Sunday, April 27, 2008

To all the non pregg ladies ;)

so for you NON PREG GALS .. a list of what your NOT missing ;p

Lets start with the baby kicks, the oddest places u could imagine!! sometimes it feels like PINS .. and some times more like electricity going through you!! its not comfortable .. and could get scary!

the ITCHYNESS!! ur entire body starts to itch .. and there is nothing u can do about it .. no bodyscrubs .. showers .. moistorizers .. natural oils, i have tried everything .. the itch is always there .. and its not the kind you can just ignore.

SLEEPING ON MY LEFT SIDE EVERY NITE! is another way you can torture someone ... yes! i have to sleep on the left side ONLY! all nite .. and not move or roll over .. since sleeping on the back or right side .. would slow the blood flow to the baby .. :s

bleeding gums while brushing ur teeth!! :S the horror of a pink toothbrush everymorning :(

the clothes u just ADORE! dont fit anymore ..maternity clothes are simple ugly! not to mention NO MORE HIGH HEELS!!! x```( im soooo soooo bored with flats!
Humiliation, prepare ur self to "throwup" at almost anytime! any place! with out a warning. :/

you miss feeling simply comfortable! you deal with difficulty in breathing! heart burns .. and back aches! all at once.

your no longer described as (hot .. sexy ..attractive.. etc) ur either beautiful, pretty, radiant, cute or glowing! thats it! ok theyre all sweet .. but i think its boring :p

being very emotional! when u cry over almost anything .. everyday! basically you (pms x 10 for 9 months!)

people always stare at you .. and somehow since u have a huge belly now .. its considered ok! not to mention the ones who approach and ask to touch ur belly!!

The penguin walk! not being able to jump, run up the stairs, walk long distances with out losing ur breath! not being able to keep up with the ppl your with. the gym!God i miss that :( and dont tell me that i can do the preggos exercise!! theyre not an option .. theyre just there to humiliate us even more!

not benig able to munch on SUSHI .. JAP food .. add to that .. coffee , tea , chocolate salt and suger! a long list of ( no no`s)

when you get ill .. flu or what ever .. there are no meds you can take, nothing so far is 100% safe .. it will take u twice as long to recover .. in other words .. you WILL suffer.

being deprived .. of massages! ok i know theyve got these special preg messages .. but wheres the fun when you cant lay on ur tummy!! i mean thats the whole point of a massage .. going somewhere to lay on ur tummy!! but no, in this case, they massage your back while ur sitting!!!

LOL this one is actually funny, could be cute :p getting a popped belly button! ;p saying hello to the out side world.

in some cases (my case) .. not allowed to drive ur car :(

forcing food up your throat, having to eat food you hate.. 'eatign for two!!' i hate it when they say that x@

every womans nightmare .. (STRETCH MARKS) i still havent got those .. they say some ppl just dont get them! so keep praying with me :)

and finally .. the constant constant constant .. worrying! i have never in my life worried this much! for every checkup .. every i dont know what ..
you worry .. bout the babies health .. and yours .. not to mention .. ur DUE DATE! the constant waiting .. count downs .. and the nitemares you have.

oh yes .. its one rough road to take .. right now it seems endless ..

hope everyone is well ;)


Dana said...

And it will all be worth it when they give you the bundle of blanket and you look at his/her eyes for the first time =) You'll forget everything and plan for another. Trust me I've seen it with all my relatives =P

And dont worry too much babe, it will pass quickly!

Allah ysahil 3alaich ya rab wigawmich bisalama enshallah soon.

No3iK said...

danaaa i misssu :*

do0da said...

bes :P ?

and i thought it was actually hard

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for alllll those things!! I'm excited :D

Atinzad said...

Thats why heaven is under womens steps/feet :)

Men don't have to go thru it but they have to hear about it lool ;)

But your post is very descriptive, any one reading it would actually feel the pain... almost.

Salamaat o Allah yesahel

Inshalla with all this worrying and taking care it will pay off and a healthy angel bundle of joy will be born :)

No3iK said...

-shoots doda in the head-

lol i must say! women are weird :p hehehehe
welcome to the blog hun.

aaawwww u poor men! u dont go to labor .. but u have to HEAR ABOUT IT!! the horror!!

heheheheheh how dare u even say that!

thanks man .. each word i wrote came right from the heart! thats why it is very true and real.
and thanks for the prayers i sure need them :)

Oleana said...

Congratulations! Believe me it's all worth it. It is such an amazing experience. One day you will look back at all this and smile ;)

Swair. said...

Awwww! 7asaait jesmi 7akni lol

La etkhafeen, we're all here for you and you're going to be fine and you'll have a gorgeous bundle of happiness lol

Organic Kuwait said...

This may be long, but it is very important for many non pregnant girls to know, it might also be of use for pregnant women too:
1. The baby kicks are amazing, it’s a way the baby communicates with mommy and u can totally control them by sweet thoughts and sending some love to the baby who can totally feel ur energy.. baby kicks is something u enjoy as well as everybody around u, putting ur hand and feeling the kicks surely makes any day brighter for anybody.
2. Itchiness, this is something that can be prevented by having an elastic skin, this can be easily established by eating right, according to numerous studies, whole grains like brown rice makes the skin very stretchy and will go back to normal right after pregnancy with minimal scars, diet full of sugar and flour products etc will make u itch more and make u scar more. shower gels and scrubs wont help but a good quality natural oil should make u feel better.
3. That’s very smart of u to sleep on ur left side, if u cant be comfortable u can rearrange the pillows around u or just use this position to hug ur husband all night. If u concentrate u will totally feel how comfortable the baby when ur sleeping in this position and u wouldn’t exchange it for anything else.
4. Bleeding gums are a symptom of a poor diet, healthy women who prepare their body for child bearing will not experience this problem as well as many other discomforts like morning sickness etc.
5. There are some very cute maternity clothes and honestly I never had to buy those, try keeping ur nice jeans unzipped and cover it with a cotton fit top. Thank God the top designers are all into loose clothing and they make very very pretty ones. If u r eating right u will gain the weight on ur tummy which is very cute and no where else, that way many of ur cute clothes will look even cuter with ur kicking belly.
6. Backaches and heart burn are not part of a healthy pregnancy. For more I will be posting the names of my favorite books on these subjects, you have to be very picky of what you read because the wrong book will totally give u the wrong ideas about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care and breastfeeding.
7. A happy healthy pregnant women is very radiant, you hair is shiner, ur happiness shows on ur face and will be reflected on everyone who meets u. if ur loved ones are not telling u how beautiful and natural u look then something is wrong.
8. The good thing about pregnancy and breastfeeding is that u spend at least 3 years of ur life without any pms. Ur hormones are in their best balance and shape, u r more woman than u ever been, u have all the womanly strength and super powers and all this makes u feel everything 10 times more, choose to feel more love choose to feel more passion for things and all the good feelings u can find inside ur heart. Being unhappy is a choice, it also has a lot to do with ur diet. for example a diet full of caffeine, flour products and sugar will give u that pms feeling u r talking about.
9. U r not missing anything by not being able to jump or run for these few months. Keep active with Yoga, Pilates and swimming, u will be doing lots of jumping and running when playing with ur baby for the rest of ur life.
10. Pregnancy is the right time for many to correct their bad eating habits and choose a healthier life style, after all u will have a baby that u will be responsible for not only breastfeeding but teaching eating habits too. Many women get rid of many addictions during this time which will save their health in the long run :)
11. Pregnant women usually have a very strong immunity system, and if u eat right and keep ur body strong u r unlikely to get the flu. Medications are not safe or okay for anyone, pregnant or not.
12. Pregnant women should be able to get all the benefit of a nice massage from the spouse and this should make them closer and it will help both bond with the baby, Indian head massage is amazing with ur partner, oiling ur tummy is also nice especially if the baby surprises u with a kick :)
13. No one should ever eat something he/she hates, u should be able to enjoy ur food and eat the best quality food that keeps u balances emotionally and physically.

Go easy on urself dear, I know many girls who have these nightmares and worries, something I learned from my midwifery teacher who is also a gynecologist in England is to keep the checkups to the minimal if there is nothing wrong with u.. try to connect to urself and ur body and u will not need anybody to tell u if something is wrong.. focus on quality reading, be careful of bad books that are widely available in the market, read up on breastfeeding and trouble shooting common problems…in this day of time we have so many studies and research that supports and puts a lot of weight on healthy nutrition as part of having a happy pregnancy. I know u decided to write about the bad experience u r facing with this pregnancy, I also know that there are tons of great happy feelings u have about it im sure.. im sure u are enjoying being pregnant and u will miss it right after the baby is old enough and weaned himself naturally and ur body is ready to go through it again.. sorry for the long post I hope I made sense and there is some coherence in it since I typed it super fast.. :)

um-miT3ib said...

i dont mind flats

but being called cute might cause them an abortion ;p

No3iK said...

thanks alot .. and great site! ;)

lol .. sorry for that ;p
thanks dear ..

*organic kuwait:
omg!! u are just amazing .. u already know how much i love ur posts ..
and this is one of them. thanks!
and i didnt mean to sound negative .. this was supposed to be a funny post .. with a light note :p of course im loving my pregnancy, my ticker says "loving every minute!"
i wrote this out of humor like i said .. dont worry sweety im doing great .. but like u said my diet isnt the best .. and thats why im having many of these very hard to deal with symptoms .. the food that i dont like to eat is red meat and fish! and everyone keeps telling me that i have to eat it.
i try my best .. i really do ..
again thank u for a great, very informative and useful comment! like always.

*um mit3ib:
LOL qaweya!! hehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

I didnt read the post but I read organic's comment...I guess I was expecting her here :D

Anonymous said...

Not allowed to drive your car??? You can put up with all the rest, but not allowed to drive?? Aarrrgh!

Talk to your sweet baby when he/she kicks. Talk when you are scratching your itchy skin. Talk all the time. The baby can already hear your voice and loves the sound of it.

Jewaira said...

Enjoy the wonder... and do it over and over again :)

Dana said...

I miss you too 7bibti !! :')

Big Pearls said...

lool and just today I thought I might be ready to start a family and I read this post:p

Marzouq said...

You keep saying preggos and I keep thinking its a cereal or breakfast! 7amdilla all is going well, I don't know why you are doing some of the things you are doing, I knew of some pregnant women who did things differently, you just have to find the things you enjoy doing, and your diet is your choice not everybody else's!

eshda3wa said...


inshallah when its all over oo u have a healthy beautiful baby in ur hands u will realise its all worth it

and ull probably go thru it a couple more times volentairly!

Organic Kuwait said...

Im definitely relieved! :)
No u don’t have to eat meat nor fish if u don’t want to, there is nothing extra special in these foods that u cant find anywhere else.. in fact mercury levels is a worrying concern in fish, and the meat industry is not the safest that’s for sure. Someone might say u are actually better off without them :) I will certainly keep u updated when I post anything on this subject :)
p.s. hurry and type us a post about all the wonderful things pregnancy offers u ! i personally cant wait for such a wonderful post :)

Mirror Polisher said...

Hahahaha...just this morning i was telling someone pregnant women are sooo cute coz of their penguin walk :D

Loved this post :)

Sarooni said...

way Allah y3eenich ..toldeen bel salama

No3iK said...

lol thanks for clearing that out.

we talk all the time! i do the talking and the baby does all of the kicking .. heheheh its fun ..
and i know not being able to drive is too much! but on the good side, it did get me closer to hub since hes taking me to all the places now .. we share special car time ;p

thats what everyone is telling me ;p that it could get addictive!


*big pearls:
when u feel ur ready .. then u are! .. trust ur gut feeling ;)

ee wallah i know .. each pregnancy is different .. coz after all we do have different bodies :p
thanks man .. and for a tech guy like ur self .. i wouldnt be surprised u didnt know what it meant :p so u learnt something new today!

yeah .. i know ..
thanks girls :)
allah yisma3 minich inshalah.

*organic kuwait:
:) dont worry .. the post is on its way ;)
and thanks for the extra info! hehehehe
btw did u get my BPA email?

*mirror polisher:
im glad u did!
and i adore the penguin walk .. always did :p

, *saroni:
congrats on ur new blog ..
o allah esalmich thanks 7abebty :)

Anonymous said...

7abeebety walla zanooob.
It seems like your really suffering
I dont remember suffering that much. But it seems like your very protective and taking care of your little bun pretty well. When I was pregnant i was 18. I was quite immature.ya3ny i broke all the rules good for you your 26. I ate mcdonalds, frozen microwave, a9lan nisatee kanat 3la il bufak !!!! name it but know i really regret it. Concerning the stretch marks (again i was immature) i regret not putting creams cuz im paying the price now. Even my poor mom brought a cream but i didn'r bother. I advice you to apply the best cream you can read about on the internet cuz the stretch marks dont show up now they show up after delivery or probably cuz they are on the bottom of your belly so you cant see them a9lan ...
Alla eysahil 3laich 7abeebty walla im praying for you every day God knows.... yala ma buga illa ilgaleeel and the best is yet to come ...Love you

your lovely cousin Sara

No3iK said...

aaawww ... sara :***

7sbeeebty .. thanks .. omg i can barely remember the days when u were preg! time does fly! .. i was 20 or 21! anyways u were a young hero! and u all made it al7imdellah :***
o nisatich bufak!! LOL abaaaaih i didnt know that .. strange thing i didnt have any nisat .. anyways love .. nawartaaay my blog ;*
o love u more ..

Kaos said...

Awww, inshallah after all that it will be worth it :)
About the stretch marks I heard that you should be using some kinda cream at the time of teh pregnancy so they don't appear after.
When is the delivery expected?

No3iK said...

thank you ..
and im using tons of creams!
if u know a specific very good one please let me know :)

and my due date is July 14th inshallah :)

vogue said...


nice blog!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ithink ur being very negative about it

No3iK said...


thanks :) and welcome.

i think it depends on the attitude/tone u read it with .. this is not a seriuos post.. more like a fun venty one.
many of my preg/mommy frineds called me laughing after reading it! ;)

Sara said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah ma3aaach 7aag walllaaa m3aaaaaaaaaach 7ag bkel kelmaaa gelteeeha :>

yallaa b3d shensawy hathaa el themaaaan :D

o nesaitay salfaat el 7amaaam ! o nesaitay salfaat el rawa'e7 ely nshemhaa :/

ree7at el catchup tsabebly azmaaaaa :/

thank u very nice post :D

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooL Chill honey inshllah everything will pass smoothly and you will have a safe delivery and a healthy cute baby..

No3iK said...


LOL ana fe waaaaaaaaaaayid ashya2 5alait.ha ma5shosha :p
heheheh bs 9agga .. ana al diyay :s i cant even look at it any more shay mo 6abeee3i wallah ..

allah esahil 3l kil babes thanks ;)

*sho sho:
hehehehe thanks darling i know .. thats why i registered in a yoga class .. hoping it will help with the chilling part :)

:::ShoSho::: said...

Oh Yoga's good.. I did it when I was pregnant with my second child..

No3iK said...

i dont know why isnt it more popular amongst kuwaiti preggos?