Thursday, July 03, 2008

tick .. tock

i can now confirm that having bed rest .. does actually WORK!
in my case .. it did more than just that .. hehehehe
im still a ticking belly waiting to pop ..
im enjoying my baby so much inside .. but im also growing so impatient of the constant worrying and waiting.

it at times get frustrating where i feel like i want to break and cry!
specially when its late at night and im so beat tired but cant sleep!!
i dont remember the last time i slept and didnt have to wakeup every 30 mins
to toss and turn!

im hoping soon! hehee its weird how can someone hope for the most painful experience youll ever endure.
thats why being a mother is a miracle! u hope and wait for what u know will be unbearable.
but i know i will look back one day .. and smile.

i want to hold my baby more than anything right now .. i dont care how or when ?
im planning to go all natural no drugs or epis .. so ill be needing those extra prayers from you guys :)

hope everyone is well .. i know most of u either left the country or on your way out .. so please enjoy it for both of us ;) since ill be stuck here all summer!

take care :*


do0da said...

dun worry il make sure to have enuf fun for the both of us esp if i get to see gnarls barkley, travis and jamie lidell ;D

No3iK said...


Big Pearls said...

inshalla it will all go well:)

Squirreliya said...

Allah yhawen 3allaich w etyebeenlina the cutest baby ever eli ynaseech ta3abich all those months ;*

i'll be here in summer too, a2aazrich ;p

oh and i guess u'll have a baby boy ..mashAllah now mawsem awlad *i'll wait and see :p*

Yazeed said...

aham shay mo june 29 :)

daw3watny weyach mama z

Delicately Realistic said...

7bebti intay ;* wallah 3ela 6ol ad3elich kil ma ashof ur emails and i c ur little ticker.....hanaaaat !

Marzouq said...

Alah egawmich bil salamh or salamat wildich/bintich! :)

Its something which can not really be described! :)

PaLoMiNo said...

la t7ateen sweetie... yalla ra7 il kather o ma boga ila il qaleeel:)

Ansam said...

alla yesahil 3alaich inshalla :-) keep that baby baking hehehe

FourMe said...

alah yhawin 3alaich w ygawmich bil salma entay wil baby inshalla. I'm hoping you already popped :)