Wednesday, September 30, 2009


this month .. has so many occasions that are of importance to my life ..
my mothers passing away .. my anniversary .. and some more ..

i dont know what to make of it .. each september i become numb and some what confused.
i dont know what to do .. its a month where all ration stops to exist in my head.
i just wait for it to pass .. hoping that October brings back some normalcy to my daily life.
some quite thoughts .. and finally a decent amount of sleep.

im back in LA btw ..
this time things went smoother than before .. i missed it soo much
my other home .. and my new lovely friends..
was deffinately a unique experience for me to spend ramadan here, i loved it!
al7imdelllah .. life is still good isnt it :)

everyone stay safe please..
love ur loved ones :*


Zalabya said...

I'm glad that you are coping :*
im waiting for 2009 to end not only september.
it's been a hectic year and rough for me since January :D

No3iK said...

hmmmm ...

i feel the distance that were having has nothing to do with the fact that were oceans apart!

i miss you and your life soo much :(

Zalabya said...

well, i know how much you love me and you know that i love you more.. its just a matter of time, a phase, a stupid phase thats gonna end very soon
i miss you more i really do wayid :(

Atinzad said...

normalicy is but a dream...

Hang in there, life will always have its ups and downs.

you will presevere.

heart warming post.. very reflective of what life is.

eshda3wa said...

its good that u love both your homes..

and september is always gna come back...

dont u think its time you learn how to deal with it..
to stop being confused?
to stop being numb?

i know its hard
but in the ling run
its for your own good ..


u really should post more!!

Amz said...

you are one steady blogger!!! , i flew out to Australia and lost touch with writing... but im back.. so do pop in for a read! ;)

Marzouq said...

7amdilla 3ala salamah!

Alah yer7amha inshalla

Its great that you have come to enjoy LA...

Isn't it nice during Ramadan that places are open and you can get your work done!

No3iK said...

zalabyity :** waiting for the stupid phase to pass and go away.

atinzad: aahhh i just love my loyal readers! thanks

eshda3wa: i know what ur saying makes perfect perfect sense ..
but to actually do it is a nother story .. its very difficult to control how the heart works.

will try and post more coz i miss it and u all so much!

amz: im kinda am still .. i try to post as often as i can . promised my self to post atleast once a month!

maaaaz:allah esalmik maaan ..
thanks o LA grows on u with time.
ramadan was a bliss here .. true!