssssssssss you (infinity)

allah weyach 7bebty......... ya aqwa o a7la FEMINIST bl kuwait ;)

Monday, July 17, 2006

3aib, 3aib, 3aib ... La2 mo 3aib !!!!

ok, im sooo into a "nasty" mood today so ill just start "bitching" already:

our society is soooo twisted!!
why is it that Arab society- specifically- kuwait's, is repressing their people-specially when it comes to females-
ok ok, so ull get what i mean..... in a sec....

why is it we cannot act like we want to? why cant we do the simple things in life, things we simply feel like doing? from head to toe, everything about us is ( 3AIB) im so sick of this word!
it should be scrapped off our heads .
ok so since our country is a Muslim country, since I'm a Muslim, i have come up with this:
"Allah" our creator, didn't say the word "3aib" we only have (halal) & (haram)
and that is all we need to abide with, because we all know, God knows better than any of us!
even if u didn't obey/do what he asked u to, deep down u know hes right and ur wrong..!!
any ways, your not the case here, the point is ... WHO THE HELL SOME POEPLE THINK THEY ARE .... ???!!! when they say (3aib) about things that Allah said are (Halal) !!!
they are actually saying that : THEY KNOW BETTER!!!!


from now on, I'm sticking with Allah, not some people who are still doing things according to thousands of stupid years ago!!

from now on, what ever is halal, i will do, and i will pray that Allah will keep me from (haram) i will do my best.
but what ever is 3aib !!!!! and is halal !!!! all i can say ( f*ck it)
you have noooooooooooooooooooooooo idea how open minded is Islam!
im still shocked that most of the things our society prevents us from doing are halal!!!!
our society, is a hypocritical closed minded idiotic society, keeping us locked in a traditional shell! with out us knowing that we really dont have to, its just becasue they think we should!!!

i believe this kind of thinking should stop, we need to know the truth, we need to change whats been inherited from generation to the other, just because people are afraid to take the first step and actually change......doesnt mean this will continue forever!
right here right now, I'm taking my first step ;D not for me, but for the generations to come ;)
lol hopefully they will thank me someday................

NOTE- im not ashamed of being an arab, if you research our history, you will find out that a lot of our traditoins come from the time before islam ( algaheliya) ! so were actually going backwards. we need to compare anything were told to do with what our prophet Mohammed (pbuh) had taught us, if it doesnt match, then DITCH it.

and yes im asking you to REBEL

-oooooooofffffffffffffffffff- now is all out! i feeel alot better, thanks ppl :*

i swear to God, im not pmsing.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

been FRICKIN taged!!!!!!!!! x[

  • 1. You receive a gift. You open it and say "Wow, this is exactly what I need. It came in time." What is the gift?
    tickets to hawaii. with some italian hotti.

    2. Close your eyes, now open them. You are someone else. Who do you want it to be?
    nicole kidman.

    3. You are sitting in a coffee shop in the Champs-Elysées. There are five chairs around the table, you sit on one, who sits on the other four?
    my mom - my dad - hotti italian (incase ur wondering, no not the same guy to hawaii, i want a new one) - leave it empty incase i need it for something else! ;p

    4. They give you a chance to appear on TV for five minutes. Everyone on the planet is watching you, and everyone will believe whatever comes out of your mouth. What will your message be?
    Muslims are not terrorists.

    *jiji ESTANASTAY !! I did what u wanted! btw i dont like tags i hate them! never tag me again
    because i love u guys im not tagging anyone ;*
    yalah tczzzz.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

1..2..3...KDD ;)

this pic is of my new baby niece! shes one day old, shes 1.200 kl

shes our new angel :)

yesterday my sister :* became a mother after, 7yers of trying to become one :*
Maha i love you, uve always been amother for all of us...u have the biggest heart ive ever known
you have our mothers heart :* when ever i miss her, i just call u.

now God sent u three beautiful boxes ;) "two dudes and a chick"
golo mashalah :) "alllaaaaaaahummma 9ali 3la mo7amad wa2ali mo7amad" ;p

any way so im like this 3 x (aunty) .... mabroook 7bebty,, "9ibarty o niltay"
al7imdelllah ....

i ask all of you to pray for her babies...inshalah
i cant see them now, no one is allowed to see them, but their parent :* pray i will be able to see them soon inshalah.

*best part bout this: they named her daughter after my mother ;) it is so cool. im just happy.

lol,* bestest part is the babies diapers are bigger than their bodies lol hehehehehe misaken

i love u :*

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My phone book ;p

this is my best best friend ;) never tooo busy, never late never not in the mood
knows how to deal with all my mooodedat uppies and downiies :***
me wubby wubby a lotty :**

i wouldve married u , but .... i have papi ;*

soooooooooo whos ur best fwend ?? best thing friend ???

ooooooooooooooooh ok ,, back to the title: phone book
coolest names i have b my phone book are :

1- AllaAlloOo (dalol)
2- ShoZeeZ Queen (lialy)
3-Red lipstick (jiji)
4- habla (some hbala friend of mine)
5- dana chathaba (dano rfegty wayid etchathib 3lay)
6- bootty (loooooool no need to explain)
7- cave man (long story)

ok ok ,, bs mala da3i al bagi ,, showed u mine now u show me urs ;p

yaaallalh baro7 at`3ada ... byez ;)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ok one last time ........Last match!!!

HOTTTIESSSSS AND U KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT ;) mabrooooooooooooook ;D

lol most two famous moves of this cup- the Na6ooo7 and the Winker ;pLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ZEEEZO ZEEEEEIDAN !!!!
Zeidan ! u ruined ur history!! that was stupid ? -what ever-
-for those who idnt get to see the (na67a) video,visit Yazeez ;)

my heart kept jumping up and down !!!! being rolled and kicked with the poor ball!!!!!
stresss stressssss I LOST IT!!! allllllllllllllllllllllll is over now.
best match !!!!! best best match seriuosly 3AGEEEEBA !! both teams played brilliantely.

- i really should calm down!

ok, people so its OVER :( NOW ITS GOODBYES .. TIME ..

its fenitoooo ... no more foot ball, no more tshirts, no more guys, no more goals , no more yellow and red cards , no more fights, no more hot chicks, no more crying, no more balanteyat, no more bets, no more jumping screaming, no more ( a`7eeeh ) lol, no more runninig stretching hands flying in the air, no more HOTIIEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :`(

its been great wallah, now im gonna have to figure out something else, for distraction lol .. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -nothing-!

almuhim, i really really wish 2010 ;) etha allah 3a6ana age, we`ll do it again inshalah.
for now, these pics are a reminder of all the good and bad times ;*

almuhim, fa out of all the hotties -candidates- we have, it was very diffcult to actually pick a winner, to be crowned the
.....last pic......

*Batty !!! he neeeeeds a hug :`(



*wallah 7asafa 3laik ya batistuta :`( haaaam a`7eeeeeeeh :`(

OK, people shows over, kl wa7id e7arik sayarta please ;p

ps. special thanks to:
NuNu :*
i live in q8
Papi :*
u were with me through out the match will never forget this day :*

Friday, July 07, 2006

Look at me.

i barely touch u, but i can feel u-
im standing right here, right in front of you.
can u even see me? am i invisible?
ur breathing the air, the -AIR- ur able to feel, want and even see!
i breathe for both of us. ur dead iside, im alive, for both of us.

look at me, when im not talking to you.
listen when im not talking to you.
shut me up when i do.
i just want u to feel me, just know that im alive.

-STANDING- for me equals surviving, but u cant see it, can you?
ur eyes are so not deep, theyre almost flat.
i can step right inside when ever i want to.
but u keep pushing me, u dont really push
u just stop existing.

i know when i touch something, i give it color
u, u only kill my colors, im black and white.
rip me apart, shed me all u want
as long as u get to touch me, im willing to give it a try.

u think i want this, u think im some kind of a sadist miserable "thing"
one of your toys!
no im not, i dont even -love- u
i loath u, i love hating u.
i just want you to be alive, so that i can touch u

and when u do feel that touch, -i know u will someday-
i will -kiss- you.
ull know how it feels to be dead when u still have a beating heart.
ull feel skinless, soulless, and worthless

that is when ill smile, with tears in my eyes,
but it will all be fine,
i promise you, everything will be just fine.
just look at me for now, and when u do see me
it will be our little secret.

im stronger than u,
im stronger than pain,
i can look u both in the eye.
and cry.
im human! i never try to hide it.
and that is not a secret.
"pain" is just fine, isnt it?

*latest news:
i love my new shekshy shoes ;p
life is much better with them :****

Monday, July 03, 2006

Inspired by Carls... part 2

"ppl wait for the pics to load! its totally worth it ;) trust me"

*Dedication part:

Bella: 7bebty are u sure? lol thought might give the guy a second chance! ;p
jiji: lol think i might fight u on this guy ;p u never said hes got a dashing smile!!

Nunu: ur right hes so hot ;) and cute.

Batty: i applaud u! on ur marvelous TASTE!
zizo: hes such a cuttie pie ! arent u guys just perfect for eachother ;p

Carls: lol bro sorry couldnt help myself! saw this pic and immediately, u came to mind ;p

*Me part:
My one and only, Batistuta ;)

ok, Sexy! but still i dont like u ;p
Now! this is just beautiful :)

guys! u look sooo cool all packed together!

Ka ka ... sweets, just take it off....