Thursday, September 02, 2010

Muslims are Racist, Islam is not

a friend .. who was Christian converted to Judaism, then after more research converted to Islam. she says Islam was where all her questions got logical answers, it connected the dots and made sense. she was at peace and content with her life.

months later of practicing and blending in with Islamic communities, wanting to fit in with the faith she lovingly joined, she kept questioning the religion because of its people. she said: "why is it many Muslims do not practice their faith" and by practice she did not mean prayers and fasting.. those are the easy practices anyone can do .. she meant the other things.. the morals of Islam. the way we deal with each other. she kept seeing how most Muslims contradict with their own faith, talk the talk but dont walk the walk.

the deeper she got in to the communities the more shocked she was of its hypocrisy. and it had to stop at one point, and that was "racism" unfortunately, she discovered that most Muslim communities are racist, when it comes to where you come from, nationality, family names, and of course skin color (tones) she said it was very un Islamic and to her that was it. she kept trying to fit in .. trying to not let it get to her.. but at the end a community represent its religion and faith. she did not want to be part of that.

sadly, shes not a Muslim any more. she admits that she knows Islam is the right religion but she doesnt want to be associated with how racist its people are. shes still in search and hoping she`ll find a faith that does as it preaches.

i know for sure just as upset and disappointed she was of us, as a community, our beloved prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is 1000 times more disappointed and ashamed of our acts and racism. we are one of the most racist communities i think in most religions. we never like to admit it. were very judgmental, and love to set people in different groups, categories, label everyone according to very little meaningless things. that has nothing to do with islam or its morals and teachings. its purely shameful, and the most painful part is that we have no shame in feeling this way. when someone thinks hes better than someone else just because of who they are and where they come from, to me is ignorant and disgusting. stop this very backward and limited way of thinking and learn from your religion how to become civilized and open minded. Allah yahdee al kil inshallah.

its as simple as this: if Allah doesnt care where we come from, why should i?


Reem said...

walla ya 7beebty
dont know what to say
yes its true ..
but your friends excuse about leaving the religion, NOT cuz of its wrongs teaching but cuz of the false following of the people, is not gonna work for her. That is very illogical.
There are those out there who are not racist, obviously you are one of them. and she did get to know you didnt she? We can never fix a mistake by doing another one.
o allh yahdee il-kil inshalla

No3iK said...

reem 7bebty thanks for ur comment.

she has no excuse to me.. i know what she did is wrong .. and im afraid she even might be punished for it (in the after life i mean) im not saying what she did was right at all .. but her mind was set .. shes in search again and im hoping/praying her search will bring her back to her senses inshallah. the sad part is .. Islam in this case was what attracted her to the religion.. muslims were who repelled her from it. muslims are not doing a good job representing islam in so many ways .. most people think its just "terrorism" giving us a bad name, but to me being racist is more of a serious problem since its more common and people tend to not take it seriously.

thanks again dear :)

Rawan said...

Communities are not perfect..

Even in Kuwait, we are 'racists' to each other, whether we like to admit it or not...
I'm sorry to say that, ur friend is weak. Why would I let others control what I believe. If I believe in the right thing.. NO ONE will dare to make me feel its wrong. Beliefs are not games dear..
I think Islam was not 'perfect' for her lifestyle... its just an excuse.

Muslims are NO Angels, they're Human... so is she! ;)

again, great topic dear.. luv to read such discussions. ;)

Allah y3a6eech el 3afya 7abebty ;*

No3iK said...

heeey rawan love miss u..

i agree with ur point that she was indeed weak, but she made a valid point.. which encouraged me to share this topic with everyone. it is more about us than it is about her.

when u mentioned were "racist" in "kuwait" i think u were being nice, .. coz were not just racist were racist in a sick way! that goes beyond just race. they should come up with a new word just to describe how it is in kuwait .. i really hope that when someone reads this .. that it will touch them in away and maybe just maybe .. decide to follow what Allah had said instead of what society is telling us to think and do.

Rawan said...

Hi 7abebty miss u 2!

Exactly! when I mentioned whats going in Kuwait... I didn't know what to describe it better than racist.. 9a7! we need a new word just to describe whats going on here... I agree with u.. Racist is just too nice!

eshda3wa said...

elwaiylee(shaikh deen) allah yer7ama was in london

lama rad gal

ra2aytoo islaman bela moslemeen (3an elwest)

and here gal

ra2ayto muslimeen bela eslam.

nothing rings more true

No3iK said...


No3iK said...

eshda3wa .. yeh i know him
allah yr7ma inshallah

very true and wise words.

MissApril said...

I know several Muslims and for the most part they are peace loving hard working people who would give anyone in need the shirt off their back. My friends own the corner store and they are in no way making bombs.....they are too busy working

No3iK said...

Miss April
i thank you for ur comment, which i agree with.
Most muslims are peace loving.. but this post discuss some muslim communities and how they tend to be racist amongst each other, specially when it comes to marriage. which in Islam is highly against.

:::ShoSho::: said...

It's what I say all the time! Muslims think they pray and fast that's it! they are good muslims.. it's not the case.. people are USING Islam to send a wrong message.. Take Terror for example, they want to kill non-muslims fa they use islam as a reason, to make it halal..

Not to mention Ghaba o nameema o racism..

BUT, tara all religions encourage good teachings, I don't think many Christians represent their religion either! I have a Christian friend (family friend for a long time) who always defends us Muslims, when ppl tell her look what muslims are doing.. she always tells them that we are no better either, look at Catholics and protestants attacking each other,etc.. and she makes me laugh when she tells them if you think Muslim women are oppressed and abused and have no say or personality, then you haven't met the Kuwaiti women I know ;)

I think religion is personal, and we should not judge people by religion, same way we shouldn't by colour-family-status.. etc.. I think religion is personal.. Yes I do like to represent a good image of my religion but I think people should look at each other in terms of personality..

Yes Islam teaches us to be good and kind and etc.. but if a muslim is otherwise, then it's unfair to judge Islam for his behaviour..

LoooL Gargart wayed!

No3iK said...

shosho 7beeebty
a7la garga wallah!
enty 3wrty glbi coz u mentioned so many thing that really break my heart about our society..

all i can say is .. Allah yahdi al kil yarab! i really do believe Islam and Muslims will shine again. they have to.. inshallah.


swera said...

Finally u're blogging @@?! :) wb :*

let me tell u this! Now I know sm Muslim r racists and so others, Christians & Jews! but why do we attach racism with religion? why not society or education?! it's wrong to say that Muslims r Racists or Cjristians so & so! that means that I too shall find another faith?! is that right?! NOP!

If that lady was a true believer and educated then she'd hv known that this is not about religion it's about the mentality of humans :D

No3iK said...

swera u have a very valid point which i agree with..
but Islam is one of the only religions that addressed racism.. and for Muslims to be real true Muslims they shouldnt be racist.. thats why its a bigger deal when were racist coz our religion directly asked us not to be.

Touché said...

Sadly it's true, it's the one thing we could not get rid of since Islam inception and possibly since Kain and Habel, even at prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) days he admitted that it's a destructive practice that hasn't been totally eliminated from Muslims' behavior.
Having racist Muslims doesn't nullify Islam from its ethics and morals, an action never takes away the righteousness of Islam beliefs, be it due to racism, negligence or ignorance, facts will remain intact. Hope that she finds her way back to Islam and distance religion from eccentric Muslims.