Saturday, December 20, 2008

f*cking mess

.. depression,
is becoming my loving blanket,
snuggles to press my heart in.
im chocking on pain ..
theres no more space, i swear ..
theres no more space .. not enough air
everything is - too - much.
too wrong.
how many breakdowns will i need
for it to STOP

mom ur killing me.


Princess Famme said...

Hey, I hope Things turn out good for you, when it comes darker you know it's time for the light to come out eventually :)

:::ShoSho::: said...

I am not feeling so good either :( I hope you feel better very soon.. I honestly always remember you and wonder if you are ok..

I will always remember you in my prayers,,

No3iK said...


al7imdellah 3ala kil 7al..

thanks :*

your battlefield said...

sad bs the words are beautiful,
they came from the heart,
every line,
every period,
every letter,
all of the very details shows a pain, bs i know u can overcome anything....oo allah kareem inshalla....

i love you!!! ;*

7asoon said...

hang in there dude..

FourMe said...

alah ykoon eb 3onich dear..

Anonymous said...

It comes and it goes :)

Anyway, what's this pic? It's absolutely beautiful... Could yu please tell me where you got it from?

Hope things get better :)

Squirreliya said...

u've been missed, i always wonder how are you doing..
Allah ykoon eb 3oonich w enshAllah kelshay yseer more than perfect very soon ;*

Ansam said...

inshalla you will get out of this mood before you know it :-) smile :-)