Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Im back from Dubaya ;)

beach view

This was one of my most original visits to Dubai!
(im from now on calling it, the city that doesnt know how to sleep!)

i will start by saying i had a GREAT time but there were two major spoilers:

1. My back/feet:

i wasnt able to enjoy my shoes like i usually do .. from day one .. i immediately walked in to the first shoe store i got to and purchased me a pair of flats! i kept thinking "is this a sign im getting old! am i now broken?!" it was so depressing :( but then again its been only 3 months since my small body gave birth .. maybe it still needs time to heal .. i decided to still give me a chance ;p

2. Constructions:constructions

every visit i make sure we stay in a different hotel in Dubai, one of their finest hotels/resorts!
its very important to me the place we stay in has (walking areas) .. not just buildings .. it must have open space .. not just the city! its very important that im able to walk aroudn with my baby cam and take snaps of what i see... this time it was a different story!
yes the resort was one of the most luxuriuos .. yes the view was breath taking! BUT the construction of more than i can count ruined it all!!! they were like attacking the place from each and every corner. i kept thinking this country has a problem .. they dont know when or where to stop! they are literally suffocating the place!! u can no longer see the sky! mashallah because of the sky scrapers! no more land .. all projects and workers .. and if that wasnt enough .. they want to take over the sea as well and burry it!
i wasnt able to sleep well because of the noise .. they worked ROUND THE CLOCK! non stop!!
i felt so sad .. and sorry for this place because i know for a fact .. everything has a limit to it .. obviuosly they are pushing it!
I mean i was in Dubai few months ago .. an entire harbor was gone! i almost cried .. coz i rememeber taking shots of it and it was beyond beautiful! now its simply gone! *top pic

I really wish this doesnt back fire one day .. i dont know much about enviroemntal rules .. but i do know that in life, nature needs to be in balance.

other than that .. the star of this trip was no one but my little Aboodi :*** i dont think he knew he was in Dubai :p but the look on his face when ever he saw colors, lights, different shapes around him .. was more than enough .. his contact with phoriners and their kids; who would come and want to play with him .. again, was more than enough .. i know that he learnd something, and i know he enjoyed it :) best part was after we got home!! he wouldnt stop giggling and playing. He really missed being here (home) .. it simply was breath taking.

over and out! needless to say .. i missed u all soo very much ;*


NBQ said...

hey did u notice: aboodi masha'Allah is: 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old today according to teh lilypie! :)

f7ee7eely said...

3aaash habtoor grand:P

Atinzad said...

Very nice pic you took. Yeah the country is stead fast in development.

hope they could rest and no more construction or minimal construction so people could actually enjoy the place.

I like the Dubaya :P

Big Pearls said...

7amdilla 3al salama:)

No3iK said...

yeaaaah .. u just brought that to my attention! how cute ;)

LOL shlon darait ;p

where have u been man! 7adik long time no see ..
thanks glad u liked the pic although its not my standard! this trip i had to choose between my baby cam and my baby 3bood :p and guess who made it ?

Glitter said...

Welcome Back :-)

How was Aboodi in his first vacation ever?

Yazeed said...

can you spot the spelling mistake? :

"his contact with phoriners and their kids; who would come and want to play with him "


7imdillah 3al salameh! glad u had fun

No3iK said...

alah esalmich dear ..
walllah he did more than great ..
he slept in most of it .. bs like i said im sure he enjoyed it :)

hatha ili bakf5a! ent wain wana wain :p

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

El 7amdellah 3ala el salama

Anonymous said...

You will wear those high heels again and LOVE them. They just aren't made for long walks with a baby carriage. Special nights out with the hubby - you'll do fine! :-)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

welcome back ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home .. I love Dubai too

Squirreliya said...

el7emdillah 3al salama ..glad u had fun ;D

Sara said...

1000 el7emdelaa 3la salamtich o salamat 3boooooooodii :>

Delicately Realistic said...

Give Boodi a kiss from his Auntie DR ;>

eshda3wa said...

7mdela 3al salamah

glad u had such a goodtime!

G.Q. said...

Awalan the "city that never sleeps" is taken .. it's LAS VEGAS :P

O thani shay .. if it's a family trip don't go to any hotel except Kimpinsky Mall of the Emirates. It's an amazing 5 star hotel and best of all you shop where you live. Perfect for families.

Yazeed said...

ee atleast fix it :P

Marzouq said...

7admilla 3ala Salamah! That is true, the construction is nonstop there! But what I do like about Dubai is that there are a lot of places to walk around in!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that when I traveled there last time... I miss the old Arabian touch there.

Cloudy Stars said...