Sunday, April 30, 2006


I simply wake up, breathing heavily, almost cant breath, cant stretch my lungs. I keep thinking, i have to do it, i have to. I have to wake up, i have to open my eyes lift my body pull my legs put them on the floor.
i have to open my eyes, open my eyes. I have to switch off the snooze.
and so I do. the i have to`s are endless and they only add up as we move on from do to day.
the biggest have to do is that we have to live. we also have to live our best.

so i do wake up and i do go to work, been better before . sometimes i go to work smiling driving smiling. radio switched off good thoughts and still SMILING.
other days like today i just want to slap someone, or kick some ass. i don't know which would feel better ( i never did either).
for some unknown reason i feel TERRIBLE. I hate this i hate everything i even hate the birds on the tree. i hate the kids staring out the window. I hate walking into my office i hate logging online. so best thing i can do right now, is drink some Red Bull . i drink, drink...boost OK.
minutes... fading away... i hate that i like it, its terrible!
finally, work arrive and I'm on pause ( cut ). everything is blank, focus focus, on your work. not bad not good, its nothing.
my work is done......
i cant breathe gain, frustrated feeling bad, terrible again.
why do sometimes for absolutely no reason we feel really really bad.
in a female scenario, pmsing is the quickest easiest escape for an answer.
no its not the case, i know its not.
So i had friends over last night i had fun and laughed as soon as they left i want to slam the door and kick ass again!
i love these girls they are my best friends we meet once every week we talk on the phone every day
and i love them !! whats wrong with me? whats wrong with us!
i hate how their lives turning out, i expected much more, i want much more for them.
i know they can do better i want them to do better.
they have to!
again.... the have to`s
am i judgmental, am i hard to please, am i asking for a lot, am i just a ........
i don't know.
maybe that's why I'm so pissed! maybe.
i love u girls, i really do.
i just feel bad bad bad............................i know i have to feel good and i will
for the time being I'm sticking with BAD.
then i go back and drink another Red Bull.

note: pic attached is irrelevant, i just liked it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lemoney Baby Girl

hellow .... i would like to shed some sunlight to my blog :)

introducing, Nour the cutest lemon girl on earth :p also ( my niece ) ;)
she was born in April 2005

shes so in love with lemon ... !!!
yes i know. she only has two tiny lower front teeth
but still she manages to squeeze them into the lemon and suck on it, eat it and juice it :p
and no one would even dare touch it ... hehehehe she would kill u if u did .
when shes done u can see some lemon left overs in her cute button nose :****
i love biting her nose .... !

so there you go ... the story of her name :) simply she loves lemon ALOT.

this is only an introduction to a world, her world , im planning to show it inshallah
in little bits, as she grows .

im sure you will enjoy her world :) its a peaceful place. that we all need ...
well i know i do ;)

any ways thanks for your time :)

BTW. her nick name is NaNooooSah :*

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Legend that Crushed my heart ...

This movie, the legend of 1900 ...

is what they cal A real movie .. Too bad very few have seen it,

almost non of my friends have even heard of it !

its a low budget movie, with a great heart .

touched me immensely, with its beautiful music, its stillness that can sweep u right off your feet!

after watching it i simply burst with EMOTIONS !

i went online as soon as i could just so that i can read about it, find information ! why havent i heard of this movie before .... i was shocked to see that its the same case with almost all of its viewers.

they were just as touched, just as shocked and just as in love :p

that's the exact word. when you watch the movie, u don't just see it, you fall in love with it :) (how cute is that!)

any way, long story short, it was one of those nights, when i couldn't sleep, so i decided to waste my time, by doing something utterly unseful....
so i went and switched on the TV, it was 4:00 am ,, and i had to wake up at 6:00 to go to work,
so i figured if i sleep, i wont wake up, better stay up and just go to work, bl kuwaiti (awa9il)
so that's exactly what i did.

lucky for me, got to channel 2 . There it was...two men competing on a piano, i had no idea what was going on !!! i just immediately felt alert and excited, literally o edge.
i couldn't take the beauty of the music ( too beautiful!) over whelming.

i was struck of how beautiful this movie is,
it tickles ur sensations, feelings and beliefs. it gets u high ( in a good sense ;p) with hope, love. what i liked most was its innocence ...

oh my god ,, the (kiss) scene ... is the most beautiful kiss Ive seen on TV.

any way, i cried like a baby :p then went to work ,
couldnt stop talking about it lol my friends went crazy...
one of my friends hated it immediately lol i dont think shell want to see it after all my (7annah)
the other, was the opposite, fell inlove with it already and cant wait to see it :)

any ways ... the journey had just started ... i needed to do more , so i signed in at
u know the ultimate movies site, i did it just so that i can post a comment bout the movie.. the energy was still stirring inside of me. and thats what i did .. this is my comment :p ..

TEN! thumbs up, 3 April 2006Author: zafarana82 from Kuwait

its very strange , cause such movies are not really my thing!

but i saw the movie while i was surfing through TV channels , it was the scene where the two pianists were competing, from that moment. i got glued to the screen ;)a lovely ,wonderful ,touching story, touches the deepest deepest core of your heart and soul . it does not discriminate between male/female rase/nationality .. etc. but effects one as a human being(individual).
the story of the movie seemed very provocative , yet artistic. it slightly touches the tender area that we humans don't even want to think of. just like 1900 fingers played on that piano in a phenomenal way, his beliefs and ideas have played the same role on our beliefs and ideas. (existence and reason of life). the acting is more than fascinating. i loved every bit of it. actors were well casted, and the directing was perfect, not to mention the music, it was AMAZING.

its a perfect movie.funny that at the end i just lost it!! i couldn't stop crying:''(

its a must see movie :) "

any way , the second step was to find the movie...but it was impossible.
no movie store had it cause its from the year 1998 !!!

so i kept asking people i know about it , no body have even heard of it !!!!
and then one of my great great friends :) (THANK U) told me: "i promise ill get it soon" ..
soon of course was ( two weeks) :p

what matters is that i have it now, this time i saw it from the start, and i only wanted to see it again :)

im so proud and honoured :p i would like to dedicate this moment to everyone who believed that i could do it, that i could find my dream :) those who helped ... those who made it happen .. those who stood by me , those who hated it .... everyone ,,, but most of all my special thanks go to specially saloooohh and his friend who provided the copy :) lol

in the end i can say only one thing,
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..... see the movie ...
after u do , post ur comment here :)
and i can tell u form now ,, this movie is like ( u either love or hate it)
so good luck :p

lol sorry 3l garga yagama3a ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When You Get Married .... !

hello . hellow ..

now picture this :p

you and your husband ( love of your life)
sitting having a romantic thing going on, TV , food , candles and stuff .
then you simply start talking bout your day, how boring or hectic.
your glad that finally, your having some ( quality) time with him :) ( Awww)

any waysssssssssssssssssssss .... then

he asks you a question .... that goes like this:

if someday, you found out that there's a guy that has a crush on you, hes in love, and wants to marry you.
that guy, "has Brad Pitts face, Val Kilmer's lips, Colonies karizma, Mel Gibson's eyes+butt, and Nicolas Cages body......"
hes intelegent, funny, a gentleman , successful + rich . he already knows everything about you.
hes so interested, he just wants you to give him a chance, with his intentions of marriage.


hehehehehehehe ... its reallly funny, cause i have no idea what to say if it was me ;)

of course, the girls i know said " of course no baby, i love you"

any way what i find interesting bout this topic is:

1- men also have some corny questions and ideas that goes in their heads,just like us girls, but maybe there not ( men enough) to actually say so :p

2- girls also have fantasies bout celebs hotties and hunkies ..just like guys do. but girls are always afraid to admit it. Come on lets face it, even straight men fancy them, its Mel Gibson !! i mean who wouldn't :p

hehehehehe i would love to see that mix!! i cant even imagine how that guy would look like ! human ???!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where is "Bob"?

George Bush goes to a primary school to give a speech.
After his talk he offers question time.
One little boy puts up his hand and George asks him what his name is?
"And what is your question, Bob?"
"I have 3 questions.
First, Why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN?
Second, Why are you President when Kerry got more votes?
And third, What happened to Osama Bin Laden?
Just then the bell rings for recess. George Bush informs the kiddies that
they will continue after recess.
When they resume George says, "OK, where were we?
Oh that's right --- question time. Who has a question?"
A different little boy puts up his hand . George points him out and asks him
what his name is?
"And what is your question, Steve?"
"I have 5 questions.
First, Why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN?
Second, Why are you President when Kerry got more votes?
Third, What happened to Osama Bin Laden?
Fourth, Why did the recess bell go 20 minutes early?!
And fifth, Where is "Bob"?
loooooooooooooooooool made me laugh really hard :p

Real Men VS Real Women

please you guys, check this out !! Its hilarious
but also REAL! :p
me and my friends bil dawam totally
loved it ;)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Corny .. but True!

An 80 year old man was sitting on the sofa in his house along with his 45 years old highly educated son. Suddenly a crow perched on their window. The Father asked his Son, "What is this?" The Son replied "It is a crow".

After a few minutes, the Father asked his Son the 2nd time, "What is this?" The Son said "Father, I have just now told you "It's a crow". After a little while, the old Father again asked his Son the 3rd time, What is this?" At this time some expression of irritation was felt in the Son's tone when he said to his Father with a rebuff. "It's a crow, a crow".
A little after, the Father again asked his Son t he 4th time, "What is this?" This time the Son shouted at his Father, "Why do you keep asking me the same question again and again, although I have told you so many times 'IT IS A CROW'. Are you not able to understand this?

" A little later the Father went to his room and came back with an old tattered diary, which he had maintained since his Son was born. On
opening a page, he asked his Son to read that page. When the son read it, the following words were written in the diary :-

"Today my little son aged three was sitting with me on the sofa, when a crow was sitting on the window. My Son asked me 23 times what it was, and I replied to him all 23 times that it was a Crow. I hugged him lovingly each time h e asked me the same question again and again for 23 times. I did not at all feel irritated I rather felt affection for my innocent child".
While the little child asked him 23 times "What is this", the Father had felt no irritation in replying to the same question all 23 times and when today the Father asked his Son the same question just 4 times, the Son
felt irritated and annoyed.

So.. If your parents attain old age, do not repulse them or look at them as a burden, but speak to them a gracious word, be cool, obedient, humble and kind to them. Be considerate to your parents.From today say this aloud,
"I want to see my parents happy forever. They have cared for me ever since I was a little child. They have always showered their selfless love on me. They crossed all mountains and valleys without seeing the storm and heat to make me a person presentable in the society today". Say a prayer to God,
"I will serve my old parents in the BEST way. I will say all good and kind words to my dear parents, no matter how they behave."

i received this email today ... it touched me cause just recently Ive been witnessing this particular problem in a lot of houses ! and it just breaks my heart.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

maskeeena ... hehehehe

lol ..

something that made me laugh, then feel bad about it ..

then laugh again ,, laugh .

laugh ... think .... feel bad ...

(lighten up!)

shar al baliyati ma yo`67ik .... ( i guess)

hope u like it or get it ... or just laugh ?? dunno.

tc ;)