Sunday, October 04, 2009


is pretty very sad.

silence is never a good thing;
silence is hate,
silence is loneliness,
silence is cold,
silence is still,
silence is unpredictable,
silence is heartless,
silence is dark,

actually, silence is death.
so, speak!


Reem said...

another way to look at it ..

silence is relaxing
silence is meditating
silence is praying
silence is thinking
silence is reading
silence is drawing
silence is to accompany yourself

so ... silence could be soooo beautiful

loved your poem though =***

Marzouq said...

I'm anything but silent! looool!

Amz said...

hey Superman is back :P

I want that super man t-shirt of urs!!!! [even though its as old as the pyramids now]

No3iK said...

reem .. thank for putting it that way.
which proves that all things we perceive differently according to our own experiences :)

GOOD for u man! keep up the spirit ;)

amz: lol its been ages i dont even have it anymore :p im sure ull find plenty online.

Anonymous said...

for me silence is terrible...I am the most happening person at most of the times,hehe

Zalabya said...

Silence is thinking
silence is crying "if you know what i mean"
silence is escaping
silence is talking "again if you know what i mean"

ehh.. tell me about it..

Hitman1 said...

Silence? .... Silence of the Lamps :)