Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Parliment Needs Some 'Love'

Happy 'love' day to all ..
i know we can celebrate 'love' everyday ..
but people who know the value of love will know that it deserves a day to be celebrated and expressed in everyway you can :)

specially for 'those' .. the ones who are either always busy to love, or are afraid to show their emotions .. its a good day to give them a push, or space to remind them of what their missing ..

valentines has nothing to do with politics. . or religion .. to celebrate one of the greatest emotions .. is something universal that all living things experiance and share .. just like we celebrate freedom and peace .. love is also worthy of its own day. it does not attack any race or religoin .. so why is it being attacked?

some people think its a silly and meaningless day/occasion .. waste of money and time, those can simply dismiss it .. but they also shouldnt judge or look down on those who choose to enjoy it.

and there are those who are trying to stop it, on their very weak alligations .. "that it is some how attacking and degrading someone or some 'religoin'!" i ask them to go and try work and solve a bigger problem .. do something with a good cause, quit puting your noses in our lives .. and quit trying to control everything and everyone around you .. we did not vote for you and put you on your chairs so that you can come in and control how were supposed to live and feel. enough has been done already.

instead try and help the poor, try to stop war .. for example, call for support and aid for those suffering in iraq and ghaza .. and many many other countries. Honestly, you are wasting time and effort on trifal issues such as this one, your escaping from your real duties and obligations towards this country and its people.

I believe that this is the real message of love: caring for all the ones you love .. your partner .. family friends and specialy the people who need it the most, are the ones feeling alone, forgotten, naked and unsafe on some other less fortunate lands.

i would like to send a big 'love' you message to all my readers .. and to all the people who are deprived of love.

love u :*


Zabo0o6a said...

HaPpY Sweety :**

Anonymous said...

I like Don Veto's idea about sending chocolates and cookies and balloons to all the MPs who want to be scrooges about V-Day. Send them teddy bears, too. Put a grin on their grim faces!

kella met2a5er said...

I agree to disagree to agree that Im so disagree(ing) with your agreement..

Marzouq said...

Happy V-Day! :)

I hope you had a good day, and many more to come!

Dandoon said...

happy belated vday:*

i got a "happy independence day" text from my dad cuz i'm single lol

and yes the parliament needs a whole heap of love!

do0da said...

told u we need a hippie phase :P

kella met2a5er said...

Happy valentine`s Day..

#ady kella met2a5er ana ;p