Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Story Time

i was up all night packing. our car has finally arrived, the ride from karlovy vary to pragues airport .. will take about two hours .. i kept busy eating the most delicious green apple i ever had.
as i looked through the window, i couldn't help but love how the greens wouldn't stop flashing in front of my eyes. i knew how much ill miss this sight, i knew i wasn't supposed to close my eyes, but my head kept getting heavier and so did my eye lids .. i leaned on the window my head against the glass .. wearing my shades, and i slept ...

i woke up two hours later .. i took my purse .. got off the car, on my way to the airport and suddenly i stopped!! you know the gut feeling u have when u feel like u left something behind. i quickly open my purse and i found my sunglasses! :D relief .. they're here ... so i keep on walking .. load the luggage, it took us around two to three hours i cant remember really ... the place was very crowded.
board the plane take a seat ... finally i can sleep now .. then a very cute air hostess comes to me and says "please would you please switch off ur phones" .. "of course" .. so i open my bag, i start looking for my phone .. @@ and i cant find it!!!! its like every girls night mare.
im stuck on an airplane and my phone is somewhere out there!! .. it must of been "it" the thing i left behind in the cab!!! i hated the moment .. felt totally lost and pissed at myself. i was literally strapped on my seat and was not able to do anything about it.


we landed .. as soon as i got home .. i emailed the cabs company asking them if they found a phone .. they replied back "YES WE DID" ;) i thank them, then i asked for their address so i could fedex it back ... and here how it went:

First of all
fedex thank you guys!! u did a GREAT JOB! although it took like two weeks .. but it was job well done .. so thank you :)

i wokeup to see a Fedex package right next to my face! ;p
i was sooooooo happy .. i hurried up to open it .. in side the package was a wrapped box ..

and inside the box was magazine papers! wrapping something else .. lots of magazine papers .. i open it again .. LOL and i was shocked!! @@ hint ... this was during Ramadan ..
the very kind cabs company .. wanted to make sure they deliver the phone safely in one piece and they also wanted to make sure it didn't get bored on the way,"keep it with good company" ;p so they decided to wrap it with a PORN magazine!!!! LOOOOL

*had to censor the pic ;p

every time i remember how it looked i cant stop laughing .. yes .. it was too much .. but then again .. it was for a good cause ;p i don't know .. now i can say that everything in life must have a reason, a good one ;)

moral of the story: try and be creative when u wrap something, oh and always double check after u leave a car or an airplane ;p

love u :* take care.


Yazeed said...

ding dong :P

7imdillah 3ala salamta

ya raitny ib mokana :P

Zalabya said...

new post !
ill read it now :*

Marzouq said...

Loooool! Now thats a creative company!

Long time no see! Where have you been, hopefully things are going well for you!

Its extremely rare to find a cab company like that! They did do a great job!

Atinzad said...

Lesson of the story, kuwait customs dont check packages :P

Happy you got your phone back

Carlsb3rg said...

Can I have the porn magazine? :D

No3iK said...

heheheh enta baddda3t!!!

aham shay anich u forgot ur password mo :p

i know! theyre the best wallah .. very helpful. i have been busy wallah first ramadan u know zwarat all the time and ahal .. so im just getting back to this :( i have missed it.

well ur right, the package said phone and thats what they saw in the scanning machine i guess .. so :p and thanks ;)

LOOOL i didnt see that one coming!!

zalabya said...

was it that obvious?
yes I did.. whatever!
its a blog's password not my credit card pin number ;P

at least I forget numbers and passwords MO MY MOBILE! ;p

Zalabya said...

Now i remember my password :P THANKS 2 u fedex .. ops i mean thanks to "forgot my password" option :P

Missy said...

lol il7mdellah 3al salamaa ;*

um-miT3ib said...

ya7laiiilhom !!!!

Reem said...

waaaaaaaiiii nuba!! i miss u!! i miss reading ur stories n go like: oh my god! laah! waaaii!

looool porn!! how creative! ;p

i looove the green to! i can look at it for hours.. n the apple! yummy!! cute heart shape! awww 7ada cute!

7bebty im glad u had a good time n got ur cell back :D

love u love u love u :**

Lunacy Glee said...

Lo0oL @ the cab company!
Good thing you got it back.
Thanks for the good laugh =D

Orangina fadidra said...

hahaha wow interesting

eshda3wa said...

7mdela 3al salama

so is prague a must see place?

Anonymous said...

heyyy long time walla...hope ur fine!

where did u throw the wrap...gimme it....:P

Stewie Griffin said...

hahahaha thats was really an intertaining post!! =D

el7amdella 3al salama & i hope u enjoyed a chill, safe and happy flight back home ^_^

Gypsy said...

i know the thing am gonna say got nothing to do with ur blog story but tara i like ur nails :) "mashallah"