Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What next...?!

so while were here .. worrying over this great SWINE flu! and the Mosquito West Nile Virus ..
all in California!! plus an earth quake just hit Mexico :/ like can it get any worse! .. answer is:YES!

i keep getting these phone cals from Telemarketers!!!!
people they are beyond annoying .. i mean there should be a nother word .. annoying seems so nice and sweet .. i dont know how to describe them .. theyre like bullies ..
i keep teling them: thank you im not interested!

i swear this is how they speak ..

last call i got .. i was like DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER AGAIN!! PLZZZZZZZ dont call
and he hung up on me!!

a telemarketer hangs up on his customer after threatening him! LOL

wallah i have no idea whats going on here .. i of course started with ignoring them .. then hanging up on them .. what they do is they call you more and more each time .. during the day and night ..
they leave u voice mail .. they call constantly to the point where i cant make a phone call when i want to!!

so heres a thank you God list:
Thank God for kuwait .. thank God that al Islam 7aram al PIGS! thank God we dont have earthquakes in kuwait. thank God there are no Telemarketers in kuwait, Thank God our innocent mosquitoes in kuwait are harmless all they do is bite .. and leave you with a red spot .. cute!

so now .. im worried over all these dangers that i feel like im surrounded with ..
i literally feel like "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!"
i want to be in kuwait sooooooooooooooooooooo badly .. inshallah inshalllah nothing bad happens .. golo ameeen ..

miss u and my blog soooooo much..

ps. cant believe 3bood will turn 1 in two months!! wow!
pps. the top pic has nothing to do with the post.


Atinzad said...

Allah yekoon ib 30wnkom

Salah said...

Allah yab3id alshar!

f7ee7eely said...

here is a dialogue between me and father last night at the diwaniya :

Me : bu flan -- faris weld okhook tawwah rad men mexico 9arlah esboo3!

father : zain 7emdellah 3ala salamtah!

Me : hmmm enta 3endek khaber 3an el swine flu and where it first broke out ( mexico )

father : eee sa7

Me : eww weld okhook mo tawwah rad men mexico -- 3al aql khan enwadeeh quarntine 7etta enkoon sure he is clear from this epidemic

ent mo 9a7ii


as for telemarketers use the big word SUE SUE SUE

Marzouq said...

I honestly think this will blow over like the bird flu thing! On another note, there is a subscription service you can take from the telecom provider to ask them to remove your number.. if you google it you can find it!

Goodluck and enjoy the movies there!

Anonymous said...

You need to know about the "Do Not Call" list. You put yourself on the "do not call" list, (I think you can even do it online. When a telemarketer takes a breath, you say "We are on the do not call list; you are not allowed to call us."

Normally, they will apologize and quickly hang up. The do not call list is SERIOUS.

Manal said...

الله حافظكم

وان شاءالله ترجعون الديرة على خير وتنورونها

No3iK said...

*atinzad:thanks man ..

*salah:mashkor salah :) agma3een inshallah

*f7e7eely:lol u seriously need to get ur cousin checked! everyone whos coming back from Mexico is getting a regular checkup .. better safe than sorry ;)

*maz and inltpxr:yes thanks for telling .. i already registered there! now im just waiting to get a call :p
and maaz .. some say this could be worse coz the virus have advanced it self and it may take them atleast 6 months to create a vaccine. bs allah al7afi`6 inshallah.

*manal:mashkora 7abebty .. ameeen allah ysma3 minich inshalah :*

eshda3wa said...

inshallah malkom ela el3afya :*

Dana said...

Mako ila il3afia enshallah. Allah yab3id 3ankom kil shar. Happy 1st Birthday in advance :)

nQ said...

dont get too excited over intlpxr's comment. For the five years I've been living in the states, I've alwyas been on the "do not call list" for all of my numbers. They should rename it to "we'll call you less list." which means they call once or twice every month.
The most annoying this is the automated voice that calls and says: "if you're Andrea Johns please stay on the line, if you are not, hang up" so I naturally hang up, and they call the next day. wtf? WTF?
I also pretended to be Andrea.. but that leads nowhere as well.
/// Dont even get me started on the ton of other things I hate about the states. you should post a list and I'll double it lol.
..I wanna go home :(

Ansam said...

While I was in the States, I subscribed to a service.. it tells the caller "This number does not accept solicitors call. If you are a solicitor please end the call" something like that.... oh and we do have stupid telemarketers in Kuwait lil asaf.... grrrrrrrrr

Nyno said...

do not call list?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to 3aboodi in advance!
With everything that's going on, you just have to take care and look at the positive! You are in Cali, enjoy the nice weather, scenery, food, and movies!

No3iK said...

*eshd3wa:allah e3afech thanks

*dana:thanks 7bebty .. o yb3d al shar 3n al ki inshalah :**

*nq:lol i would love to read that post!
states is great in so many things .. but like i said .. there is no place like home no matter where u are . u feel like something is missing.

so far so good with the do not call list, they called me so far ONCE! which is an accomplishment! before they started saying anything i just said "im on the do no call llist" they were like: sorry, bye.


*ansam:yes thats what i did!
sooo thankful for having that list ;) wallah my phone is noy annoying me anymore.

*eleventhst:thanks for dropping by!
and im trying to be as positive as can be! but when i have a 10 month old baby u cant help but worry.. bs inshallah everything will be fine.

amzhi good to hear from u :)
its been forever .. u moved to australia and i moved to the states with a family now! i couldnt post ur comment cause it had some personal content of someone else .. and i dont know if that would be ok with them to have it published here.. so im sorry about that. hoping youll get in touch with that person asap.
take care.

Manal said...

وين مختفية
عسى ما شر


Reem said...

I miss your blog so much!!
inshallah ma y9eer shay..
7bebti allah y7f'6kom :*