Sunday, February 15, 2009

been long :)

our view

it feels like forever! since i last blogged ..

i really cannot begin to explain how busy life is here in LA ..
its wonderful .. i love how busy im .. i love that im spending almost each minute with things that matter .. to me and the ppl i love.

*quick updates:
we got a new car ..
we moved into a really nice apartment .. great view ;)
we enrolled little boodi into this great semi nursery/school to develop baby skills ..
called Gymboree .. i really wish they would open a branch in kuwait. i really loved the place. had a great time there ..

what else .. i got me the best hair cut ever! in love with my hair .. u know when u get a new hair cut for almost a week and u just keep playing with it .. yeah im still in that phase.
oh and i almost forgot!! i became a BLACKBERRY person! i never was into big complicated phones .. but this is different! i mean everyone and everything i need is in it ;) so in love with it..
and may i add .. its HOT pink ;)

i heard that the weather in kuwait is really bad! i remmeber the last time it got this bad i was at work .. suddenly everything was orange! very scary! now my friends are telling me its not orange .. more like red! :s i really think when the weather gets this bad .. govermnet should issue an official day/days off.

were sill working on the apartment .. not completely settled in .. we still need to buy lots of furniture, lot of painting to do .. ill make sure we have fun in the process of it all ;)
i havent been going out much .. yet! but so far my fav two places are The Grove and Target :*

the grove

also im enjoying the TV here! my show list is:
- Desperate housewives
- Gossip Girl
- Heroes
- Greys anatomy
- The office
- Scrubs

the new shows im watching are:
- US of Tara
- Secret Diaries
- Big love

i know its a huge list .. but with DVR .. i can manage all of them ;)

happy valentines ;)
hope everyone is well ..
i really miss each and everyone of u :)


Yazeed said...

secret diary, chinnich nasya itkamleen el name of the tv show :P

now its my turn!!! :

No3iK said...


zoz!!!! hatha ili gidart 3laih :p

shaklik uve been waiting all these years to get the chance to say it :p

heheheheh to be honest .. my dvr records it as Secret Diaries ..
i know its either call girl or prostitute .. still not sure :p

9ig anik gilleeeeel 7aya!! sh3arifik bl show! haaa?!!

Nemo said...

glad u're happy :)))

Yazeed said...

a3arfa gablich ya bint el 7alal

glad to see that ur enjoying it there and settling in well.

(oh and its "of a call girl", but its a pretty good show :P)

No3iK said...

nemo .. thanks :)

zooz .. yeah! i like the irony in it.
are u watching big love! i keep teling hub im sure most muslim men would love this show! i for one HATE IT! i dont know why i keep watching it :S

Marzouq said...

I didn't know you took off to LA!!!! lol! My side of the globe!!! lol

The Grove is fantastic, I love walking around there at night! For movie I go there or Century City.

Go to Robertson Blvd, some very nice shopping area and a few cafes! I love the Reebok store there!

So many places to eat in LA, the list won't stop!

DVR is the best creation since the light bulb! It can make everything so easy, and you watch it on your time! Fantastic!


Yazeed said...

lol i'll check it out thanks :)

Salah said...

glad you're happy>>> it's not always easy to leave home...

Mowaffeqah inshallah

Delicately Realistic said...

sweetheart :*
Glad to know ur safe and doing well.

good luck and don't forget to keep us updated !!!

Anonymous said...

good luck in LA...I MISS IT SO MUCH!

No3iK said...

*marzouq ... shlooooooooonik
its been forever since i saw u here :p
yeh .. were doing our masters ..
so its gonna be a while,
the strange thing is that LA reminds me soooo much of kuwait! almost same life style .. but i must admit that,they're waaaaay friendlier and they smile all the time :)
the groove is only 10 mins walk away from us .. so i hang over there alot .. my fav part is the classic music they play :) always puts me in a good mood.
and what u said bout the dvr .. i totally agree ;)

just watch the first ep. from season one and tell me what u think ?

thanks .. no its not easy at all.
alot of work .. thanks man .. same goes to u :)

will do :) u can always check my updates in my LA album on my facebook ;*

i never knew u were here before,
im sure it misses u back :)
and thanks for the good wishes.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back :) o glad you have settled in well!

eshda3wa said...

glad to see u settling in well :)

uglysecret said...

Alllahhh wanasa your view 7adda beautiful :D Hope you're having fun and stuff. oo Mabrook 3al new house ;)!

No3iK said...

*amu and eshda3wa:
thanks guys .. uve been missed.

aawww. so sweet of u thanks dear,
allah ebarik feeech :)

lol "YOU" really need to get over urself, and learn al (sana3) from uglysecret up there ;)

Manal said...

great news that you are enjoying your time there away from home

wish you all the best sister


let me know what will happend to Jack in lost

am a big fan of lost


:::ShoSho::: said...

I am so glad you are well ,.. I keep remembering you many times in my prayers.. Allah yiwaffigkom inshallah,.

Anonymous said...

seems like fun.. havent been there yet.. but would love to someday.. go to boston and new york.. these two cities are just too good to be true

atoona said...

see..i knew u'd fit in! i'm happy for ya :)

my niece was in gymboree too, they're really good w/ kids. nice view! and na3eeman!