Tuesday, January 22, 2008


how did Jan treat you so far .. ?

ive been loving it .. al7imdellah .. i think you can tell how a year is going to turn out from Jan ..

other than mo7aram .. its been all great news and happy days :)
i cant believe its been a year already since i posted this! mashalllah ... days really just slip with out us noticing.

anyways like before .. i was chewing a gum and decided to post something ;p

my miss you list:
will miss you reem :*
will miss you dalol :*
will miss you my other reem :*
i already miss so many of my friends and cousins ..
ive been so busy :s

and i ofcourse still miss my blog :*****
tc have a koot day.

*ps: i hope my readers know that i was being sarcastic in my previuos post .. i wrote it and i was very upset after watching the news .. so please dont worry im not a terrorist and im not going to bomb anything ;p


Anonymous said...

glad you had a nice month...I guess each day has something special for us!

SpiKeY said...

am not in your miss you list :( :P

oh well..january is ok.....awaiting February :D

Marzouq said...

inshalla kil youm mistansa, this sounds really good!

carlsb3rg said...

I certainly miss you :)

F. said...

I love that picture...
You always choose the greatest pictures for your posts :)

No3iK said...

thats a very nice special way in puting it :)

heheheheh when i miss my blog.. i miss all my readers ;)
afa 3laik bs!
oh me too 7adddi na6ra Feb! all aquarians na6reena i guess ;p

mashkooor .. hehehe madre laish a7isik shayil hammi sometimes .. bs al7imdellah it is really good :)

same same here!

thanks for noticing .. it takes me hours and hours in collecting these pics .. i take them very seriously ..
i sometimes postpone the post if i didnt find a pic that i though was perfect :)

Zabo0o6a said...

3sa do0m my dear :)
nice picture as well ;)

do0da said...

ana a7taj >( and u knw why

but the comments on that old post made me crack up :P

eng,fahad said...

i miss u to ;)

ya no3ik

kuwaitya_7saweya said...

always mstansa
really happy new year for you

i don't know u but i know that all your frnd are miss u

Hopeless Poet said...

It's been a good month! Afterall I got a good evaluation at work and I will be transferring to the department I want :D

So you were not serious about the bomb thing? I thought you were and that's why I said nicely written! Kent 5ayef :P Now I should read it again and comment again :P

Nymphadora said...

ok i just posted this to say one thing.. I LOVE THE SHOES AND SOCKS :D

Salah said...

One thing I really don't understand is: why are you girls obsessed with posting pictures of your feet? This is probably the trillion time I have seen such picture.

Anonymous said...

el7mdllah it was a vary nice month..

I guess that I like it ^_^

No3iK said...

same to u 7bebty thanks :*

ent 9ayir a b*tch for soem reason! xp

its been two years since we last saw eachother
hope ur well fahad :)

*kuwaiteya 7saweya:
wl ni3im wallah ;*
thanks dear .. that was very sweet of u .

*hopeless poet:
LOL first off im glad ur having a good month ..
but im still waiting on that other real comment ;p

aaawwwww i loved the pic too! thanks ;)

well just like men obsses over sports and soccer .. girls love treating them selves .. and no one treats u better than a really nice comfy shoe ;)
these are not my shoes and i did not take this pic.

*pink girl:
al7imdellah :) inshalah next month wil be better.

Reem said...

Miss U, n the other U ;)