Thursday, October 09, 2008

Horrible pain!

nothing can annoy me more than having to worry about something that i have no knowledge in.

vaccines!! when i go give abood his vaccinations .. it kills me that i have read in so many places /articles .. that some if not ALL are not necessary for babies .. a lot of ppl are shunning them for now and only giving them two years after birth .. to prevent some of what is believed to be harmful side affects (one of them is Autism!) and to give the baby's body a chance to build a stronger immune system.

what is worst than not having enough knowledge in something, is when you seek professional help .. and they simply give you one of the most generic answers! just to shut you up and send you home.
even the nurse who was giving the vaccine did not tell me what type of vaccine this was and for what purpose it was given! i have already did my home work and read it beforehand .. i just wanted reconfirmation from HER the person in charge of it.. she didnt reply .. she just said: its his scheduled vaccination, bring him again after a month!
im like (6igeeeny b3d!! :@)

i know i may sound over protective or even paranoid .. but that is not the case ..
im just wondering why isnt there enough information for the parents? why isnt the staff professional or the least nice!
she kept injecting the needles in his tiny thigh like he was an orange for practice! he was gooing and playing with his hands .. when suddenly his eyes flooded with tears! he was screaming from the top of his lungs .. his face immediately flushed bright red .. he just kept staring right into my eyes .. as if i have betrayed him!! i couldn't help but cry .. tried to make it easier by stroking his tiny head and his furry hair .. i promised him it was over, when it was not .. there were two more shots to go!! three shots all at once! isnt that too much
even we adults cant handle such pain.

After he took the three shots he was so tired .. there was no more energy left in him to cry .. tears kept rolling as he laid his head im my lap to finally surrender and sleep .. my crushed heart and worried thoughts kept on going. i hugged him real tight .. and apologized .. there was nothing else i could do .. the nurse let me go with no instructions at all .. other than a paper (prescription).
later on i learned that i was supposed to put cold/ice bags on his thighs .. and also make sure he doesn't get a fever .. which he did .. poor little thing.
it was a very terrible experience. i was not prepared for this at all.

good news is .. im leaving this week for a short break to Dubai :) and im taking Abood with me .. im sure its going to be great .. try and make it up to him ;p

Hope everyone is well .. (miss u)


Big Pearls said...

I hope u have a great time in Dubai with Abood..enshalla he will be good:)

Hasan.B said...

Ayshay? One of the most important part in paediatrics was how to inform the mother about the important of vaccines!

There was a study done few years back, and concluded that autism maybe associated with a particular type of vaccination, the MMR vaccine. This vaccine helps protect your children from measels, mumps and rubella. Which are serious illnesses. Now back to the study, The study suggested that this vaccination can cause an inflammatory reaction in the intestine and then in some mechanism result in autims. This has not been proven in any other medical study. Its believed that the time of the vaccination which is given before starting school might have gave people this idea. As autistic behaviour in children starts to appear at that age in children with autism, but remember association does not mean causation.

Developing a low grade fever is normal after the injection. He might also develop a mini rash, that will go away soon. There is one serious side effect, that you might have heard about, which is a bleeding disorder "ITP". Which only occur n very few children and the chances of this disease occuring are greater if the child was not vaccinated.

Sorry for the long comment! I thought it might help. And mala da3e you publish the comment, cause its way too long!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Awww i know how it feels.. I always leave my kids to my husband when it's vaccine so that I don't have to see them cry..

As for the info, it's like that in Kuwait, I don't know why they think we are stupid.. I noticed the huge difference with my second son in Switzerland .. the doctor explains for me what he is going to do and why before I ask..

Ansam said...

Poor Abood... I wish the medical system ws better here... its irritating! mafi brochures or any info??? that sucks!

on another note... enjoy your trip ;-)

Aurous said...

poor baby!! kesrr 5a6ry! :(

the injections are very necessary. they're given this early in life because immunity needs time to build up. you're only protecting him till the age of 6 months. these injections are given to make sure that when he's 6 he'll have developed immunity to most of the common infections. don't worry about it. enshallah he'll grow up very healthy :)

enjoy your trip ^_^

Squirreliya said...

aww poor baby 3abadi ;* and don't worry dear it is normal to get a fever after the ta63eem

..have a great trip :)

post said...

awwww... that must have been heartbreaking.. i hope he feels better now :)

Pensive said...

There is plenty of information out there, but it would be hard to know where to access it from Kuwait. If you go to my website and order the two books, I will send them to you for nothing. Hopefully your post office will allow you to have them. I've not had much luck in the Middle East. Books tend to go missing. Perhaps they don't want you to know the facts about vaccines.

Another website with good information is

Yes, here in the western world, the concept for information is slightly better than in the Middle East, but that doesn't mean there isn't pressure to have children vaccinated with vaccines which are totally unnecessary.

You can also watch the comments of a Canadian doctor here:

and here

He is presenting at the Chinese international vaccines conference next month, but I'm sure he will be written off, just like anyone else who has something important to say.

G.Q. said...

3ad entay elbachwa kellesh mo zaaahba 3indich :P

o min awalha dala3!! .. ladal3eenah .. let him experience the first pain in life .. let him grow up a real man .. dont be paranoid too much elli Allah katba be9eer.

But you description broke my heart as I feel so much love for my nephew who breaks my heart if he cries.

Have a safe trip and bring back pictures as you usually do.

Glitter said...

I wish you have a wonderful time, but esmi7eely, how can you with a little baby? :-/

I hope it goes great for all of you :-*

Michelle said...
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No3iK said...

dearest michelle i have removed ur comment because it had some personal information.

please post your email and id be more than happy to help :)

Dana said...

lol It must be hard and you'll always feel reluctant to go for Vs in the future but trust me you'll get used to it soon enough. Maybe the baby will too.

I agree they never give you enough information mainly because it was never gien to them in the first place I suppose.

Have fun girl :****

I still have your book btw, tell me when u get back and I'll send it or something :**

Mrs. said...

my friend gives her por tiny baby girl a vaccine every month!! Takser kha6ree bent'ha..
what did our mothers do ??

Anywya im in Dubai now bring 3abood over and urself for a cup of coffee.. bs shaklech ur back now khalas :p

PaLoMiNo said...

don't worry all will be just fine:)

wel vaccines shy la booda menho ;p

miss u :*

No3iK said...

**thanks to everyone who wished me a nice trip! 7adkum tshawgon btw!

*hasan b. so far there has been two studies that contradict eachother ..
i mean im sure most people, specially doctors would feel this way about vaccines .. but if you take your self to the other side and dig deep .. you will feel indifferent.

in kuwait .. magol ela 5aleeeni sakta.
al7imdellah 3la kkil 7al :*

thanks so much for the visit and for all ur helpful information will take it into consideration,
again thanks!

LOL la goli gawmi o nawmi bi6rag b3d :p
hehehehe inshalah when ur a daddy ull feel ever worst :p 9adigny mara7 tbi ay shay bl dinya e7osha!
o alah e5alelik ur nephew ya rub :D bashofa lail7en ma waraitny shay tara?! :@

ooowwwww we missed out on meeting there :( too bad
ill be there again mid nov .. tell me if ur going ;)

thanks dah-lin :)