Friday, November 19, 2010

Were @ War

al7imdellah my birth was just as planned, all natural no interventions or drugs ..
17 hours of contractions .. and Muhammed said hi to mommy, daddy and the world :)

first thing nurses did was ask me to breastfeed him, skin to skin contact. i loved how they were aware of all the things i have already read and wanted to do. i felt that the support system was very aware and strong here .. in my medical files and Muhammed files it stated with a red line under it (EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFED) meaning they will not take the baby for feeds at all. i requested he be with me in the room at all times, i did the changing, feeding, and burping .. they kept doing regular check ups plus bathed him :) which was super cute!

now the war starts here .. im back home, sleep deprived tired.. can barely fit time for my own meals .. im breastfeeding on demand .. so there isnt a time schedule that i can work according to... and i receive this in my mail box ..they sent "it" @ a time when they know a mother is most vulnerable at. a beautiful colorful envelope congratulating me and welcoming Muhammed with a very warm but greedy hug, from this very famous company (GERBER/NESTLE)!

i open it, it was filled with adorable gerber babies, Q&A section about their newly modified just like "breastmilk" formula!! ... but wait thats not all; a very generous gift a "CHECK" signed by them that is for me!.. my gift for having Muhammed? but gets even better.. the check can only be spent for purchasing their new formula!!!

isnt that INSANE!!! theyre not just promoting formula, its as if theyre at war with breastfeeding! how did they get access to my information to begin with?? how did they know i just gave birth? since they have all my info they obviously know im exclusively breastfeeding.. which makes me a target!

all of this got me thinking, formula companies push formula down babies throats to make millions and millions of dollars! they give free formula for new mommies, just to have them hooked.. seems kind and generous of them to do so.. 1 - 2 say 3 free formula cans that leads to buying the same formula can for atleast 2 years! now how generous is that! so why would any company endorse or encourage breastfeeding since no one is making money out of it!

its beyond sad .. and upsetting.
for the sake of our future generations, i really hope parents would read more and learn whats good for their kids and whats not.. instead of letting main stream media decide for (brain wash) them.

wish everyone is well.
missing u and kuwait so very much!


Atinzad said...

Exactly, its all about money. Thank you Sister for informing us and yes we do need to read more about what is best for our kids.. and not just for the first two years but for the rest of their childhood and early adulthood

:::ShoSho::: said...

I just hate this Formula! But they know I think because here I get a goodie box at the hospital, all da3ayat from baby companies nappies, food, etc.. O e76oon samples in it.. and then when I went home they sent me a box when he was 6 months, 1 year and 1.5.. all things according to his growth.. and formula is also in this box..

But you know, if you know you want to breastfeed khalas just ignore.. tara some people KNOW that breastfeeding is better but they use formula anyways.. I think some can be misinformed true but ALOT of people know yet they dont care much.. many people make fun of me coz I feed still..

a la Mocha said...

Wow. They're good. Glad ur strong enuf to stick to ur beliefs and not giv in to their manipulation. 9ej they're sneaky.

Rawan said...

hmmm, thats weird ;/
you do whats right! thats it..
brainwashing is all over the place.. but can we control it??
God bless u and you children inshallah ;*

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with you on how ridiculously aggressive these companies are to push their "alternative" nutrition to mommies, I also have to speak on behalf of mothers who didn't have such an easy time with breast feeding. I, for one, did not have my milk "come down" until 5 days after my son was born. I tried everything that the hospital's lactation specialist advised me. Ultimately, nature would not yield, and I had to wait for my milk 5 days after I gave birth. What was I supposed to do? If it wasn't for the formula, I don't know what we would've done. When my breast milk eventually became available, I alternated giving my son formula and breast milk, and it worked out fine. He is a healthy, bright, handsome, and vibrant 11 year old boy. I said all this to say that for some women, breast feeding doesn't come as "naturally" as it should. In my case, there was a delay with having my breast milk come at the same time that my son was born. I was exremely frustrated, and was feeling a bit inadequate, as I had always thought in my mind that as soon as the baby comes, the milk will, too. No one ever told me that a delay could potentially be expected. I knew I couldn't waste time kicking myself over something I had no control over, and I fed my baby formula.

No3iK said...

thanks all for ur comments and support.

dear anonymous:
i appreciate the time u gave to write about ur eperience and im very happy that u got to breastfeed!
each person comes with their own experiance i agree with you.. ur an aware person and knew all the information, that for one is enough! u did ur job by simpy reading and knowing whats best for ur kids.. u did ur best like u said u have a great 11 year old :) i mainly post for the mommies who dont know ..
alot of companies here and even doctors dont give mommies full information.. we need a lot of awareness for them to atleast know and then make their own decision.

wish u all the best! and thanks again for ur post ;)