Sunday, June 22, 2008

You have to try this - MIND BLOWING

its really not like me to just post links.. but this is an exceptional case!!
i and hub stayed up last night untill 3 a.m trying to complete level 108!!


the thrill u get after completing each level is very worth it ;p
i know its lame, its just a game! but its very addictive and challenging.
my only excuse for spending so much time on it is that I consider it to be a very good work out to our brains :p

so enough said .. just click away:

and please update me on your levels!
im very curiuos to know who will master in this ;)
ps. another reason to hate work! is for blocking this link :@


Atinzad said...

The Forum that accompanies the site is very active and helpful (they do not give out the passwords to the levels nor do they give walk through) they do give out clues which is another brain workout.

The great thing is that the technology used is very simple (flash with its very basic components) So the guy who made this game shows us that it is very simple to make a highly addictive game with simple technology i.e you don't have to be an artist.. inovation counts for a lot :)

Thanks for the post.. nice game

No3iK said...


u know so much about this :p

when i googled it i was surprised how famous it is!

so im sure many ppl around know it as well..

so u didnt tell me which level did u reach so far??

Squirreliya said...

3ajeeeba.. wesalt level 19 and then i had to leave ..i'll try it some other time again, thaanks for sharing ;)

Anonymous said...

if you're into this kinda stuff, try these:

i always get hooked for the first few days (tops one week) then i get bored hehe

Ansam said...

I got this: the site you are attempting to access has no business value and access is therefore denied... LOL
(I am at work, will try it from home)

No3iK said...

hehehe good job ;)
yeh the levels take days

funny thing is im really not into games at all ..
but this one got me hooked!
ill try the sites u gave me ..
thanks dear :)

yeh most work places block game sites! u should give it a try ;)

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work with me....I mean the link...

Anonymous said...

its not working with me :(

No3iK said...


are u at work .. coz at work its usually blocked ..

im sure the link is just fine..

try it with firefox ..

just incase ill type it here as well:

Glitter said...

7aram 3alaich ish sawwaity feeni !!!

I read ur post two days ago, went straight to the link and was hooked ever since. Ma midani 7itta aktib lich comment.

AS if I need another distraction in my busy busy life!!

Abbaih I told my brother abt it. He works abroad and now he calls me every level he reaches for help. He says the guys at his work place have ditched work and are competing now..


No3iK said...


glit :p

hehehe wanasa ;p it feels good knowing im not the only one losing it over this insane game!
i sometimes love .. the creator .. and at times i feel like shooting him :@

anyways .. tell me which level did u reach?
and a tip for all of u guys ..
u should read the HELP forum .. its really really good! i would never have made it this far with out it.

a9 said...

hi,nice in level 140 the pass is "arrows"

a9 said...

stuck in 155 !!!

a9 said...

160 ;D pass;Are you pissed off yet?

No3iK said...

LOL funny ...
so let me get this straight
u managed to get from level 140 to level 160 ..
in just 33 minutes??!!

hmmmmmmmmmmm ....

ur either super smart ..
or ur super cheating from the password forums :p

a9 said...

Yesh ;D Am Super Smart :P

a9 said...

um n ur wrong i was from 155 to 160
140 played yes.

PaLoMiNo said...

i will let u do once i do it:)

yalla na6reench toldeen ;-D wansaa nabee baby ;-D

Feminist™ said...

shaklha nice =)
im gonna start playing tomorrow :D

NoNoWa said...

Ha sweetie....any news?? How ya feeling? :)

Ruby Woo said...

Everytime I try games like this, I end up feeling stupid! They're always hard.. So I always give up pretty quick.

Squirreliya said...

p.s: you are mentioned in my last post "Peace".

..long time wainech?! hope everything is great ;)

do0da said...

li3abt-ha once til like lvl 20 shay chan awagif never continued it :P shdarani i was suppossed to memorize the pass 3ashan akamil min mukani

im addicted to this its more fun :P

Missy said...

ana stuck fe level 14 :P LOL