Friday, January 02, 2009

Day one

i can officially say that 31st of Dec 2008 has been literally the longest day in my life!
10am was my flight from Kuwait, add to it 14 hours flight to New York, then a wait of 4 hours in JFK, then 6 hours on Delta, we finally arrive to LA @10pm, that gave us 2 more hours till midnight! .. that makes it a total of 36 hours in one day!! LOL it felt like i was running away from 2009 :p

anyways so flights weren't as difficult as i expected .. Aboodi was a darling, he wanted to play, jump most of the time .. and be carried up while being walked around the cabin .. i refused to give him any of the meds that would make him sleep, im glad i did that because it wasnt that bad :) we really got to enjoy our time together .. part of it meant spending time in the bathroom where we played peekaboo with the mirror ;p

it was snowing in New York .. the sight was beyond beautiful! it almost brought me to tears.
LA was just as crazy as i pictured it to be! parties and beats all over the place. were staying in a hotel for now untill we settle in. when i wokeup the next day, i opened the window and my eyes almost popped @@ when i saw the HUGE Holly Wood sign! it was sureal to see it in life size! ;)
back to the partying, its funny, and very un expected .. but for now it seems that the most played beat is the "YES WE CAN" ... people are very hopeful here.

anyways .. we still have a lot of work a head of us .. weve got appointments to check out some of the places (apartments) we contacted online .. buy a car, get furniture and actually live there .. all in one week!

hope everyone had a blast with their loved ones :*
love u all.


f7ee7eely said...

know what the Persians call LA?? :P

Tehrangelos LOL

FourMe said...

7amdila 3ala salmatkom..Alah y3eenich its gona be a hectic week! Once you settle in it will be fine..

Squirreliya said...

ana gelt 3aboooooodi rayyal w no way y2athi oma ;*

el7emdillah 3al salama :D

LiLaCs said...

Ok dude, been waaay tooo long. i need to be updated asap:P Since your close now and you like snow pop on up to ottawa!! we have the worlds largest skating rink! Come and play! Ok i go read your posts dating till the begining of last year:P

eshda3wa said...

why moving away?

anyways LA is great

im sure u will love it

and itll feel like home in no time!

Neoark said...

awww, peek-a-boo!!! ;p

hmm with mirror combination, need to try that with juju ;p

uglysecret said...

Sounds nice.
7amdila 3al salama (I think its too late for that, though).
^^ Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I was with you on the plane 31.dec kuwait/jfk :D

No3iK said...

thanks all ..

allah esalmkum ..

it was a good flight ..
i was bummed coz we had to take kuwait airways .. it wasnt as bad as i expected ..
i was shocked to the fact it was PACKED with mostly Indians! i mean im about sure there werent more than 10 kuwaitis.

7imdellah 3l salama :) so where was ur next stop then?