Saturday, July 21, 2012

حلفت عمري

mubarak 3laikom alshahar inshallah.
im really looking forward to the peace, quality time and to not go out as much factor. to reflect on ones self, but most importantly spend more time with Allah is always the highlight of this month.
it will also traditionally include more tv time, at least in my case,  since i dont regularly watch tv. yesterday i skimmed through most of the promising tv shows.. and was glued to the screen the minute "حلفت عمري" aired!

 it starts in a very delicate manner, gently introduces you to a simple small Kuwaiti neighborhood in the 50s, it warms your heart up to fall in love with this sweet teenage cute couple on a rainy day. their innocence was something that our screen have missed for a very long time. my favorite moment was the scene where the boy drops off a dish for the girls mother, just so that they can see each other, she was stealing a peak at him all the way from the back. he could only take a few glances  (very quick split shy full of excitement seconds ) but meant the world to both of them!.. all of that while still trying to carry a fake but funny conversation with her mother! this scene was very short but was executed in a way that would stay with you for a while.. the feelings and butterflies were all very genuine. i couldnt help but smile the whole time. this show is "very good" when it comes to directing, shooting, filtering, acting, script, actors, costumes, makeup, story and location!!! even the motion of the camera was very steady and calm that made a perfect balance with their background music. im in love with its details! all their hard work and attention to details really did pay off! all the vintage things and furniture made it all look so relaxing and beautiful to the eye. it also compliments the story line and translates it in its own unique way.

i hope they would give the young couple more time on the show before they growup!  theyre soo adorable! im also looking forward to them growing up, since huda hussein is playing the role! shes a promising actress! all the best to her and the creators of this show :)

you can watch it on MBC Drama @ 3:00 pm and on Kuwait 1 @9:30 pm
wishing everyone a blessed month.

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