Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ones` Personality :) Is Ones` Age

I love how people just keep growing and growing and growing :)

not in size (some actually do :p ) but what I mean is, how they grow, develop their personalities

u can meet the most amazing people but never expect the simple personality that hides beneath their bodies and eyes :)

I have met a lot of people so far , am still looking forward to those ill meet in the future.
am sure it'll keep getting more and more intriguing .

I talk and walk and see them, I can see right through them, under their skin, in their eyes.
I see that this person has a really great personality, I try to describe it to the minimum words I can think of...
because the less words u use the more accurate it gets :)

the most common word I found in most of my (friends) was the word (FUN)
they are simply having (FUN), they are (FUN) to be with, they are (Funny), and we all like (Fundu) ;) (its ok i only replaced the O with a U )

I really believe that we don't grow or age , we really don't, to me, what we go through is the development of ones personality.

the way you choose to develop is who you are. you either end up being (old) or (young)
and I know for a fact that (fun) people end up ( very young) :)

the number you carry with you along the procedure (what most people consider as ur age)
is just the time it took you to be the person you are for the present time :)
the number is yours, under your control, you carry it with you it doesn't carry you.
you should be proud of it, it shows what you achieved in this time (its only about the time)

I love me right now :) I love my number :) it is so cute im proud of it too ;)

now i only wonder ... how would u describe ur personality (age) in the most possible way you can with only few words (one word if possible)?

thank you and TA TAAH :)


il-sooSa said...

Now since your number is "24" I dont think u will have much problem liking it in the first place :P
However, I can't agree with you more sweety pie! I totally relate to that. You reminded of a time when every year, my best freind which is as old as I am, goes through a depressing period with each birthday. She tells me " you only fake that you dont care about your age" and I say " I do care, but I decide that it doesn't truly represent me as long as I'm in control, I know who I am, and I like what I am ... I'm happy"

Truley said ya No3ich = sa7 il-sanich

No3iK said...

awal shay ( 9a7 badanich)

yislamo ya albi and im very happy for you :)

thanks for the sweet comment dear.

LadyBug said...

you are totally right ..

hemm and i would describe my personality as : "dreamy and playful"

try this personality test .. u'll like it .. it tells you what type u r


No3iK said...

thanks for the site :) i like it alot >>>>

i was ...

( care free - playful - cheerful)

You love a free and spontaneous life. And you strive to enjoy every moment, in accordance with the motto: "You only live once."

You are very curious and open about everything new. You thrive on change. Nothing is worse than when you feel tied down.

You experience your environment as being versatile and always good for a surprise.

and your right :) thats very true.