Thursday, April 03, 2008


when a guy stretches his arm ... pulls up his sleeve ..
and says: "release me from my misery"

and no it was not a joke, he totally meant it, he did that only after i asked him: "can i help you?" not to mention .. i ve only known him for two days!

i think im dealing with a real suicidal here ... he sometimes scares me ..
i dont know what to do! :(
*ps: i miss my domain :(


Hasan.B said...

If you are going to do it, then make sure you have some very strong acid to make the body vanish. You do not want anyone finding out what you did, dont you?

Anonymous said...

You should refer him to a trained clinical psychologist or psychiatrist immediately. This is no laughing matter hasan.b!

Big Pearls said...

hmmm tough..I've just been pulled out from drowning myself so ma adri what to do:p

eshda3wa said...

for two days?

ok the dude needs a therapist

Marzouq said...

That is very strange, where do you work that you see this guy?

Atinzad said...

hmmm... tough call

No3iK said...

everyone ...

i think hes already seeing someone .. but since were in kuwait .. i dont think it makes any difference ..

ill just keep my distance i guess..

thanks all