Monday, May 23, 2011

an honest man

cement floors, cracked, cold, dead-very cold
i cant sit up; im afraid my skin will peal
everything hurts.
my bones wont heal.

im stuck in the dark, in the cold,
im beyond broken,
i loath the air.
the stench of ache and despair.

"9 years of what i ask?"
"9 years of what i ask?"
"9 years of who f*&$*@% cares?!"

i get up;
my knees dig through the solid ground
my heavy breath burns the crust of frozen air.
my skin suffers with thirsty viscous blood.
and my soul is weak,

i stand up on my own, my very weak own.
i look up, my neck hurts.
every f^&%$^ joint hurts
i see nothing. but "me"
im all i need to "see"

my heart beats, one beat at a time.
the sound of it is very beautiful.
cant "she" see?


oh i forgot: "who f&*(&%$@ cares?!"

-im right here-


Butterfly Chick said...

"i see nothing. but "me"
im all i need to "see""
Loved this part the most.. Exactly.. You are all you need to see..!!

No3iK said...

welcome to my blog butterfly! how sweet of u .. im glad u liked it :*

Amu said...

Interesting..who is this related too??

long time..hope ur doing well?

No3iK said...

amu! hope ur well sure been very long.

its about a good friend of mine.. who still not over someone :( sad

Touché said...

Beautifully written.

Paints the scene flawlessly and puts you in the middle of it. You can actually see the heavy breaths burning the frozen crust of frozen air, and soul warmth grasping for its life and emanating warmth to fight cold surroundings.

No3iK said...

touche i always look forward to ur comments .. thanks for visiting my blog again .. :)